Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Gift from the King

Hehe, you don't think I am just going to leave this award topic without giving my 2 cents, do u? Some sisters commented that watching Yong Joon receiving the awards is the BEST gift from him in this New Year. I am gratified in many ways : happy to know that his recovery is progressing well, happy to see his beautifil smiling face again, of course ecstatic to watch him receiving the recognition for his hard work.

To begin with, it was a struggle to sit through an award show not knowing how much MBC would focus on Yong Joon, plus I have really been drained emotionally and physically in the last few weeks bidding goodbye to my friends. Ha, if you think I dragged myself up early, there are sisters who are more devoted than me. Coco and Jill were up at 4:30am their time ready, able and willing to watch! Sustained by their enthusiasm and companionship, so the 3 of us were chatting, drooling, oohing and aahing all the way for the next 3 hours .......

Enter with a Big Bang!

Have you seen anyone who is more elegant walking with crutches than him? Hehe, you think our King practised at home in front of the mirror how to walk gracefully with those cructhes? Just like in Winter Sonata - right foot, left foot, right foot ..... :)

From head to toe, he just personifies elegance - that clean tied-up ponytail (thank Q thank Q, I am so used to his long hair now), that warm radiant face, that tailored tuxedo, the dark dress coat, those polished shoes. Btw, I love the length of the dress coat, just at his knees revealing the silk-satin stripe on the side of the tuxedo pants, such a classy detail. Now makes me wonder : since he cannot bend his knee, how can he put on his own pants? Is there someone helping him get dressed?? Now, shake that thought off, naughty naughty me! :) He said his managers actually painted his crutches black (I guess so they wouldn't stand out too much), what a hip fashion statement. They think of everything, don't they?

And he even dropped his crutches and showed his injured finger to assure his fans that he's doing fine, he's always considerate and caring towards his family. Don't stick out too far, Yong Joon ssi, I am very tempted to grab and kiss it (now don't smack me :)

BTW, I also want to show E Ji Ah's own design, expresses a strong sense of herself. Notice she embroidered a word (which I still can't make out) with black yarn, then tied that to her index finger, how artsy and refreshing! This may not be everyone's taste but I like her for staying true to her own style.

And then there's Philip Lee, I think he dressed very hip in black vest and tie, perfect for a young actor.

Oh oh, I will have to continue the award ceremony in the next post as hubby just told me we have no more internet connection. The BIG MOVE for us tomorrow, remember? Will write later when I get a chance, ok? :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

He is the BIG Winner!!!

Hi Hi sisters .... did u watch it? did u? Isn't he gorgeous? Isn't he the Best? Our King showed up in a black tailored coat and tuxedo, and he looked smashing! Hehe, even the crutches are painted black to match :) Yes, he still keeps his silky shiny long hair and donned a big warm smile to his fans. You can tell he is not exerting any pressure on his left leg, therefore only uses his right leg and both crutches.

Of course, he doesn't want his family to worry about him, so he took off his crutches and showed us his right index finger that he's fine. You look gorgeous Yong Joon ssi anywhere anytime in any shape or form. So please, do whatever is easy and comfortable for you, ok? We understand and love you no matter what.

Ok ok, back to the award, TWSSG is a big winner and got the BEST DRAMA award. Our Yong Joon almost made a clean sweep too receiving :

The Most Popular Actor Award
The Best Couple Award (with E Ji Ah)
The Grand Acting Award

Congratulations, Yong Joon, you deserve it! TWSSG is your blood and sweat, heart and soul, pride and joy. We are cheering for you and are so happy that your hard work and dedication is recognized. In our hearts, you are always our KING!

Now, will u be a good boy and rest well? :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is he really going?

Hi Hi sisters ...... You see, my brain and my body are having some power struggle. My brain is trying to fool my body that I am still a young woman, but my body is making a point to prove my brain wrong that I am actually an old bag of bones! So, after 2 days of nonstop walking and heavy lifting; my 4 arms & legs, 2 feet and 1 crooked back have suffered major defeat and declare themselves total losers. So, eventhough I managed to get myself 2 more pairs of shoes (giggling) today, please excuse me that I am too beat up to take any pictures now.

On a brighter note, looks like MBC is making plans on security and seating based on Yong Joon being present in the Awards Ceremony. According to a post by wonchun in Baidu BYJ thread : MBC will set up 3 giant screens and 250 seats outside of the venue for the fans. This is a first for any Korea TV stations, it proves once again the popularity of Bae Yong Joon in the hearts of Korean fans.

We can watch this fabulous show and the wonderful appearance of our prince on Sunday, Dec 30 at 9:30pm Korea time. Now that translates to Dec 30, 7:30am for East Coast sisters and 4:30am for West Coast sisters. We can still dial to TVants - MBC (just like TWSSG) to watch the show, remember this, ok?

On a side note, don't know how reliable this news is : KBS is also planning to broadcast all of Yong Joon's previous drama clips during its Grand Awards Ceremony on Dec 31. Wow, the irresistable charm of BYJ and the power of TWSSG!

picture from bb's blog

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fruitful Boxing Day

Hi Hi sisters .... did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I bet you had been eating so much that you felt like you have gained at least 50 pounds. Now, if that's the case, are you a good girl today and do your body some justice? Noooooo ......I don't mean exercise, I meant Boxing Day Shopping, midear!

It must have been at least 10 years since I shop on Boxing Day. First and foremost, I can't stand crowds and the long line-up - for parking, for change room, for paying. Back then, upscale stores only slashed prices on Boxing Day and that created a frenzy of shoppers who waited all year long for bargains. Now sale starts way before Decemeber, so if you can take advantage of the earlier discount, you have a lot more choices of styles and sizes (and may I add, customer service too). Now having said all that, why am I still willing to risk my life and brave the cold and the crowd out there? Simple, I am badly in need of shoes!

Remember I blogged about how much walking I need to do in Tokyo? ladies, I had 'retired' 4 pairs of shoes during my last 2 trips, and my feet have covered mileage equivalent to adding up all my walking in the last 10 years. So this time I am prepared, I know how comfortable and LOW my shoes need to be IF I still want my feet to be attached to my legs a few years from now.

Hehe sisters, when I was proudly showing my mom my achievement of the day, I suddenly remember how bb always shares her shopping success with us. So, to follow her tradition, I quickly grabbed my camera to give my shoes their Kodak moments. So, do they look comfortable?

Anyway, enough about me. I read in both Quilt and Baidu that BOF has confirmed that there is a high possibility that Yong Joon will attend the MBC Award Cermeony. His cast was removed on Dec 22 and he is using crutches to move around. I hope that he will be well enough on Dec 30 to show us his beautiful self. We'll be cheering for you, our prince!

Miss you so much .......

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

My dear sisters ..... The most wonderful festivity of the year has finally arrived, it's Christmas Eve! I always love Eve, whether it's Christmas or New Year. Eve means the night before certain events. When something has not happened yet, there's always room for hope. This year, my emotions is so mixed, I am physically at home, but I am having homesick already (for Tokyo)?! So to cure my 'homesickness', I look up a Christmas picture of Tokyo :

But of course, at the back of every Bae sister's mind is, how our prince is recovering and how he spent his Christmas Eve? And this is the brightly-lit city of Seoul that he's in :

And from a city far far away, I wish everyone a peaceful and warm Christmas night! Love ya all!

reposted from Baidu BYJ thread - wlbyj, artwork by Josefine

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Eve of Christmas Eve

It's down to crunch time now. The movers came yesterday to pack and ship our belongings. So here we are sitting in our house, trying to survive without our daily gadgets like our computers and DVD players. I may sound pathetic, but my concerns (and naturally my eyes) were fixated on my 3 beloved boxes of BYJ treasures until I made sure the movers have packed them securely into the shipping cartons. So my princely goodies, see you very soon. Stay safe and don't get lost, ok?

This morning when we woke up, we didn't have any HOT water! My lord, this is no joke when you are living in the frigid north in December. You can get frost bite splashing those ice cold water on your face, never mind taking a cold shower (well, unless you need to cool down after looking at those gorgeous pictures of HRH). It added to my inconvenience that my new laptop kept crashing and my internet connection was lost. With no emailing, no blogging, no surfing and therefore no HRH drooling today! Hehe, but then life is fair, when I get back my internet connection tonight, I found these :

Sisters, these are no ordinary apples. And don't you even think of eating them, no matter how Vitamin-C deprived (hehe, or Vitamin Bae?) you are! According to Suehan's post in Quilt, these dried-frozen apples are grown by special techniques to show BYJ's face on the skin. They are ordered by a Japanese fan who sent them to BYJ as gift. Our prince was happy and gave a big smile when he got the presents :) Now, how can you beat her in the innovation and thoughtfulness department? Sigh!

pictures original from by 희진
reposted from Baidu BYJ thread by wlbyj

Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't you wish ....

Don't you wish to have a childhood neighbor as cute as HIM to laugh, play, argue, fight and walk your dog with?

Don’t you wish to have your high school crush as cool as HIM to skip class with and get punished together?

Don’t you wish to have your first love as handsome as HIM so you can never forget even if you have amnesia?

Don’t you wish to have a boyfriend as romantic as HIM so you have enough flowers to open a florist?

Don’t you wish to have a lover as sexy as HIM so all your girlfriends wish they were you? (hehe, either that or you are on their assasination list?)

Don’t you wish to have a husband as understanding as HIM so you can be as obsessed with HRH as you want?

Don’t you wish to have your child’s father as loving as HIM so you can put your feet up and spend all day watching TV?

Don’t you wish to have a soul mate as heavenly as HIM to hold onto and grow old with?

Hehe my dear sisters, if you can only have 1 choice, which 'HIM' do you wish to have? :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How does he manage?

Hi Hi sisters ..... just a quick one before I start my day of chaos and chores. I read from bb's Manager Yang that Yong Joon'e entire leg is in cast. That makes me wonder (and worry) how he does he manage his daily tasks?

Remember his right index finger is also thickly bandaged, that means he has to use his left hand for shaving, eating or even flipping through pages of a book. You think he'll be lying around most of the time since he cannot bend his leg? What does he do all day, catching up on the movies that he missed or reading through his fanmails?

Knowing how clean this handsome boy is, how does he wash his royal body or even his royal feet since he cannot reach down there? Since the entire left leg is in cast and his left finger is in bandage, that means both parts cannot go under water and be wet. That only leaves me to draw a conclusion that someone (that LUCKY someone) must be at his royal residence helping HRH with these heavenly tasks! Now you tell me, my dear sisters, between the mundane dusting and scrubbing that I do in my house VS. wiping HRH's silky smooth skin inch by inch the whole day, which one would I choose? That darn lucky person, how I wish I had the power of that evil HwaChuan high priest to take THAT someone's place now :)

Sleep tight, my prince and rest well!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Yup yup, Old Man Winter did strike yesterday and has transformed our city into a Winter Wonderland.

The storm dumped over 30 cm of snow on the ground, or to the kids, the perfect ingredients for making a snowman! These fine, white, soft fluffy powder maybe a nightmare for the city officials and parents, but kids always make the best out of the worst situation.

How about try being a kid and letting yourself go? Go where, go and make a snow angel!

Better yet, throwing snowballs with this handsome boy?

Hehe a treat for you, how about a peck on the cheek since you are freezing your toes off :)

Ok ok, just dreaming. It must be so cold that my brain is frozen again!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A New Buddy

I read this interview in Chinese Baidu, and our super bb worked at lightning speed and has translated part of it already, thanks princess!

Hehe, our prince has a new buddy! According to an interview with Philip Lee (aka Cheoro) published in the TWSSG Photo book Vol. 2, he and Yong Joon have a great connection during the filming of TWSSG. They become buddy buddy right away and have been spending almost everyday together. They dine together (so happy that Yong Joon doesn’t have to eat alone anymore), exercise, play golf and talk about their work together.

Philip Lee comes from a prominent and successful immigrant family in the United States. He returned to Seoul to pursue his acting career after graduating with a Master of Engineering degree from George Washington University. Maybe because these two grow up from very different background and Lee is new to Korea, our Yong Joon being so kind and considerate, takes up the role of a caring hyeong and chinggu? Now our 'lone wolf' (hehe, quote from bb) has one more tongseng to spend his bachelor time with. Here're some pics of Philip Lee in modern attire :

Haven’t heard about how he’s doing since the discharge from hospital. Maybe that’s good news. That means he’s getting the peace and quiet that he needs for the recovery. Yong Joon ssi, sleep well!