Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cuddlelicious Damdeok - 3

Mommy, I don’t like this camp,

the place is yucky,

they make you study study study,

the kids gang up on me because I am too handsome,

and worst .... you have to share your room with girls!

Mommy, I want to go home :(

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cuddlelicious Damdeok - 2

(sniff sniff) Hmmm ..... son, how come you smell so divine?

Oh dad, try this new cologne I bought. One drop, guarantees you‘ll turn into a woman magnet.

Chongmalia?! You mean, like you??

Now dad, let’s not ask for the impossible! Nobody is a bigger magnet than me!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cuddlelicious Damdeok - 1

Dear sisters ……. Isn’t our King extra handsome and cuddlelicious today? The only problem is WE don’t get to cuddle him, Kiha did, and 3 different times too!!

no fair ...

no no fair ......

no no no fair .........

Hehe, so many yummy scenes in this episode 7. Well, first thing first, just to settle it once and for all. IMHO, may I propose to our heavenly-gorgeous Lord Hwanwoong during the manufacturing process of that ‘Heart of Joojak’ glow ball thingy, please kindly install a built-in digital display or audio device, and while you are at it, might as well throw in a long lasting copper-top battery too (ah, say for a thousand years)?

Why? Because if your ‘average Joe’ passes by or a satellite frequency interference causing the crystal ball thingy to light up the sky, that poor high priest won’t go bananas again and starts pointing to everyone as the King!

If the ‘Heart of Joojak’ spells out loud and clear ‘DAMDEOK’, then there is no more mistaken identity and everyone will live happily ever after, right? The end.

To be continued ......

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not Enough HRH

hi hi my dear sisters .... so, have you watched today's episode 6? Did you know it started 15 minutes earlier than the usual 9:55pm? Phew! Thanks to xiaoyi's email, I just knew about it right before the show starts.

My only complaint about episode 6 is : there's just NOT enough of HRH! I'm so glad I didn't miss the prince's fighting with Kakdan. Is that really him who ran a few feet up the wall and made a side flip landing back on the ground?? (btw my dear Damdeok, you're in bigger trouble now for leaving dirty footprints on the wall!) I know I know, this side flip probably appears every 15 minutes in a Jackie Chan's movie, even Keanu Reeves has flexed similar stunt in his 'Matrix' series. But coming from our prince, his every move just seems smoother, swifter and more elegant.

There's just a lot of dialogs in this episode, I can only guess that the high priestess proclaimed before the King and the cabinet of ministers that Prince Damdeok is the true heir because the Star appeared where he is born, right? Seems like Kiha and Sujini also saw their previous life as Gajin and Sae-oh. Hehe, but did you see the preview of episode 7? Looks like all the good scenes will be in there, remember the Damdeok fainting scene, the scene where he saw his people suffer and that very enviable scene of Kiha napping with Damdeok! I can't wait for tomorrow, back at regular 9:55pm airtime, see you there!

all screencaps from by style and zeze

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A ‘Suit’able King

I love men in suits, it says distinguished, it says formal, it says gentleman! Of course HRH does not need a suit to be all those, he’s perfectly distinguished even in his ‘birthday suit’! But well, that’s a whole other story …… which is best left out of a squeaky-clean blog like this. So my dear sisters, I present you ……

The ladies’ killer (*o*)

A hot guy by the pool? I want to see his next move ~@@~

The million dollar smile that drives you wild

That 'cute as a button' pose

The serious entrepreneural side

Bull or bear today?

Your return on investment is ......

No comment!

A perfect gentleman

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Guided by Angels

Amanda Dunbar is no different than any other child in North America before age 13. She is born in 1982 and spent her childhood in Ontario, Canada. She displayed no particular talents in art until she attended an after-school art program. Her first work caused an immediate sensation to the American art world, which compared her to Impressionist masters like Renoir and Cassatt. A self-taught child prodigy, she is able express the complexity of her composition through exquisite use of colors, and convey the wonderful sense of proportion through sophisticated techniques of her brushstrokes. Her works are sought after internationally in the art society and among high profile personalities.

What I am intrigued by this young artist is not her successful art career, but by what she describes as her inspirations. According to Amanda, her muse is her angels, who plant images for her on the canvas – "It is something bigger than me that work through me. I’m only the instrument. I believe everyone has angels, I just listen to mine."

In spite of her success at such a tender age, this young lady walked away from commercialization and celebrity status to pursue her PhD study. She exudes class, dignity and compassion in both her art and charitable works for children. She continues to paint subjects that connect and messages that inspire :

Walk Together – Quiet times when I can be with those who are very important to me mean a lot. Words don’t have to be spoken to touch each other in these moments.

Blue Bonnets – it’s hard to believe nature can make such incredible shades of blue and then melt them all together in fields after fields.

Summer Breeze – there comes a time in everyone’s life when you influence the life of someone else. The girls facing the unknown together and the beauty is yet to come.

Reference :
Guided by Angels, Amanda Dunbar, Longstreet Press, 2000

My dear sisters, like Amanda said everyone has an angel. I am guided by my own angel BYJ to attempt my second drawing on him, please excuse my inadequacy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

BYJ Time Management

(Published August 2006)
In the 21st century, what is the most precious commodity that modern women like you can never get enough of and keep wanting for more? Diamond, man or time? TIME of course! (ok ok MAN …. that handsome prince Damdeok, right?). We often heard of the use of 4 ‘C’s to define quality :

For diamond : colour, clarity, cut and carat (in order to further explore these complex criteria, I think the husbands should immediately submit a HUMONGUOUS sample for our perusal.)

For man : cute, cash, credit card, car?? No no no, ok, besides that! Say, some qualities more virtuous? I prefer to define my own 4 ‘C’s as : charisma, character, compassion and career. Ladies, what are your 4 ‘C’s in a man?

Does this man happen to fit the bill?

For time : the big question is - how can we ‘responsibility-overload’ women squeeze more time out from our super busy schedule for our dear Yong Joon? There’re TWSSG drama, special, previews, reruns, rerun of reruns, news, artworks, videos and write-ups. Its time again for ‘moi’ to mobilize those scarce brain matters between my 2 ears to improvise my own 4 ‘C’s in BYJ time management :

1. Consolidate

Unless you sleep on a bench in the park, but if you live in any space covered by a ceiling and bound by 4 walls, then there are endless parade of chores waiting for you at home. I’m a modern woman, I heard of ‘convenience’ words like automate, delegate, centralize and strategize ……..

Hmmm, how about exercising my authority and start delegating those ‘intellectually non-stimulating’ chores to those non-productive members in the family? Regrettably, ‘yours truly’ falls nicely into that category and is currently at the bottom of that domestic ladder. I am in charge of the rub and scrub, wipe and sweep, wash and dry, and everything in between. Basically the maid, chef, janitor, chauffeur and gardener all rolled in one. If I don’t start gobbling up my food faster, cutting my shower time shorter and employ both hands and feet, I will have no hope of ever sitting down in front of my computer to drool on that gorgeous prince!

So I’ll say “just let the dust pile up one more layer”, tell me, does anyone really notice? So what if the grass grows another inch taller, it’ll be a more fertile feeding ground for those illegal trespassing rabbits anyway. Hehe (with an evil grin) …. come to think of it, actually the plumper they get, more meat to serve for my BBQ!

Yong Joon ssi, if you can do it, I can do it too!

But since you’re at it, do you mind doing my dress too?

2. Capitalize

I used to sweat myself off in the kitchen every evening for 3 long and agonizing hours washing and cutting to drum up a grand feast for my family. I often refer this time as my ‘hot oil treatment’ moment, why? Because this lady is receiving boiling oil flying from all directions splattering over my hair, face, neck, arms and hands. Trust me, so many times I contemplated wearing a paper bag over my head with 3 holes cut out for my 2 eyes and nose just to combat this war of shooting oil. After the dust (and oil) has settled and some 20 odd pots and pans piling up in the sink, then I would squeal at the top of my lung the 2 most horrifying words ever heard in the ‘Z’ household - “DINNER’S READY!”. In the next 10 seconds, the whole house would start shaking and trembling, then a series of rumbling footsteps and slamming doors upstairs. I knew that father and son were frantically dashing for their secret attic and closet to escape from the ‘torture of the inedible kind’.

Yong Joon, I heard that you love serving different kinds of tea to your guests into the WEE hours of the morning. I wonder if Mr. Sohn felt the same torture as my husband and son when his bladder was about to explode? Since my culinary skills (or the lack of it) is not appreciated, now the only thing that I make for dinner is ‘RESERVATION’! That conveniently gives me 3 extra hours per day for my dear handsome prince, more harmonious mealtime and a burnt-free jaime! A win-win-win situation!

Mr. Sohn pleads, “Ok ok, I’ll introduce you to some nice girls if you promise not to serve me tea anymore!”

3. Co-ordinate

Enrol the son in all sorts of sports activities (baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, you name it) with the longest waiting time. Bring along a laptop or portable DVD player (make sure it’s FULLY charged) and enjoy watching my BYJ dramas at leisure. Now there’s a trick though : REMEMBER to make a pact with a parent in my son’s team and have her sit next to me. Whenever his team scores (trust me, past record shows that this happens rarer than ‘a flowerpot dropped on my head while walking in an open field’), tell her to give me a quick elbow to wake me up from my BYJ fantasia. Why? So I can spring my whole body up right away and start clapping my hands as loudly as I can, then using supersonic speed search to scan the entire field to locate my son. When I make eye contacts with him, quickly stick both my thumbs high up with a big smile on the face as if I’ve been watching the game all along!

Ladies, the beauty of this is while I am drowning in the handsomeness of our BIG prince, my own LITTLE prince may turn out to be yet another all-round sporty hunk like our Yong Joon! How brilliant!

4. Co-operate

Appear real gracious and selfless when suggesting a ‘male-bonding’ father and son day or even weekend. Be it golfing in spring, sailing in summer, camping in fall or skiing in winter (the longer the better). I guarantee you that father and son will be jumping for joy and moved to tears thanking mama for making the most painful sacrifice of staying all alone in the house! Ha, imagine? The whole weekend of Yong Joon without any disturbance! You got to try this one some day!

Dear sisters, I know that these are totally ridiculous ideas and offer absolutely no help to you. If any sister has any practical (and realistic!) time saving tips, please share with us, ok?

Disclaimer : No husband, son or trespassing rabbit is harmed in any way or form during the making of this article. Don’t Humane Society or Center for Domestic Abuse come knocking at my door please!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knight in Shining Armour

My eyes are so red and dry after watching episode 5, I'll try to make this short and sweet before I turn blind. (I sure don't want that to happen yet, well, at least not before I finish the 24 episodes!) I'm so glad that MBC is only airing 2 episodes per week or else .... there will be many red-eyed 'Juchak's walking around the whole week! Hehe, as usual, since I have zero idea of what my prince is talking about, I improvise again ......

Aboji : DD, did you bring a strange girl in the house without permission,

and play with the sand in your brand new halloween costume?

Aboji : You are soooooooo grounded!

DD : WHAT?! No Gameboy for a WHOLE month!

Aboji : and NO going out either!

How am I going to survive without my Pokemon??

I don't want to live anymore!

I read that the ratings reported from TNS Media Research for episode 4 & 5 are over 31% nationwide and over 33% in Seoul. Congratulations, Yong Joon ssi!

Pretty Boy

Hi Hi sisters ..... have you finished drooling yet? Your breathing and pulse back to normal? I was still engrossed in Hwanwoong's heavenly kind countenance from episode 1, therefore not quite ready for Damdeok yet. Then today's in episode 4, Damdeok absolutely blew me away! He is handsome, he is cute, he is simply adorable! You wish you have a lover, a big brother, a son or even a son-in-law just like him. Here are the captures of his cute moments :

Hey, do u mind? Somebody's trying to concentrate here!

I'm King of the world!

Nobody loves me, I'm sad ......

Hey Boss, where's my paycheque?

Ah candles, good idea! Let's see how much I can save this month?

Haha, maybe enough for a cruise on QM2?