Thursday, November 27, 2008

Charismatic Yong Joon - Manet Series V (Final)

Dear sisters ..... I am so relieved that my computer survives, so I am posting the final chapter of my Manet series with this remarkable painting. Also, a BIG BIG thanks to gosijo for your beautiful translation and comments on Manet's script, love :)

Manet’s last masterpiece ‘Bar at the Folies-Bergere’ was completed in 1882, injecting his eloquent and heartfelt effort to make a grand final statement ......

The setting is depicted in the chic music hall Folies-Bergere, where avante-garde Parisians socialized and danced under its faded red and dirty gold decor. Our visual focus lands on the serveuse (waitress of drinks) and an unrealistically large mirror reflection of the bustling scene of patrons and neglected live entertainment (notice the acrobat’s green socks on top left). The artist caught the serveuse’s weariness, boredom and her impassive gaze oblivious to the world, enduring the unpleasant reality of solicitation from a male customer (on far right). Manet lent our heroine immense facial dignity and an air of aloofness conveying a message of self-containment. He expressed anonymity and loneliness inherent in modern life, not responding to the glitter and glamour of bourgeois society.

An honorary mention is Manet coalesced his love for still life with portrait here creating perfect equality and harmony, can you imagine the visual pleasure of ‘Bar at the Folies-Bergere’ without its sparkling array of bottles and fruit dish?

I initiated this series with a pure admiration for Manet’s charming illustrative letters and desire to share that tranquil love for Yong Joon with my dear Bae sisters. Little did I anticipate it to be a mini-tribute to the artist’s innovative thoughts, elegant style and even his uncompromising life. Manet’s challenge to old clich├ęs prompted him to carve out a new art movement away from centuries-old traditional practice. Like our great king who led the Hallyu Wave into Asia with his charismatic appearance and subtle acting, has carved out a new cultural phenomenon of Asian Wave across world continents. So many tender hearts are awakened with so much dormant emotions erupted, we never seem to have enough sumptuous words, heavenly artworks and melodious music to glorify our Yong Joon’s respectable being and outstanding accomplishment. There was no one like him before, and never will be after! Please allow me to attempt one last time with Manet .......

Thank you for patiently reading the entire series and sharing your valuable thoughts with me. Your comments are so precious to me that I read them over and over again like a beautiful poem. Let’s hope our Yong Joon will be safe, healthy and happy always!

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Hyds said...

Dear jaime,
I agree with what you have shared with us in every aspect. This painting is beautiful, mysterious and has a profound meaning. It's like Yong Joon, there won't be anyone like him. His birth into this world is like another sun rising. Thank you. I truly enjoyed these articles. You have woken up the impresionist in me.

Jenny said...

Hi Jaime

Finally the last part.Love to read the write up. Thanks a lot I have gain extra knowledge on manet. Takecare and have a nice weekend.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Watching this masterpiece while reading your comment, I feel like I hear babble of a crowd and her indifference to the surroundings came to stay with me. I wonder wuri Young Joon might feel lonely amongst thousands of his admirers. It's a part of being a super idol and I believe he is strong enough to shoulder the burden. (Sorry if I missed the point of Manet's message.)

Thank you for reassuring HRH's beauty that suits any work of art.

See you soon.

cloud nine

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Thank you for reading this post. I also learned so much from studying about each painting. It's like each of them have its own wonderful story to tell. When you are in London, please check the Folies-Bergere out and share. Have a nice weekend.

regards ... Jaime

jaime said...

Thanks Jenny for reading and you have a nice weekend too!

jaime said...

dear cloudnine,

Thanks for reading this post again. Hehe, I was hoping Yong Joon would feel warm and loved when he is among the thousands of us, no matter how noisy we are :)
You have a nice weekend too. See u Thursday!

love .. .jaime

Maha said...

Dear Jaime,

The honour and pleasure are both mine to read your Manet series anew. I visit here almost daily, yet I do not comment, as the prolific responses of our lovely sisters leave me short of words. Once again, you give us the chance to bask in that luminous world and forget everything about life's dark side. Thank you my friend.

Hyds said...

I will Jaime.. I didn't realize it's in London. By the way when I saw Picasso work in the Tate Gallery in Liverpool I nearly faint but that's just Art for you.