Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fairy IV - Aura

Hi dear sisters ..... I think I will have a very good sleep tonight, hehe hopefully accompanied by a sweet Yong Joon's dream too :) Phew! I have finally finished my Fairy series on Yong Joon (I know I know, not that anyone cares) and my heart feels 10 tons lighter! Maybe I'll explore and blog about these type of 'series' writing tomorrow. Hope you enjoy. Ciao!

Fairy I - Purity
Fairy II - Art
Fairy III - Literature

Children and fantasy are often being linked hand in hand. Perhaps it’s because children’s minds are not cluttered with logic, innocent enough to open to other dimensions. To idealists, fairies epitomize the magic of life embodying realms of possibilities and beyond. To realists, fairy is merely a myth inherited through the millennia in tales and nursery rhymes. Perhaps rather than fairies quietly disappearing from our world, may be it’s us who are drifting away, buried in the crowded city with concrete and noises.

BYJ is reputed as the superstar in Asia, his name and face are recognized as far as Middle East and South America. So many have heard of his existence and fame, yet are oblivious to his physical beauty and inner strength. We, being his family, are blessed to be in this elite group to recognize and appreciate Yong Joon’s ‘fairy’ qualities.

We often hear those who have personal encounters with Yong Joon describe that he possesses an aura – a subtle luminous radiation and his surroundings just dissipate. From a scientific perspective, all living things are cradled with their own vibrational field of biochemical energy (aural field) for instinctive consciousness. Aural field derives its power from external life force like cosmos, humans, flora and fauna. A person’s aural field is brilliantly enhanced when he is accomplished, confident and in high spirits.

To receive such abundant heart-pouring love from his adoring family, Yong Joon is a truly blessed and gifted human being. No question that Yong Joon has a very strong presence of aural energy encompassing him, maybe that explains why so many sisters experience the ‘bright lights, blank-out’ condition during their encounters with our prince?

Some folks are fortunate enough to be born with clairvoyant visions to gain a glimpse of fairies’ presence. For the rest of the mortals, we can reflect and thank for their existence and the blessings they bring. While not all of us are destined to witness the extraordinary human being BYJ with our own physical eyes, but by the generous sharing from those fortunate ones of their ‘sacred’ experience, our affection for him can only intensify and deepen as time passes.

Fairies are still around us – may it be a spark from a flickering candle flame or a scented breeze blown from a lavender field. Fantasy resides in our desire to enjoy moments of tranquility out of our eventful schedule, to appreciate the simplest beauty in this world. If you have ever made a wish upon the stars, maybe you are also subconsciously harnessing your optimism (or positive energy) to turn despair into hope?

When we seek to approach Yong Joon, our hearts and minds are reawakened with a connection to our intrinsic spirits. It is this spirit of youth, innocence, purity and love that embraces us to live a sincere and rewarding life. Whether our wish to see him with our very eyes is fulfilled or not, Yong Joon has forever imprinted a distinct mark on each of our lives.

........ End of Fairy Series

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regie said...

dear jaime,

Thanks for your beautiful works.
My favorite part is the last paragraph and pictures.

Wish you have a nice weekend.

Love n peace,

jaime said...

Dear Regie,

Thank you for reading. I struggle a lot in this post about his aura and try to understand what it is. So forgive me if my presentation is not ideal, but I think it's our love towards him that counts, right? Please take care!

love ... Jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks a lot for your great works of fairy series. They are a little difficult for me to fully understand, but I've learned a lot from your writings.

I especially like the last picture of stonehenge, which is very spiritual. For me, as a typical Japanese whose main religious belief is based on the adoration of whole nature, fairies are more like spirits(or gods) we have been told that we find in nature. It's 'believing is seeing' and not the other way around, like you wrote 'fantasy resides in our desire...'.

cloud nine

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful posting Jaime, Thanks very much.
Like regie, the last para. touched me, you've written it beautifully, because it came from your heart.


jaime said...

dear cloudnine,

Hehe, your level of English is very high, which is so apparent in your translation work of the 'BYJ is the beauty of Korea' by Talking Ajumma. I couldn't have done it myself. Thanks for that wonderful piece, I truly enjoy it so much.

You said it so right 'believing is seeing'and not the other way round! Or in the case of fairies and Yong Joon, if I may put it this way : 'believing' equates to 'seeing with the heart, not the eyes'.

Thank you for reading!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Thanks dear Yee,

I am so touched. Your kind words are a big encouragement to me. Like drawing Yong Joon on a sketchpad (I am sure Regie can relate to that), I keep thinking about Yong Joon when writing this.
This is the only way I can complete this series. Thank you so much for reading!

love ... jaime

bb said...

hi jaime,

that's a very beautiful entry. although i've gotta admit i'm one of those practical realist. it's not so much of whether i believe in fairies or not, but that i simply don't spend time at all on thinking about fairies. haha, guess i'm not much of a dreamer or a romantic.

but i've enjoyed your writing and the pairing of pics. thanks much much :)

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Congratulations on persevering with this series. I am greatly interested in this notion of aura and how it is often mentioned by those who meet YJ and other people known to the public. As you wrote, the aural field is enhanced by certain attributes like confidence so, for someone like wuri YJ facing his adoring family, a brilliant aura seems very natural. For example, when he entered the arrival hall at the airport in Osaka, that kind of aura, born of confidence in being welcome, was very apparent. It was enhanced by all his other qualities, of course!

What puzzles me is can he dim it if he wishes to? When he ventures out and nobody sees him (it seems that this happens, occasionally), I imagine that he shields that aura so as not to draw attention to himself, that he hangs that confidence in the closet and tells himself "now, YJ, let's just avoid prolongued eye contacts and go about our business like everybody else".

I thought I was very much in the practical realist camp, like bb, but I have to say I can relate to the second last paragraph about appreciating the simplest beauty in this world, I would even say seeing the magical moments in our lives. They are few and far between but they are there for those who can perceive them. Or maybe they're few and far between for me only, haha!

Ah, Stonehenge, such an amazing place! I was lucky enough to visit when the public was allowed to walk between the stones (in 1981!!). Very awe-inspiring!

jaime said...

Hihi princess,

Thanks for your nice comments. Hehe, I am the same way. I don't spend much time daydreaming or fantasizing anymore, all the time is given to HRH already :)

A practical Realist? are you hinting me to write a series on 'Computer and Yong Joon' next time? hahaha! Maybe I should dig up all my computer journals next :)

Please take care!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

My dear gosijo,

Thank you for reading the Aura part of my fairy seris. I never understood what this 'Aura' matter is when other sisters were talking about it. Especially after the osaka Event, I was very determined to investigate what this phenomenon is about. Besides HRH emanates his brilliant aura, I also believe us sisters experience ecstasy, thereby creating this 'blank-out' situation.

I agree with you, a person can definitely control his own aura energy. When HRH wants to disguise himself, his spirits and awareness are probably calmer than normal. Sorry for my desperate attempt to explore something I have no knowledge of and probably not qualified to discuss.

I am happy that you and cloudnine like the Stonehenge artwork. Somehow blogger changed my image to very very small because the width exceeds the normal size. I will re-do that again, I like my pictures big, hehe :)

Lastly, I appreciate so much for your insightful comment as usual. It means so much to me dear.

Love ... jaime