Thursday, July 30, 2009

Man of style - black

Hi Hi sisters ........ thank you for liking the 'white' series. I don't know why I have the nerve to start this topic as I only have a pitifully-tiny collection of our handsome prince's pictures. I guess I was too busy drooling and my mind wasn't really thinking straight, therefore forgetting to save many of his precious moments from before. But I promise to be more vigilant in saving pictures from now on, ok? We know our Yong Joon is very fond of black outfits in real life. Partly because he is very low-key and simple himself, and black is also very easy for celebrity to blend in or hide in his surrounding environment. Hahaha, I make him sounds like a frog trying to camouflage! Honestly, I think you all agree Yong Joon looks cool, elegant and super sexy in black. Shall we see?

So cool on that waverunner, check out those strong hairy legs @@
Aiyo, we all love young rebellious Chanwoo and his baby fat, don't we?
Our very demure and lonely Yeosuk, and so handsome
Yonsama's 1st royal visit to Japan
That DongGam music CD picture that caused major nosebleeding
I think it's post Winter Sonata days - Manstar CF
I am too embarassed to tell you what I wish to do with that adam's apple (blush blush :)
He was glowing and looked so healthy in his Image Vol I Exhibition in Seoul.
How can we not be touched by his teary walkabout in Saitama April Snow Reunion event?
Hehe, I think I used this one in my Manet series :)
Ok, because he looked super sexy in this CREA magazine shots, I'll give you double bonus here :)
I hope Megane Ichiba will go back to doing these beautiful CFs instead of using that pair of 'whatchamacallit' doggies!
Hehe, are you out of breath now? Not yet? This one for sure will do the job :)

He acted like a pro now in the Japanese NHK TV interview

Hehe, I am sneaking this one in and I think some sisters know why it is extra precious to me @@

OK, I think I have done enough damage for the day. I hope you are able to work today/sleep tonight :) Just one more, don't scream too loud huh, shhhhhh.......
All pictures credited as shown

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Man of style - white

Hi Hi sisters ......... Sigh, our handsome prince really doesn't give us any juicy stuffs to write about, huh? Never mind, we'll just make up our own. Hehe afterall, just staring at his gorgeous face will take up the whole day anyway :) Shall we start with all white, you have a favourite one of your own? Please share ......

How can we not love this tight fitting number in Megane Ichiba? Showed off his toned body perfectly @@

During LG time

Close up, so manly, chuao @@

The sunshine smile that melts

Younger days , so cool!

He looked so boyish here, so cute!

I can't miss out this one - he can't get whiter than this :)

our noble prince

Now this one counts, huh! He is technically in white too (drooling :)
Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Epitome of love

Hi Hi sisters .... hope you had a nice weekend. Tokyo is brutally hot today, you actually feel like a piece of ham (or in my case a slice of bacon) being fried under the scorching sun! So, I looked up this very calming Dongsum Shopping Channel CF that Yong Joon filmed in Taiwan.....

I really like the simplicity of this setting - a remote village, a small school, a tranquil life.

A man who still feels for his childhood love

He wishes to give her happiness and all the beauties of nature
So everyday, he'd pass by her school and quietly leave her favourite blooms

The epitome of love - give without expecting returns Hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Environmentally-friendly guest

Hi hi sisters ..... So you think the chance of our prince attending Manager Yang's wedding on Aug 21 is quite high, eh? Any look you wish he'll show up in? Hehe, I must have nothing better to do, I even dug up pictures of the more recent weddings he attended .....

April 2006 - at manager of Song Seung Heun's wedding
Now how could you not remember the high blood pressure and irregular heart beat this '007' look gave us? It caused a big commotion in the Bae world and even triggered this ajumma to come out of the closet :)

October 2007 - his manager Hwang's wedding
He was in the midst of filming TWSSG. The very avante garde 'rocker' look, we adore his Luis Morais necklace!

October 2008 - at Jumoochi's wedding
He looked more nobly than a noble, more royally than a royal, more princely than a prince. Hahaha what can I say, my eyes are so rose-tinted @@

April 2009 - at his sommelier friend's wedding
Donning the 'Indian Jones' look with his favourite fedora and wrinkled coat.
Have you noticed that with every wedding, he's dressing more and more casual? (Yup, with the exception of Jumoochi's cause he had that cultural medal award right after) After reading his Cosmo Magazine interview about his view on 'The environment', I just wonder if he might attend his good pal Manager Yang's wedding dressing in an environmental-friendly theme? Hehe, I don't mean a linen rag, a paper bag or a fig leaf (how I wish @@); maybe something easy, loose, natural cottony kind of casual look? Just dreaming anyway :) Have a good evening!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Man behind our Man

Hi hi sisters ...... did you manage to see the solar eclipse in your city? Tokyo is cloudy and gloomy today, so we missed the opportunity to witness this phenomenon :(

You probably have read by now that Manager Yang is getting married on Aug 21, huh? He is known to be the 2nd most loved man within the Bae family. He is a close comrade of our prince, obviously a very loyal friend and responsible manager. From the many stories we read from princess bb and other fans, he is also very considerate and accomodating to Yong Joon's fans. Come to think of it, I actually saw Manager Yang last May inside Osaka Kyocera Dome as he was just standing at the aisle near our section chatting with BOFi President Bae Seung Woo. He is tall and slim, quite handsome and gentle looking in person, you know the kind you will notice while walking on the street @@

Mr. Yang has been Yong Joon's manager for 9 years now, that's most of his working life! Let's see some of his earlier times with Yong Joon during Winter Sonata's filming :

2 young and trusting friends
Already protective of our prince :) btw, you can tell Yong Joon was getting himself in the mood while walking to the filming site, don't you think? that's why manager Yang didn't want him to be disturbed.

aware of the surroundings while Yong Joon was discussing with CJW

hehe, was it the effect of sunlight or Manager Yang imitating his boss with trendy hair color?

Even earlier days at a WJS (wuri joengmal saranghae? aka Have We Really Loved) charity event

Not sure, maybe from the 'Old & New' CF days?

The Yonsama explosion began : accompanying Yong Joon on his 1st trip to Japan in 2004

Yong Joon's 2nd trip to Japan, setting all kinds of records in Japan

Enjoying the show Hong Kong fans prepared during Untold Scandal promotion

Yong Joon's 1st Asia tour for Untold Scandal continued to Singapore

Even though in recent years as Yong joon's business empire expands, Director Yang has taken over more responsibilities. During critical occasions, we can still see Mr. Yang by Yong Joon's side.

The appointment of his Ambassador of Tourism

See Manager Yang looked so concerned as only Yong Joon entered the venue by himself

Of course he was present at this milestone in Yong Joon's life as he received his cultural medal award

To a true friend who sticks by our prince's side through thick and thin, I sincerely wish Manager Yang all the happiness in the world as he enters into the next phase of his life. Kekkon omedeto!