Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Portrait I - Inspiration

Hope you are doing fine. I am doing some housecleaning again and noticed this old post from Quilt is missing in my blog, so please bear with me ......

(July 2007)
Hi my dear sisters ….. Sorry for making the 'Houdini' disappearing act lately, but no no no, please don’t strike my name off the BYJ family list. I haven’t defaulted nor evaporated from the face of the earth yet, so what have I been brewing lately?

When I first embarked on this BYJ journey, little did I expect life was going to take such a 180 degrees turn. Gone are the days of my religious inch-by-inch dusting and mopping session conducted daily in my humble dwelling, the endless chat with girlfriends over a Starbucks mocha Latte or the mindless loitering in those mega-bookstores flipping through tabloid magazines to find out the latest love interests of Paris Hilton! Instead, I am proud to pronounce that my everyday life now is filled with purpose and mission : like gluing in front of the computer struggling to create slideshows from our King’s droolingly gorgeous pictures, dashing to the local library to claim momentary ownership to those ‘heavy as boat anchor, forbidden-to-be-loaned-out’ reference books hoping to spark some ideas to write about him, and of course this newest passion of mine – drawing and painting His Royal Handsomeness!

We know so well that BYJ is a man of many virtues. We admire the strength, determination and integrity he showed through his work and conducts. Consciously or subconsciously, we can’t help but are influenced by him and his many talented fans whom has no shortage in articulate writers and gifted artists.

But what has possessed this ordinary country girl to even dream about drawing the perfect face of His Royal Handsomeness on paper? Sure, I have held a paintbrush before, like last year when I felt botanical and decided to paint my laundry room walls to ‘spring garden lavender’ (and still regretting it)! But for someone who has never drawn a perfect circle or straight line free-handed in her life, that sensation is really not too far off from plunging myself down Niagara Falls without attaching to a bungee cord!

As you can sympathize, my dear sisters, at this age, I have no time to waste drawing a bird first and then a fish next, I want to draw His Royal Handsomeness right now! So I plead with my art teacher wearing this pitiable puppy face that I wanted to learn ONLY portrait drawing. For the first few weeks, she just slipped me some drawings of eyes, noses, ears and mouths to copy. I’ll tell you, that repetitive practice has tamed my hands to be so steady, now even if I ride on a bumpy winding road at 180 miles/hour, I would have no problem putting on my ‘BYJ Deep Moist lip cream & gloss’ smudge-free! Before I went berserk copying more noses and ears, Miss Restless here has made an executive decision (behind my teacher‘s back) - so my dear sisters, this is my very first drawing of BYJ, no principles, no rules (yet) :

During this creative journey, I find that the most cherished moment was when I tried to capture his soul through his sensual eyes and luscious lips. It called for more than just the eyes and hands, but also one's heart and imagination to accomplish that. From the moment I put down my first stroke, I felt like he was holding my hands and walking this entire journey together with me.

I realize I am still at kindergarten level here, and there is an infinite world of art and knowledge beyond me. I remember Yong Joon always feels that he lacks talent in acting and is not born to be an entertainer. But with his quest for knowledge and determination; he learns, he perseveres and persistently seeks new challenges. This is the man who inspires me from the day I knew him; first on technology, then on writing, and now into this magnificent world of art. Yong Joon ssi, thank you for being my inspiration!


myoce said...

It's sooo beautiful !!
Kindergarten level ? What are you talking about ! Compared to yours mine is just a doodle...sob..sob..
* myoce going - - - crying in the corner*

jaime said...

Hi dear myoce,

I am sorry, I don;t mean to repost old stuffs, but just want to keep this in my record so I won't lose it. Hope you understand.

You are too kind and generous, I love your little dog portrait, it's so cute. I feel ashamed that I didn;t even have the patience to learn drawing properly before jumping into Yonsama. Hehe, you can tell I still can;t do the hair yet. Hopefully I will have time to take lessons when I return to Canada. Thanks for reading.

Please take care!
love .... jaime

annacronism said...

Hi, dear Jamie.
Wow! Your drawing is really good; better than mine. I love this picture of our Yong Joon, and you have captured his soulful eyes to perfection. Lovely! Take care, dear.

Love, Anna

Hyds said...

Dearest Jaime,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful drawing. I truly admire your enthusiasm, dedication and love for YJssi. In many ways I could relate to you. I certainly remember the days when the bed had to look like one from a glossy magazine but despite the hectic schedules it's amazing how we cope. Continue your interest. I may not get back to painting anytime soon but you have inspired me to persevere on what I'm putting part of my energy and time on.


jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Quite sometime din drop by cause was busy with work work work . Drop by today and surprise to see the beautiful drawing of yours although is din assemble fully of our king but as myoce said is already very good for a new learner . Howcome u have stop learning it jaime ????

Yes i am agreed with u that our king indeed inspired a lot of people to do the things that he is doing . Salute him really have the inspiration .

Heard that DATV japan will start short our king history on Jan 30 . So jaime u will be lucky to stay in Japan where u can watch it too . Sob sob for all of us in other part of the world .

Have a nice day ahead yah . Take care .



jaime said...

Hi anna,

thank you for your comments. I am really embarassed but I admit I enjoyed drawing his eyes and lips the most. Please take care!

love .. .jaime

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Please believe me, I think I can relate to what you mean. I am also going through a very hectic and challenging time in my life. I just survive day by day and not knowing if I can make it to the next. Yeah I know, we can just conveniently throw every responsibility away and lead a leisurely life, but then what is the meaning of living if we do not strive to do our best? So please hang in there, I think when we look back, we will be happy that we try our best now. Please enjoy this moment. You are a talented woman, all the best!

love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for being so kind. Sigh, I was just tagging along at my son's art lesson a few times before we came to Tokyo, so my art skills is basically zero. I never expect to be so busy in Tokyo that I haven't even have time to pick up my drawing pencils :( But I do hope to take some lessons and draw Yonsama properly when I return to Canada. Please take it easy!

love ... jaime

alcy1985 said...

Hi Jaime

You write so very well and you can draw too? Honestly, it's not a super masterpiece but for someone who have had little training, you've captured the essence of our King's eyes. And yes, it's just amazing how he inspires us to do the best we can in our own little worlds . . . :)


jaime said...

Hahaha alcy,

I love your honesty. Yes, I agree with you. Yonsama inspires us to have the courage to try, I think the process and the satisfaction of working hard is a reward itself. Let's hope he does not disappear for too long so we are kept inspired. cheers!

love ... jaime

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

I can’t believe this is your first drawing of BYJ after only a few art lessons. It so nicely captures YJ’s tenderness and pureness. You sure have artistic talent. Same with you, thanks to YJ’s inspiration, I start to do things I never thought I could do before, I still remember how I had YJ in my mind the whole time during my first ski lessons, without his inspiration, it is impossible for me, who have no aptitude for sports at all, to start learn and now enjoy ski. They all say it is a waste not ski living in Calgary, now I know what it means because of him.


jaime said...

Dear Yudi,

Thanks for writing to me. I am embarassed I only have time to draw 2 BYJ portraits so far. (hehe, and not even any for hubby and son yet :)

I am so happy for you that you enjoy skiing. Did you keep thinking about Yong Joon snowboarding in Winter Sonata and Papa while you were learning? He sure is very athletic and inspiring, huh? It's wonderful that you can enjoy the winter in Calgary as the mountains are so majestic. Please have fun on the ski slopes!

love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:

Greetings on a cold windy night. This BYJ portrait is a glow in the dark.
I fell in love with Calgary during a convention by the International Federation of Women in Travel Organizations. From Calgary, we did the Rockies, an experience I will never forget. Lucky you that you can always ski in Calgary and visit the Rockies!
Thank you for your interest in my Knols. I hope that Bae Yong Joon and Baesis in Korea have read it. The link is:
Sarang Hamnida,

Yoko said...

Hi, Jamie

I'm sorry to say, but the photos of this positng didn't come out to me. It says " upgrade to pro today ,bandwidth exceeded , photobucket"

Is this my problem? Anyway you said you posted it in quilt before so that means I saw them then

Love Yoko

jaime said...

Hi Josephine,

Thank you for the link, I also hope there will be more readers appreciating your hard work.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Sorry Yoko san,

I stored my pictures of this post in photobucket back in 2007. I think photobucket has a problem these 2 days. I hope they wil resolve this issue soon. In the meantime, sorry and thank you for coming by!

love ... jaime

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