Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Too cool to miss

Hi hi sisters ..... thanks for being so understanding. Some survey said moving is one of the top 5 stressful events in life. I believe this is especially true considering this is a 'half way around the world' move. From the outside, I think I still appear quite calm, but inside I am actually very confused. Not only that it's heart-wrenching to leave the country I love so much and the dear friends I've made here, but I have grim problems facing me back home (oh well, that's another long story). Eventhough hubby is quite an efficient man, but he is too busy to attend to every little detail. So it leaves 'this little obasan' to figure out the moving logistics which is a disaster, as I am definitely not a logical person.

This scene of Yong Joon running up the 'seemingly never ending' stairs really resonates with how I feel now - charging uphill in the dark, one step at a time, cautious but optimistic. Hopefully when I reach the top of the stairs, it's all smooth sailing and the road will be flat. Well, I only have one belief in my mind which is : If we can make it all the way over here, we can certainly make our way back home :) As long as our family is together, anywhere in the world is home to us. Oops, what am I doing? I should be packing now, why am I still blogging?! Hope you enjoy these captures .......

Thanks to flare in

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too cute to miss

Hi hi sisters ..... long time no 'talk'! Things are getting busy (hehe at least mentally) here as we are wrapping our lives up in Tokyo. Haha, that doesn't mean I have forgotten about Yong Joon and our sisters. I went to quite a few Yong Joon events like the Tokyo Dome 3D movie, Gosireh Hwa in Lotte Hotel, and my farewell party at Gosireh proper. Will try to write about them before I leave, hehe the keyword here is 'try' but I think you can understand :)

Anyway, you must have seen his Megane Ichiba CFs already. I found some captures of him making his ever-so-cute pouty lips! Makes me want to poke his cheeks, hehe :) You think he's getting a bit tired or bored when he did this? Please enjoy!

Another cute one @@ Thanks to flare -