Thursday, December 16, 2010

On marriage rumours

Hi hi sisters ...... after the event, Yong Joon gave an interview in the backstage. he changed from his formal black suit to this very cozy 'teddy bear' sweater (remember it has all kinds of tails dangling from the collar?) He just looked so cute and adorable here :) Anyway, I am particularly interested in him bringing up Lee Ji Ah and Lee Na Young - the 2 actresses whom many wonder if they have ever been his 'underground' lovers? Now he clarifies it :

[Money Today Star News Tokyo (Japan) = Reporter Kim Hyun Rok]
Interview extracted from suehan's blog, thanks!

R : There was a rumor that you purchased the house to marry someone in 2011.
B : That’s why I told you before. (Bae Yong Joon said to his fans, “Please introduce a girl to me.) I rarely go out, so I don’t have opportunities. But the marriage rumors kept floating around. Maybe, it is the time to get married. If I marry, then I’ll release the story.

R : Your sister is already married and you have a nephew.
B : I like children and enjoy playing with them. I want to marry, but it’s not my choice.

R : Are you close to Lee Na Young? There was marriage rumor from the stock market.
B : Na Young appeared in the drama, “Have we really loved?” as my younger sister. I wonder where those rumors are coming from. It’s really weird. Before, I had wine with a make-up artist and Song Hye Kyo. But there was an article saying that I met Lee Ji Ah instead at night. So I said, “Apparently, you don't really exist, Hye Kyo.” (laugh).

picture original from Naver - Starnews
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hohoemi Event - detailed account

Dear sisters ...... we are always so lucky to have kind sisters like cloudnine. I know she is excited and also tired from the last few days, but she still selflessly sacrificed her rest time to translate a detailed account of the Hohoemi event for us. Cloudnine, for those of us who cannot attend the event, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

original : Daily Yonsama Mail by Kei san - Dec 15
translated from Japanese to English : cloudnine

First there was a video footage shot when BYJ visited Children’s Medical Center (Kanagawa Pref.) Beside the scenes previously aired, there were some unreleased scenes. We saw several scenes in which he visited hospitalized children and their parents and one of them was a baby who was born four months earlier. Patting gently the baby BYJ said to her mother, “This baby wanted to see her mother sooner” I was really moved by this.

When asked about the premature babies he said, “ I was 4400 grams when I was born.”. (Jaime : hehe, he's a BIG BABY!) This caused the laughter from the audience. I guess BYJ family responded to the figure of 4400 and other fans responded to the large number. ( ̄▽ ̄)b

Right after the video was over, the stage was spotlighted and Yong Joon was there!
My eyes had been glued to the screen so I had no idea when he came up to the stage. (cloud nine: he came up from the lower level.)

Waving his hands he answered to Yong Joon calls from the audience. A Q and A session followed. . *The following dialogues are not exactly the same as Yong Joon said because I wrote according to my memory. I would like to ask you to just feel the atmosphere.

First of all his greeting.
“Everyone of my family, Good evening. I greet you after a long time. I’m very happy to be in such a significant place with you. …I have wanted to see you…”
A bit bashfully he said “Pogossipo sumnida – I wanted to see you”, which was very cute.

The talk show was supposed to be done with mc and BYJ sitting on chairs, however, when they were going to take chairs, fans in the block behind the stage shouted, “We can’t see …!” (laugh) Suddenly(!?) talk show was going to be done on the rotating stage.

Asked about this project he said, “When children were born and if they have no chance to live in this world, it is very sad I think. Because of the polluted air and bad environ-
ment, a lot of premature babies have been born. I think everyone is responsible for this.
I would like to ask your sufficient interest and cooperation. I would like to protect precious lives that make our future. “

What made you to join the project?
“I have a keen interest in the earth’s environment and I hope this project will create an opportunity that Asian children restore their smiles.”

What inspired you to start charity work?
“I was totally inspired by everyone of my family. As I always receive true love so I wish to react to the love. “

The item which will be put up for auction is the brown coat that he wore in WLS. Besides special wine will be given to those who set the high price.
”I gave this coat to my manger, but he has kept it in a good conditions for the day when it is used for a good purpose.”
“This is my favorite brand wine and I put the label of the book ‘Travel to search for the beauty of Korea’.”

Then he said to mc Hide, “Can I offer one more?” and started to take off his necktie quickly. As I had thought that the gesture of a man taking off his necktie was sexy, I was a bit excited with this petit live show of changing!?
This necktie was put up for auction.

Yong Joon also signed an autograph on the object (cloud nine: it’s a transparent globe every artist was asked to sign.) He wrote the Chinese character of ‘Love’ and signed his name below. When I saw the letter of Love I got slightly teary. (>_<) Then he fixed his collar (cloud nine: he didn’t tidy up his collar after he took his tie off and I myself felt uneasy, but he didn’t seem to care. Finally the interpreter suggested him to fix it.) Watching this mc Hide misunderstood that Yong Joon would take off his jacket and said, “I thought you would put your suit up for auction. If you keep taking off your clothes it will be Yakyu ken game.” (cloud nine: Yakyu ken is a game played with two people. They do rock-scissors-paper and the loser has to take of one’s clothes.) (-_-;)

Mc Hide suddenly asked Yong Joon about his marriage.
To answer the question, “Everyone of my family, please introduce someone to me.” said Yong Joon…I automatically wanted to raise my hand…but I only have sons. ( ̄▽ ̄;)
“When I find someone to marry, I would like to introduce her to you, my family first and foremost.”

Then he talked about ‘Dream High’ as his future activity. The images shown on the screens were all new to us and there we saw Yong Joon playing a role of the board chairman.
Today’s event in Tokyo Dome was being shot to use as a part of Dream High. He said finally, “I will make an effort to produce a good drama.”

The time was up. MC Hide asked him for the last message…”It’ll come to an end so soon…”, he looked unsatisfied.
((´-ω-`) Kei tweets: Hide, say something ad- lib..)

“The time I share with my family goes so quickly. I’m always grateful to you and I feel sorry too. I’ll try to do more activities in 2011. While listening to the theme song I thought that no matter how hard and difficult things we might encounter, we will strive for a big dream taking each other’s hands and comforting each other.”
“ (In Japanese) I love you my family.”

Kei’s comments:
He looked so cool when he run up the stairs. Yong Joon’s appearance in this event was not much, but how come I have a sense of satisfaction? Are we happy just to see attractive Yong Joon? I am happy to join this significant event.
Auction will begin from today on Rakuten’s auction site. On my way home I met up with Fuyuka and some other sisters and we said each other, “Yong Joon was so cool~.”
I guess every sister also shared her excitement with others here and there.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hohoemi Event in Tokyo Dome

Hi hi sisters .....the Hohoemi Event had just finished a few hours ago. We are gradually receiving accounts and images from the kind sisters who have attended.

It looked like a damp wintry day in Tokyo, but nothing compares to the brutal -21C that I am stuck in right now!

Hehe, a jam packed 35000 young and young-at-hearts fans :)

The familiar stage, very much like the set up in 'WS Anime' and 'Beauty of Korea'

As we expected, everyone danced and sang except our handsome prince. Well, remember MC Miyamoto san said in Tokyo Dome last year that Yong Joon just has to stand on stage, then the fans are happy already?

Hehe of course, he didn't just stand there and look pretty. Cloudnine shared that he talked about his thoughts on charity, his concerns for the deprived children and the environment. I can't wait to know the details of his thoughts and action plan on these very real issues.

When asked by the MC Nakayama Hideyuki (the host in the Omoikkiri Don! show) about his marriage plan, Yong Joon once again pleaded with everyone to introduce him to some prospective candidates! He stressed that when he finds his bride, he will inform his family (meaning us?) first. I sincerely hope his wish will come true soon.

The stars donated some personal items for auction. Yong Joon donated the infamous Winter Sonata coat, 3 bottles of wine and he even gave his necktie up! Hehe, I wonder if it still got his body warmth when the bidder won it :) Hehe, if I had spare million yens lying around, I would definitely go for that Winter Sonata coat. To me, the coat represents the epitome of MinHyung, it's classic and priceless! Of course, it also serves a very practical purpose to keep me warm while I sleep in it :) Want to think about it, sisters?

Thanks cloudnine and tomato for sharing the details of the event.
Thanks to xiaoyi for posting pictures from various Japanese and Korean sources in your blog.

Monday, December 13, 2010

He takes Haneda!

Hi hi sisters ....... I am sure you still haven't waken up from the beautiful dream of what happened in Haneda Airport yesterday, huh?

Who would even think that our super low-key prince would reward his fans with this 'close encounter of the handsome kind' after such a long, cold absence?? Ok, you're forgiven, hehe :)

Remember, usually when he comes and goes through airports, he would only linger for seconds, considerate enough not to cause any inconvenience to the general public. This time according to the fans, he was actually taking his time waving and looking at them!

The most surprising act was when he got out of his van and took a walk to the fans waiting outside of the terminal building! Now, if this doesn't cause commotion, I don't know what will? Our dear cloudnine is one of those very lucky fans (and tomato san too) who was waiting outside and Yong Joon happened to stop near her! She was able to see the 2 handsome princes up close for a few loooooong minutes @@ I am so happy for her :) Of course at the same time, I also kick myself that if I were still in Tokyo, I would be standing next to her drooling together too :(

You know, this scene reminds me of that song by Leonard Cohen/Jennifer Warnes - "First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin ....." Why? You know, this guy breaks all kinds of airport records, even his own!

2004/04 Haneda Airport - 5000 fans (old terminal)
2004/11 Narita Airport - 3500 fans
2008/05 Kansai Airport - 3000 fans
2010/12 Haneda Airport - 4000 fans (new terminal)

Good luck Yong Joon and all attending sisters for a successful Hohoemi Event in Tokyo Dome!
repost pictures from xiaoyi's blog, thanks!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still got the magic touch

Hi hi sisters .... just got back from a dinner party, am sooo tired and just about to crawl into bed. But but how can I not share the handsome one's royal departure pictures from Gimpo Airport? Please enjoy, guarantee you will be smiling all day after you see his super gorgeous look @@

By now, Yong Joon has landed at Haneda Airport already and will start his busy schedule on the Hohoemi Project. Hehe, from my experience, I think my dear Japanese sisters will not be able to sleep knowing that the Yong Joon is on the same soil as them. Sob sob, how I wish I were among them! Good luck everyone in Tokyo, hope you will all enjoy the show :)

Thanks to pola from BYJGallery for the pictures
original source - Newsen and Arts News

The King's arriving

Hi hi sisters ...... sorry for the long absence. Can't really keep quiet anymore knowing that the handsome one is about to embark on another official trip to Japan. Read that he will be arriving at Haneda Airport around 11am on Sunday. So sisters, please get ready for another round of pictures overload! Hehe, the kind that we are so thirsty for and gladly accept.

Just a preview of what's about to come in a few hours time, take a deep breath and exhale!

Thanks to xiaoyi's blog for the pictures