Monday, August 30, 2010

2011 diary

Hi hi sisters ...... after the 2011 calendars, the BYJ diary is also released! To be honest, I'm a little surprised at how 'un-feminine' it looks this year. In the past, they had shocking pink, deep purple, bright red .... or neutral color like shiny silver to suit everyone's taste. Hehe, but I guess they decide to go more 'subdue' this year. So well, if I really have to choose, I'd go for the pastel - mint green :) Now next year, please give me back my pink or blue, huh?

They give you 3 pictures so you don't get stuck with the same face 365 days a year. Haha, they even have colorful patterns on the back, so just in case when your hubby or boss walks in, you can quickly switch it to a more 'business-like' diary, so smart, eh?

As usual, there are more handsome pictures inside the diary so you have something pleasant to look at in case you are bored waiting at the doctor's office @@

Hehe, I don't mean to sound like a BYJ salesman, but I really enjoy using the calendar and diary all year round. I always have a smile whenever I look at them. So dear sisters, please don't just keep it wrapped in the original plastics, open and use it well, ok? Take care!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

LoveBaeYongJoon is born!

Hi Hi dear sisters ..... I am so happy to hear from bb that she has created an English BYJ site for us to gather and share our love for Yong Joon. Her site is appropriately called LoveBaeYongJoon! How thoughtful of her to give us this space on the handsome prince's birthday :) What can I say? I am just super super impressed ! Thanks princess and tomato san for your generosity, please access ......

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tokyo Dome 3D

Hi Hi sisters …….. hope you had a nice weekend. Even though I have left Tokyo, there are still so many outings I wanted to write about. Hmmm …. How about starting with that Tokyo Dome 3D movie in late May?

One of the venue was the chic Roppongi Hills Toho cinema, it was literally just steps away from my Tokyo residence. Many of Yong Joon’s old dramas like Winter Sonata, Papa, Barefooted Youth and TWSSG were shown there during weekday mornings. So, if some Japanese sisters recalled bumping into a droopy-looking ajumma donning her pyjamas and hair-rollers in the cinema drooling over Yonsama, sorry, that would be ‘moi’!

I still remember that was a busy week with TWSSG movie Chapter 3 also happened to be showing next door.

Just a snapshot of some BYJ merchandise in the display case before the sales people threw me out :)

Hehe, as I mentioned before, this country bumpkin had never watched a 3D movie before, so it was pretty cool when the usher handed me this futuristic doohickey at the door @@
As I was curiously examining my new toy, the familiar sweet melody of Winter Sonata came on. Aye .... why was there snowflakes dancing all around me? There ....... our handsome prince, with his usual charming smile, was taking each step slowly towards me?! It was so clear, it was so blue, he was so close! Sigh, of course this was only my illusion @@ My imaginery love-rival CJW just cut right in front of me?!

Thanks to the strategically-positioned 3D cameras on the stage and the magnifying effect of 3D eyeglasses, I could actually distinguish the ‘depths’ or ‘layers’ among different objects. Can you see the varying depths of CJW, her monitor, his monitor and Yong Joon here?

Now, the floating balloons and the audience inside the Dome really exemplified this 3D effect @@
Surprisingly, the Winter Sonata Anime event only occupied about 40 minutes of the 2-hours movie. More scenes from the ‘Beauty of Korea’ book event were shown, especially on Yong Joon's writing the postcard and reading passages from his book. So touching!
It was a pleasant reminder of the forgotten details from last September and was wonderful to re-live those 2 precious days with Yong Joon and our sisters.
Yes, compared to those blockbusters like Avatar with fantasy settings and graphics which fully explored the 3D technology, the Tokyo Dome Events would not present as an ideal 3D candidate. But to us fans, we are talking about simulating Yong Joon within our same physical space - as if he was close enough that we could almost reach our hands out to him, how cool is that! Of course, that was just the amazing 3D capability coupled with pure fan’s fascination. I thank Yong Joon for his brilliant sense on the pulse of the world, so this ajumma can proudly pronounce that “YES, I’ve watched 3D!” Hope you enjoy :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

2011 calendars

Hi hi sisters .... thank you for your kind comments, even though I have been absent for a while. Hehe, still didn't miss much from Yong Joon's camp. Yeah, I read about his leisurely time in Hawaii and California, guess we also benefit from his trip as the handsome prince did his 2011 calendar shoots with his new look @@

Wall calendar - 8 pages

Desk calendar - 16 pages

Both calendars include a bonus picture card and a special QR code - which I think fans can use their mobile phone to access the 'calendar shooting and making' footage. Hehe sorry, I can only make out this much with my poor Japanese. The 2011 calendars are available for ordering from JOB/goods ......

You know, I swear to myself as I was unpacking boxes and boxes of BYJ goodies from my Japan shipment that I will never be a BYJ shopaholic anymore! God knows I am still finding nooks and crannies in my cabinet to stuff those BYJ goodies. But, but ..... the moment I saw this picture of our handsome prince with his super long legs (and sockless!), slender body and refreshing smile, all my determination just fly out the window :) Haha, who wouldn't want to look at this face on your desk everyday in 2011? There is no excuse not to be happy and well anymore, don't you agree?
Thanks Xiaoyi for the pictures

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bumpy re-entry

Hi dear sisters ...... as I am typing here, I feel like a third person occupying someone else’s body. My eyes are seeing the open blue sky and the rich green foliage here in Toronto while my heart is still lingering in the colorful world and bustling crowds in Tokyo.

It seems like ages since I learned about this distinguished man named Bae Yong Joon, started writing about him at this very same desk, looking out to the same view of swaying trees and neat houses. Five years later, the trees in my front yard are now higher than my house and the leaves are so dense that I do not have to worry about nosy neighbors pressing their noses against the windows to check on me anymore (haha just kidding :) In this faraway Canadian city where life is peaceful and quiet and nothing ever seems to change, no way on earth would I ever dream I had the chance to come this close to the world of Bae Yong Joon in Japan!

Yes, 2 ½ years ago, my dream did came true. I called it a dream because it’s not a pre-planned agenda, but more of a very timely, fateful opportunity. Compared to migrating to Canada during my teens, moving to Japan at this ripe old age of course cannot be considered as a life-altering event. But the people, the culture, the history, the beauty and the love we experienced in Japan have totally cleansed, refreshed and recharged our dormant and tired spirits (hmmm.... sounds like a skincare commercial, huh?), we will never look at things the same way as before!

Miahnae dear sisters for not writing for so long and making you worry. As you can guess already, it was a very bumpy emotional and mental re-entry for us. Not a single day did I not think about Tokyo, my dear Japanese sisters and Yong Joon. I try to suppress my thoughts and sights on anything Japan so I would not miss them so much. It is a losing battle though whenever I read about how much my dear Japanese sisters are missing me also, tears will uncontrollably stream down my face, sob sob :(

This week, I decided to pick up Winter Sonata (for the 20+ times @@) and re-watch Yong Joon at his most brilliant moments. All the warm feelings about unconditional love, truth and purity re-surface from looking at the handsome prince's lovely smile. Will it really do any good for anyone to hide myself in a shell and carry on with my mourning of the time in the past? Or should I be thankful for what I have received already and be strong and positive to face what’s ahead of me. Thank you my dear sisters for your encouragement and staying with me through our BYJ journey :) Now, let's rock n' roll .......