Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweetheart notes

Hi Hi sisters ..... you know what I learned about being in the BYJ family? When you exchange letters with other Bae sisters, everyone uses some kind of BYJ stationary! Well, if you are not a graphic artist nor live in Korea and Japan, those BYJ letterheads are pretty hard to come by, huh? Thanks to the generous effort of some talented artists, we are able to build friendship with other Bae sisters in the name of our handsome prince with these pretty sweetheart notes :) Please print them out and enjoy!

Thanks to hyejun and conan :) Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A sense of normalcy

Hi Hi sisters .... remember last month Winter Sonata was voted as the most favourite TV program in NHK-BS' 20th Anniversary commemoration? Well tonight they aired episode 10 of Winter Sonata to 'answer' the audience's wishes! Apparently most voters mentioned this is one of their favourite episode....

I adore how cute and playful he was when he told Yujin, "Somebody else caught the fish and I bought it!" Look at his sweet smile :)

It broke my heart when I read the article in bb's blog. His songsungnim Jun Yong Bok commented that Yong Joon's lacquer work expressed his depth in life, but also his pain and loneliness :( Our prince has everything that any human being could ever hope for - looks, personality, career, fame, fortune, family and friends. What he lacks is NORMALCY - just living a normal life with his family under normal circumstances n any normal day!

Like what MinHyung said in this episode 10 as he was watching Yujin cooked. "So that's what a family feels like - you come home after a hard day's of work, your loved one is preparing dinner for you and the whole house is filled with the wonderful smell of cooking!" (hehe in my case, the hair/face/clothes all stink like fried fish @@)

The whole family eat dinner together and then go for a walk in the park afterwards! (or in my case, staying behind to scrub and clean in the kitchen :)
I hope our Yong Joon will have his well-deserved normal family life soon
. Please take care!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi Hi dear sisters ...... thank you for coming by even though I can't blog as often now. Our sister babasan is in town from LA, so we (with cloudnine) all went for lunch at Michelangelo. Remember the cafe that Yong Joon patronized one late night when he was in Tokyo this March?

Michelangelo is located in the affluent neighbourhood of Daikanyama where swanky boutiques and chic cafes are at every corner. As we walked through the front entrance,

To the right is where Yong Joon sat,

This is to the left. The design conveys an open air feeling of an Italian Galleria where the atmosphere is both relaxed and upscale.

Yong Joon's table is at the far end, he sat at the end facing the sofa. Not exactly the best view, if I may add, unless you are in love with the person sitting across from you, hahaha! Just kidding, a small price a superstar has to pay, I'm sure our Yonsama much prefers privacy to view :)

I came with my husband a few weeks ago and had the pasta lunch, hehe that's why all the pictures were from then. This time we ordered the soup & sandwich set, both good :)

Hehe, we couldn't help but noticed quite a few tables were occupied by fans like us. Since it was not busy last time I came, the waiter was nice enough to tell me Yonsama came with 7 of his staffs that night. He wore his fedora and plain eyeglasses. I was a bit embarassed to draw more info from the waiter as I feel silly sometimes to trace Yong Joon's footsteps. But regardless of him being here or not, Daikanyama by itself is a shopping jewel where the fashionista shop and the stylish locals hang out.

The distinct Hollywood Art Deco Architecture

One of the many futuristic designs in Daikanyama

Quaint little shops everywhere

A very pretty boutique with dreamy beautiful clothes, I love! @@

You can't miss this 315 yen store, everything so 'pretty in pink', for girls of course!

This corner hat shop on Hachiman Dori is fabulous! It has so many avant-garde hat designs, casual or formal, there is absolutely no reason you can't find one suitable for your face. Hehe, cloudnine told me rumour has it that Yonsama dropped by here to look for, what else? another FEDORA! Hahaha, please don't throw stones at me, I didn't sell him that 'good ol fedora'!

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Let the acting bugs bite

Hi Hi sisters ....... Our dear handsome prince, looks like you have been quite a busy bee lately. Well, let’s see .......

You are a discerning photographer (causing your desperate fans wishing they were either bamboos or hydrangeas)

You are a 'would-be bestseller' author (we don't know what you are writing, but we've already reserved a slot in our bookshelves :)

You are an A+ student, I'm sure you are in the top 3 of your class :) Hehe just kidding, bet your other 2 classmates had elected you as class president

You even stole the limelight from David Copperfield and becomes the most gorgeous magician ever!

You are an unconditional patriot (but how come you are lip-synching, we think your voice is up there with the 3 tenors!)

You are a 'top choice' tourism ambassador, bet most flights to Korea and hotels in Seoul are booked for 2010! (btw, how come Mrs. President awarded you with a neck pillow? Didn't they know you don't need to sleep much??)

You are a well deserved medalist (at least this time they gave you something more useful, that's a laptop, isn't it?)

Well, you became an advisor on 'Live long & happy on a grass diet' campaign to the exclusive 'over 50 & powerful' country club (please excuse my pun, but I still can't get over you NOT being the center of attention here!)

Then naturally, you turned 'green' and became an environmentalist

This sir, I can't make out? Are you trying to be a tomb raider or Indiana Jones?

But you know what I really think my prince? I think you are at your most brilliant just being you – an actor who uses his heart to act and melts millions of others' @@ So, let those acting bugs bite!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Denim & cord

Hi Hi sisters ..... you've probably seen this corduroy jacket with his hole-y Ts on him before, don't know if you have seen him pairing it with denim and Betty Boop Ts? Hehe, even though the T shirt is a bit too kiddy, but when we don't have anything new to see, I am reminiscing his old look again :)

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To Josephine

Hi hi sisters ...... our dear sister Josephine, who always leave us with such enlightening and thoughtful words, is going through a major challenge in her life. Her precious daughter Sarina will be undergoing a major spinal surgery today. I know we hardly know each other outside the 'comments' window in this blog, but my heart is quite heavy since I learned this news from her. Maybe because we are mothers ourselves, or perhaps we really feel we are sisters in the same BYJ family. Many of our dear sisters are also deeply concerned and have poured out their well wishes for Josephine and her family.

From Catt :
Josephine, I will keep your daughter Sarina, her doctors and everyone concerned in prayer as well.
Our God is a mighty and awesome God, as well as a loving and compassionate Father God, who holds all in His hands. I am sure He will be supporting your daughter and family through the coming surgery.

From gosijo :
Josephine, I will keep your daughter Sarina, her doctors and everyone concerned in prayer as well.
Our God is a mighty and awesome God, as well as a loving and compassionate Father God, who holds all in His hands. I am sure He will be supporting your daughter and family through the coming surgery.

From Jenny :
Hi Josephine, I am in deep concerned of hearing your daughter coming surgery but we all will pray hard for your daughter.
Don't worry god is very kind and will look after your daughter during the surgery.
May god bless you, Love

From xiaoyi :
Dear Josephine, Sorry to hear about your daughter's surgery. Please be strong and our prayers are with you!

From flowerbossa :
It is already Tuesday here in Japan, but I hope you are getting the rest you need to care for your daughter. Being a mother myself, I realize all too often that the hardest ordeals we go through are those concerning our children - but I am surprised and grateful that they usually seem to have the strength to pull through. My prayers will be with you and your family.

From yudi :
Dear Josephine, Although I am just a prayer learner ( I was baptized not for long), I will include Sarina and your family into my prayer with my faith. May God bless you.

Dear Josephine, please keep in your mind the heartfelt words from these wonderful sisters (and many other sisters' silent prayers) during your ordeal. We sincerely hope Sarina's operation will be a great success and she will have a swift recovery. Please also stay healthy so you have the strength to care for her, our prayers with you and your family .... love

P.S. please look at Yong Joon's smile, all your worries and fatigue will disappear :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Hi dear sisters ..... are you enjoying your spring weekend? I wish all you dear mommies and daughters will have a wonderful day with your loved ones. Try to put HRH at the back of our minds for 1 day (hehe, he is busy with his mommy too) and enjoy it with your family, promise? Hehe but before you go, please look at him one more time, huh :)

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