Thursday, February 26, 2009

Full-bodied Handsome

Hi dear sisters ...... We've had quite an emotional week, eh? At the start of the week, I've never anticipated we would pour our hearts out and engage in such heavy topics about 'Love & marriage'. I even had a few funny topics at the back of my mind to write, in the hope of lifting our monotony while waiting for HRH. Well, one serious topic led to another, and we ended this series with a surprise from chakachan sharing the beautiful love story of her amazing parents (thanks chakachan, understand it took quite an emotional toll and heartache for you to re-count the lives of your parents). What I appreciate and treasure most from you dear sisters are : we all have different backgrounds and our own baggage (good or bad) in life, but in the last few days, we were able to conduct a sincere and civilized discussion on these crucial issues without being opinionated or condescending. During the course, I have met and learned about so many sisters whom were new to me before. Thank you for coming to the BY family and leaving your footprints here in my little home. You have made me look farther and think deeper about love and life itself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us .... love :)

Now, let's go back to Yong Joon, shall we? Gosh, I really wish he had some new & explodingly sexy pictures for us fans! I feel embarassed still posting pictures from last year's Japan visit?! But the gorgeous one has his own way of doing things, so we just have to be content in looking at this last batch of the Premium Days pictures. They are full-bodied shots of HRH, love his sexy long legs :) I have no complaints, do you? Please enjoy ......

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A story of Love

Hi dear sisters ...... Today my kind cloudnine took me on another exploration tour on Japanese history and culture. We went to Kagurazaka (神楽坂) - a hidden treasure of sloping streets and narrow winding lanes filled with temples, traditional kimono shops and quaint European cafes. It is this unique blend of cultures and shops which gives this area its distinct characters. While my eyes and mind got so busy absorbing all the wonderful places and objects, I didn't notice we have walked for almost 6 straight hours! I can only feel the pain in my knees and feet after I got home, of course it didn't help that I had my pointy high-heeled boots on all day! I was so hungry and exhausted and almost fainted when I read the email from my Nihongo sensei telling me to study 4 major topics for tomorrow's class! Ok, I'm in deep shxx, I chose not to think about it until tomorrow morning. I tried to comfort myself by posting some handsome pictures of HRH, but Blogger lost my post when I pressed 'publish' ! You know, that was just about the breaking point, I just fell into bed and decided to cover my head and watch MinHyung inside my blanket! Then I noticed another new email on my blog comment by chakachan. I clicked on it and WOW ...... my mind was frozen for a while and my fatique all flown out the window, I was practically speechless and in tears! I'd like to share this precious piece with you and let it touch the hidden emotion inside you. Thank you chakachan!

There's a young lady who became a breadwinner of her family( she was 2nd to the eldest of 7 children.)she finished a short course in typing and couldn't afford to go to college, so she had to work to help her mom and send her brothers and sisters to school. she landed a job in telecommunications company at 19.

around this time a babyfaced man, in his late 20's was about to finish his course in engineering in college when he decided to work.( he was the 2nd to the youngest child in the family and the only son after his eldest brother, died in the US Navy in WWII. )

When this man saw the young woman for the first time in the office hallway..he knew that she was IT. he would buy her free lunch from the office canteeen, taking her home from work, and making sure that he had all the spare time for his sweet lasted for 4 months..because on the 5th month, he he called everyone from his family to go to the young lady's house and ask for her hand. The young lady had no idea how fast he was...she was soo shocked when they came over to her house and spoke to her parents for them to be married the next month!!! Her father cried to tears, because she was a very hardworking lady and to loose her was painful for him.

But eventually they married and had a child, a daughter. they waited for 9 years to have a child, went to every church and prayed that god would grant them a child..and so it was.

when their child was 7 years old, an offer was given to this woman to work abroad. The man told her to go for it, because she might never have this chance she did, with a very heavy heart, she left. She was alone for 3 years. On her 4rth year in the company, her daughter and husband was asked to join her. Her husband was a very successful professor in a university. this was his dream to become an educator, but he gave it up to be with his wife.

Living abroad and giving up on a dream and a successful job was a hard blow for her husband. People always made fun of him, because he stayed at home, doing her household chores, while the wife goes to work. The pain of having his wife as the breadwinner in the family was a reality he had to face and bare for the coming years. He stood by her, because he loved her. He was his wife. He chose to be with her even letting go of all his didn't matter what people say anymore. This was his destiny..

When their daughter grew up and turned 17, he was given a chance to work a typist. But he as getting old and his fingers were not as he lost the chance. but what he lost in his professional life, he gained respect through alot of really great friends. true friends who adored him...he studied languages to even communicate better with the natives..and they loved him. he never stopped teaching..even if it was playing the piano or reading hebrew...

his wife was always his he spoiled her. he would do things for her so that she wouldn't worry anymore and she won't be tired from a long days work.

the man died in 2000. he died from heart attack in africa on UN day in the middle of the celebration, in a small hallway of the hotel. He died suddenly and instantly. This was his 3rd attack. The earlier attacks he had, he never told his wife..for fear that he might worry and get sick herself.

The wife died 8 months later. She was soo lonely being apart from this man that she could no longer see, nor touch nor hear..she couldn't bare the thought of him leaving her.. she died from bone cancer in 2001.

the daughter was me...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi dear sisters ....... thank you again for all your insightful comments on the issue of ‘relationship’. Newbie and a few sisters have touched on ‘Destiny’ - a concept so intangible, elusive yet seems to be an ‘end all’ answer to that delicate issue of ‘love & relationship’. To put it scientifically (hahaha Dr. Jaime's definition), destiny is ‘at the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT person’.

This analogy suddenly springs up in my mind : the conveyor belt sushi. Huh? Sushi?? I am sure you’ve all been to a kaiten-zushi (回転寿司) restaurant before, those set-up with different types of sushi parading in front of you one after another. You spot the type of sushi you like, you simply pick it up from the moving belt when it comes in front of you. Now you know sushi come from different sea creatures (some you don't want to know), in different flavor, taste, texture and cut. They also range widely in supply and prices, some are fresh daily catches and come in abundance, some are scarce in supply and thereby high in demand. If you spot a dish that you want, you better pray that the guy/gal before you doesn’t grab it first! (or you can curse them and wish they get diarrhea :) Similarly if it takes you too long to decide, by the time you make up your mind, the sushi has already moved on and beyond your reach. On the flip side, there are also different types of patrons - some are starving and grab the first dish that comes along. Some prefer to wait patiently for their favorite type, some don’t like anything they see and decide to order hot food from the kitchen. Some may not even want to eat and simply enjoy drinking their sake! When it’s time to leave, hopefully every patron has an enjoyable time with a full stomach!

Now, you're wondering what the heck is she babbling about? What does eating sushi have anything to do with Yong Joon's love life?? Hehe, I hope you are not offended by my using sushi to portray our chances (you know I don’t mean any disrespect :) Because I do believe there are many chances that pass in front of us during our lifetime. ‘When’ you are able and ready to take them all depends on your stage and choice in life. Obviously, different choices will lead you down different paths, but who can argue which path is better than the other? They are just different, that’s all! Sure we have all wondered one point or another about an ex-lover .......“What happens now if I married him ......?”, have you? (shhhhhh, no husband allowed to read this, huh :)

Having said all that, being a person with religious faith, I truly believe that everyone in this world has someone out there destined for him/her. However, it doesn’t mean that we are bound to our destiny. You are still given a choice to accept or reject it. Let me give you a more concrete example, like your career choice. Yes, you are great at your current profession now, but how do you know you won’t excel in another field too? Yong Joon always talked about how he stumbled into being an actor, he obviously recognizes that acting is his destiny now. But that does not deter him from realizing his other dreams as an entrepreneur and cultural ambassador, does it? It’s all about choices and how much efforts you are willing to invest in it, right?

My gosh, this is supposed to be a BYJ blog, what happens to our precious prince's love interests in all these discussions? Isn't he the one who stirred up all our curiosity in the first place? Hehe, chakachan, jenny and phuong expressed that it’s perfectly fine if Yong Joon wants to stay single. Chakachan wrote : “Lonely is a state of mind, but if you're happy with what you've got and take responsibilities of your actions and accept the fact that there is something beyond being'll be fine. Marriage is a dream world..but being married is another thing. It is sacred and it should only happen once in your life..there is a special person for everyone, but you're given a choice if you should stay with this person for the rest of your life or go your own path.” I couldn't agree more :)

Lastly, may I share this with you, my past experience (or should I say failure?) has taught me an important lesson in life : you set the level of expectation, you work towards meeting your own expectation (not others’), then you’ll have no one to answer to. I’ll use myoce’s comment to sum up – “Our destiny is our hands, we control our own happiness.” Thank you dear sisters for pouring out your hearts and share with us here, it’s been both educational and emotional for me. We’ll try to talk something funny and lighter next time, ok? I can't be too serious for too long, you know :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing puzzle

Hi dear sisters ....... You know, I just dragged my old weary body in the door after watching MamaMia again tonight. Hehe, please don’t be mistaken, I wasn't a 'Dancing Queen' in the cinema even though I was soooo tempted to dance. I actually had my Japanese dance lesson the whole afternoon and my back and legs are protesting like crazy! How delightful it is to come back and read all your thoughtful comments. I'd like to gather some of your thoughts and add my own 2 cents on relationship .......

Hyds brought up this issue which I think some Yong Joon fans are concerned about : "the question if the woman is in love with the real BYJ; not just his money, fame, beauty or the character he portrayed". Dear Hyds, I personally think every person comes in a package - BYJ is a super star, a successful business tycoon, a perfectionist and probably a romantic lover. These are what make up his whole package, it’s impossible to separate or ignore any aspects. Just like when someone meeting a prospective spouse – the appearance, profession, characters, interests and goals all represent him/her as a person. A person’s profession and goals pretty much indicate how successful and fulfilled they are in life. The characters, values and interests will determine whether two people can get along. So, it's inevitable that a woman will be attracted to BYJ becasue of his person as well as his wealth (his fame will be more of a detriment actually). Hehe, but I honestly can’t imagine any woman not melt for our Yong Joon based solely on the merits of his characters, can you?

As both our Myoce and Hyds shared how their husbands complement their own personalities (so happy for you both), dear Moontime also believes that "We all have someone that completes us". We always hear people use the term ‘better/other half’ to refer to one's spouse. As our society and family structure is rapidly evolving, demands on a woman and so as expectations from a woman have expanded. I don’t think a spouse is only someone who spends time with you and share your feelings anymore. I honestly find it unfair to expect our spouse to fulfill all our emotional needs. We have our friends, our interests, our aspirations to fill that gap too, the more friends the merrier. The fact is, I am thinking of something more concrete, I hope a spouse is someone whom you can build your future with, someone who has a common goal and agreement with you on how you will both shape your lifestyles. I see a spouse more of a 'crucial piece of missing puzzle' in a person's life now, what about you?

It’s funny how our dear Gosijo and Moontime both mentioned about Yong Joon being attracted to a dancer. Hahaha, is our prince’s dancing really that bad?? The handsome hunk can master tough sports like horseback riding, snowboarding and martial arts, how can a little rhythm pose any problem to him? Hehe, Gosijo and Moontime, hope I don't sound too practical here. I was actually thinking along the line of a profession/skill. Remember Yong Joon had attempted twice on the university entrance exam to enter Law and Architecture? Wouldn't it cross his mind "What if I were a .......?" Then does a woman of the following qualities arouse any interests? How about an ethical lawyer who advocates for rights of the less privileged? Or an aspiring architect in designing eco-friendly buildings? Or a dedicated doctor caring for AIDS-infected children? Or ..... hahaha, it's all hypothetical, ok :)

Hehe anyway, there is no right or wrong in this topic. We are all sharing what we experience in our lives, in our corner of the world. What works for one may not work for another. Thanks to Lin Chen, yudi, newbie and chakachan and all the sisters for your precious comments. We are in this family because we love Yong Joon and value each other's friendship, we wish him happiness and will support him in whatever he does. Please take care!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Perfect complement

Hi my dear sisters ..... a fan 'newbie' wrote me a comment :

"just wondering how in the world can a woman match up on ds guy? my mother always said that your partner/husband is your equal. I just thought that he maybe wanted a perfect woman,,,that's why his alone???or something?? do you think byj ever love a woman ever???i really wonder????"

Hehe, I am really as clueless as everyone else in the 'Love & Marriage' department of HRH. This is also a very sensitive topic that some family rather not interfere. I totally respect that, so I'll attempt to reply 'short & sweet', don't take it too seriously, ok? I think to any fans, whom an idol marries is probably the ultimate 'mystery solved'. Actually it's true for all of us too, your match to your spouse pretty much determines how the 2nd half of your life is like, huh? We set up criteria to choose our future partner, we fantasized about our dream wedding and we pictured our life lived 'happily ever after', right?

Because we love and treasure Yong Joon so much, we feel there is no 'perfect' woman in the world who deserves our prince. In reality, Yong Joon's wife really need not be perfect for the world, she only has to be perfect for him. You remember in Hotelier when DongHyuk and JinYoung saw the 2 wedding couples in Deoksugung Palace : he said that's what marriage is like, husband and wife are not the same but they COMPLEMENT each other? Haiyo, please don't start worrying. It doesn't mean that our prince is going to pick up any average Suzy or Jaime from the street.

Yong Joon is a man of very high standards, besides finding a woman whom he loves and cherish, maybe there is another factor involved? I personally think he is more likely to be attracted to a woman with exceptional quality/talents that he longs for but does not possess yet. It's the admiration, respect and that 'wow' factor for her that will capture our prince's total love and devotion. That's probably what we call 'opposites attract' or 'complementing each other'? Now think hard, what quality does our prince desire still? Hehe as I said, this is just my silly assumption.

As family, all I wish is he does not feel any pressure from us in rushing him to do anything he's not ready for. Please take whatever time you need, dear Yong Joon. Never mind the publicly announced 3-years promise. To us, our silent 30-years/300-years promise to each other is what lasts :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

36th Birthday

OMO OMO sisters ..... just about to sleep and found LL posted these birthday pictures. oops sorry, just read from mariko san in soompi that these are actually pictures from the BYJ mobile site. If you subscribe to the BYJ mobile phone, you will receive these pictures on your birthday :) Hehe, it's the most precious present any girl can receive!

Thanks to LL from BYJ Gallery and YJ影之国 in baidu

Gently Handsome

Hi Hi sisters ...... These pictures show off the beauty of his gentleness. Have a nice weekend!

from byjfan/kaorin

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mysteriously Handsome

Hehe sisters ..... you think you cannot breathe looking at his gorgeous face? Wait till you look at HRH's muscular arms and chest! Now, take it eeeeeeasy midear .... your eyes don't have to swallow them all at once, eh? @@ Keke, you can always stand up, open the window, take a deep breath before coming back :) Enjoy ......

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up-close Handsome

Hi Hi sisters ..... after you suffered 4 lengthy wordy posts from me, I promise I won't bore you with any more alphabets. I am going to redeem myself with the help of HRH :) These are pictures from the Image II album - Premium Days which is just released on Feb 14. I almost stop breathing when I saw how gorgeous he is, these pictures are much better than those published in the magazines! I guess they really keep the best for last. I have chosen a few of my favourite close up shots here. Please enjoy while monitoring your heartbeat closely, ok?

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