Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 37th!

It's my Big day today and half of it is gone already!

How come that jaime still hasn't posted her B-day wish to me?

Am I not important anymore?

jaime running to HRH with sweats dripping down her face, "look what I found you, my handsome prince!"

A heart shaped magic rock!

Please make a wish for your love and happiness! Hinbok huh, Yong Joon ssi :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lee Young Ae

Dear sisters ..... Thank you so much for your kind concerns about my boy's eye injury, I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart. Hehe, let me try to sneak this in quickly which I wanted to post a few days ago. As you've probably heard, Lee Young Ae got married quietly last week in the States. To us BYJ fans, Lee Young Ae is the ex-wife Shiying, a female lead in Yong Joon's 1996 drama 'Papa'.

To Hallyu fans worldwide, Lee Young Ae is a big name on her own, contributing much to the spreading of Korean imperial and food culture. Even though I am not willing to sit through 54 episodes without a single image of BYJ in it, but we can't ignore that LYA's drama Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace) commands a much wider audience than Winter Sonata around the world.

Lee Young Ae is indeed a naturally beautiful woman - elegant, fresh, gentle and sophisticated. She is very highly regarded in her country as an actress with tremendous dignity and integrity. Similar in their style of self-management, both Yong Joon and Lee Young Ae are perfectionist, preferring 'quality over quantity' projects. As much as they are icons of Hallyu Wave, both are very low profile, do not participate much in public appearances and guard their privacy tightly. Unfortunately after Papa, we do not see them collaborate on another acting project. There was however a series of LG card CFs that captured this golden couple in their younger days ....

That bowling scene, they were having such fun :)

That shopping CF, what an elegant couple!

Hehe, how can we not love this sweetheart CF? I knew when I saved these captures that I will be able to show them one day :) Please enjoy this beautiful love story ........

Haha, I have to show his 'sexy killer look' in slow motion!

Happily ever after, may each with his/her own :)

original from by 권오경
LG CF from by style
reposted by wlbyj in Baidu

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi hi sisters ...... it has been a trying week for me, not really feeling 100%, hope you understand. I remember a friend told me once, "us mothers cannot afford the luxury of being sick." I am proving her true one more time today. I was almost losing my breath dragging that heavy bag of grocery uphill on my way home this afternoon, thinking what I was going to cook for my son after his first swimming session in school. When the phone rang and on the other end, in his usual calm voice, my boy told me not to alarm before he broke the news that he has injured his eyes! At that instant, I felt like I've been given a 1000 volts electric shock and I remembered just standing in the middle of the street not knowing which way to walk anymore. By then of course all the existing dizziness and fatigue have flown out the body (like exorcism :) and now I am officially in the ''mother - caregiver' mode. As I am cautiously observing my boy's condition tonight, how soothing it is to see some new pictures of Yong Joon's Korea adventures. These remind me a bit of his Image Vol I - Traveller's album, except this one has more of an archaeological explorer feel @@

Now these are actually clear files - set of 3

and these are postcards - set of 5, like them?

original from BYJ Gallery by makishi
reposted from YJ影之国 in Baidu

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Romance in pink

Hi Hi sisters ....... hope you had a great weekend. Style nim from byjgallery has kindly posted pictures of the wedding hall. Being a pink lover myself, this room encompassed all the essence of this pretty color - romance, dreams and happiness. The blush pink sakura hanging from the ceiling, the fuchsia pink rose framing the altar, the purplish pink hydrangea bouquets scattered all over plus sparkles of crystals dangling everywhere - now if all these pinks doesn't put some (handsome) hunk in a mood for love, I don't know what will? :)

Yong Joon congratulated his 'younger brother' :)

I suggest little Cupid should go back and take a few more lessons in archery. He has obviously been missing his target on our handsome prince!

My gosh, shouldn't our handsome prince be checking out eligible young ladies in the wedding instead of mingling with these ajuussi??

original from byjgallery by style, reposted from baidu by wonchun