Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can't resist

The Korean sisters are really kind and thoughtful. When there is not much news about HRH, they will repost all the gorgeous old pictures of him to keep us drooling. Hehe gosijo, you know me. How can I resist this set of pictures .....

I know these are not those confident and sexy looks that he is so ultra-cool in now. But I think he is really beautiful (even feminine) in these pictures. He radiates this softness, gentleness, happiness and warmth that makes you feel so happy the whole day.

original in by vento, reposted in baidu by 梦想飞扬.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Handsome handsome

Good morning .... it's a beautiful morning here in Tokyo. The sun is out and the wind is calm. The sky is so clear and blue (and high!), it's the kind of violet blue that is sweet enough to wear. Hehe, maybe I have always been a suburban girl, the skyscrapers to me are like towering oak trees in the forest, the engine sound of the speeding cars sound like chirping birds to me. I love the morning in Tokyo (and the afternoon, and the evening too:)

Hehe anyway, enough nonsense from me. To make this morning even better is to have Yonsama's handsome face greeting me. These pictures are from byjgallery/style. I reposted them from baidu/秀智妮.

Can't work anymore? Sorry! Hehe, no need to thank me, thank him! Have to start my day now, take care!

Earthquake Awareness

When my mom learned that we are moving to Tokyo, one of her big concern is, "isn't there earthquake in Japan?" I can understand her worry, there are many things in life we can control but unfortunately nature fury is something that is out of our hands. Yes, there are earthquakes in Japan, as there are tornadoes in the States, hurricanes in the Caribbean and flooding in Europe. The best way to deal with these unforeseen natural disasters is to be prepared as best as you can.

To remember the Great Hanshin Earthquake that occurred in 1995 killing more than 6000people, there are various scales of earthquake drills conducted on January 17 throughout Japan. That devastating earthquake measured at 7.2 Richter scale struck at 5:46am shattering Kobe and its surrounding regions, had caught the country by surprise. Japanese government aims to educate its citizens on how to react in an earthquake emergency situation to protect themselves, and if possible, rescue others. Together with volunteer organizations, and even US Military, they carried out earthquake simulation and response exercise which over 800,000 people took part in.

I attended a locally organized drill, despite it’s at a community level, the effort was rather large-scale and impressive. First, it was a pretty windy and chilly morning, I was very reluctant but too curious to pass on an event like this. When I arrived, the whole arena was filled with fire trucks, ambulances, emergency personnel, even helicopters circling above! So looked like this is serious business .....

Hehe, to start things off, hot tea to keep us warm :)

OK, time to work - first, learn how to tie a knot (for escape?)

Next, administering CPR to a victim

Then, using blanket and 2 sticks to make a temporary stretcher for transporting patients

Now, as if they didn't work me hard enough. I was 'volunteered' to feel out this tremor booth for a Richter scale 5-7 experience. Let's say, my dear sisters, that was actually quite scary and my intestines almost turned upside down :(

Then they stuck me into this smoke-filled maze. Why? They want to BBQ me for lunch?!

No, actually they had something else in mind to feed us. They wanted us to taste this nutritious whole grain rice which will be handed out in a real earthquake. Looks delicious but I think my intestines are still stuck in my throat :(

Maybe a big bottle of water like this will wash them down? Hehe seriously, this is an emergency supply kit that every household should have.

I feel that I have learned a valuable lesson from this drill. Not that I am ready for an earthquake to happen, I don't think anybody is ready for that. But knowing how the law enforcement, emergency personnel and general public are preparing for it has definitely raise this foreigner's awareness, and peace of mind too :)
May this beautiful country be safe from these devastations.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's a dog's world

I always love dogs, especially collie, because they are the most loyal and dependable animals. If you were a dog (hehe sorry), I think you would be pretty lucky to live in Tokyo.

Ok, there is no green grass to run on, no sandbox to play in, not even a fire hydrant to pxx at! (yea, come to think of it, how come I have never seen a fire hydrant on the street so far?) BUT you sure will be among the best dressed doggies in the world. There are pure bred doggies, not in singles, but in pairs at every street corner you turn. These dogs are all in color co-ordinated (with their hair color, of course) fashion and overcoats on leash by their well-heeled and again, color-co-ordinated owners.

Just the other day, we saw this beautifully groomed white toy poodle walking out of the supermarket donning a pink knit skirt with a matching pink fur coat on top. At that instant, I have never felt so underdressed compared to a DOG! Hubby kidded ourselves that even dogs in Tokyo dress better us.

Anyway, it doesn't matter how lucky the dogs in Tokyo are, no dog is as lucky as this one in Seoul!

Not only that its handsome master solicits its fashion judgement ....

It actually gets to watch the sexiest man change in front of it!

Yeah yeah doggie, you don't have to gloat about it!

You know a million women will trade anything to switch places with you, you lucky devil! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Control yourself

Just got back spending a day with cloudnine onni in 'Electric City', thank you cloudnine for helping me out. I really appreciate it :)

Sisters sisters ..... we got to exercise some self-control here, beauty like this is not easy to swallow. Good luck!

reposted from baidu by Mirror (not sure about her origin)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keangnam Honorsville

I remember bb mentioned before, Keangnam and Megane Ichiba are the only 2 brands that Yong Joon is the spokesperson for. Secom has ended, right? I guess WHO can afford him now? So, these CF pictures of him are becoming more and more precious. Have you seen his newest spring 2008 look on the Keangnam Honorsville website? He looks so slim, so sleek, so calm!

original from byjgallery by 내안의공원, reposted from baidu by 秀智妮

The next 3 pics from 真爱勇俊 by flower, reposted from baidu by 梦想飞扬

If you like to view all his Keangnam CFs, listen to his audios and get his wallpapers, please go to the Keangnam Honorsville site On the Homepage, please click on the first (left most) choice on the top right (confusing, isn't it?). There are 3 selections under that, click on the right-most choice, then you can all of Yong Joon's CFs. Please enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Choum' snow

It's 'choum' snow this morning in Tokyo! Of course, just like any other morning, we were so inexcusably late that we just blindly grabbed whatever that's within our reach to wear and stumbled out of the door. Oh no, then I noticed there was blowing snow all over the sky. Not the Toronto type of heavy snowfall that yields 10 inches of snow for you to dig out and another 10 months of backpain to follow, but the kind of light snowflakes that melts as soon as it touches the ground. Then, I (very naturally) looked up in the sky and subconsciously (without even realizing it) put up my right hand to feel the first snow in Tokyo, like this!

What's more intriguing was when I incidentally looked at myself from the reflection of a store window, omigosh, where was I wearing?! A long camel coat, white high neck sweater, a pink salmon scarf wrapped the 'Winter Sonata' way! I am practically a 'Lee MinHyung'! Hehe, don't laugh at me sis, I bet you have 1, 2 or all of the above, plus more, right?

Now if you think there are pretty girls like Yujin going nuts chasing after me, NOT the case. First, I am not a man. Second, I don't have that gorgeous face like BYJ. Third, this woman's hair will frizz up like a 'lion-king' should it ever come in contact with rain or snow. I'll be lucky if I don't scare anyone away!

You see in TO, it doesn't matter how heavy or blowing the snow is, you don't really have to expose to any weather elements. You can get in the car from the garage, drive, get out of the car into another garage, that's it! So I am not equipped with any hat gear to protect my frizz-up hair. When I noticed others carrying umbrellas in the snow, I said to myself, "it's not raining, why is everyone holding up an umbrella?". Now I know SILLY, it's because the snow melts instantly when it hits any hard surface, including my coconut head!

Now please don't even try to imagine how pathetic I looked when I got home. Let's say a 'Bad Hair Day' is an understatement, ok? My question is, how come HRH still looks so darn handsome after standing in blowing snow for hours?

That reminds me of a post I saw in Baidu BYJ thread today, the title translates to : Looking at him, you feel God plays favouritism by 小樱桃姐姐 and here are some of the responses : Yes, He plays favouritism. All the best qualities are given to Yong Joon. We have to thank Him for bringing BYJ to this world, so we feel happiness everyday in our lives :) So, thank you for BYJ, thank you for the First Snow in Tokyo!