Thursday, December 1, 2011

Choa - BYJ in Kyoto 2

Hi sisters ..... dear cloudnine even translated a summary of Yong Joon's footsteps in Kyoto! So next time when you visit Kyoto, maybe you'd like to follow his route too :)

** BYJ’s footprint **

6th - From Shin Yokohama to Kyoto by a Shinkansen (bullet train)
stroll around Ponto-cho, Dinner

7th - Stroll in Sagano
Suntory Whiskey Yamazaki Distillery in Osaka. Three hours of looking around and tasting.

8th - Daikakuji Temple
Saw some treasures and important cultural properties. presented ‘a letter of appreciation’ by the commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency for his contribution to Japan-Korea tourism and the support for the earthquake disaster.
Restaurant ‘Nezameya’ (in front of Fushimi Inari Shrine) Unagi restaurant with 450 years history.

Kiyomizu Temple night visit. Enjoyed the night view of Kyoto from the temple’s ‘stage’

9th - Koryuji
Saw the national treasure ‘Pensive Bodhisattva’
Sawai Shoyu (soy sauce) Main store, shoyu maker with more than 130 years history. BYJ observed the shoyu making process and bought some.
Ebisugawa Street, known as a furniture street lined with long-established stores. Near Sawai Shoyu.

10th - Ebisugawa Street Visited some antique stores.
Soba restaurant ‘Honnke Owariya’, a famous restaurant with 540 years history.
Flew back to Korea from Kansai International Airport

Thanks cloudnine for the translation and laki for the pictures. Can't wait for more .....