Thursday, June 25, 2009

White crane

Hi Hi sisters ......... I think we still have a hangover from the wonderful news of HRH's 2 upcoming events in Tokyo, eh? I heard some sisters are busy re-scheduling their personal plans, family plans, even business plans to accomodate our prince's appearances. It's like we have just woken up from a long restless night of sleep and suddenly realize we have a big date with the man of our dreams! Do we have enough time to get ready? Is anyone there to assume our roles while we are away? What's the probability of us getting our hands on those tickets?? As princess said, it's not easy being a Bae fan, huh? What touches me is the enthusiasm and deep love our sisters showed for Yong Joon. You push off plans, you re-arrange dates, you move mountains just hoping to catch a glimpse of him in person. Good luck dear sisters! We all need it :)

You probably have read that heartfelt article our Korean sister Gaeulsan wrote in defence of Yong Joon's honour. (No? Please go to Quilt Freeboard on post "Becoming a cultural icon"). She quoted an old Korean proverb - "White cranes don't go to where black crows play". Now I don't know much about Korean society and politics, but we all trust our prince who always has the purest and most sincere of hearts. After all these years, aren't you amazed at how virtually untouched he is by any impurities in this world? Yes, a man can act, but eyes do not lie. Just look at his eyes, they are so clear, so deep, so inquisitive - truly a white crane!

Hehe btw, are you curious about what he's doing? Some kind of pottery? Notice his hands are covered in mud? I love how he swung his necklace to the back, so it wouldn't get in the way while he's working :) Cool!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Double trouble!

Hi Hi sisters ....... Big news coming out from the Bae camp today! Our prince is finally going to (officially) show his handsome face after last May's TWSSG Premium Event in Osaka. This time HRH is coming to Tokyo and will appear in 2 major events in September (jumping up & down :) ......

Anime Winter Sonata - another story

Time : September 29 Tuesday @ 6pm
Place : Tokyo Dome

The big news is Choi Ji Woo and other WS stars will also appear on the same stage as Yong Joon. This will be extra special for Winter Sonata fans to see both JunSang and Yujin together again :) That also means both BYJ and CJW fans are competing for the same tickets, it's going to be one intense nail-biting anticipation again!

Beauty of Korea Publish Commemorative Event

Time : September 30 Wednesday @ 4pm

Place : Tokyo Dome

You know Yong Joon has poured his heart and soul (eyes & hands too) into this project and we can't miss to watch his beautiful face lights up when he talks about his book. But this really spells 'double trouble' for the Japanese fans! How on earth are we housewives going to come up with 2 legit excuses to sneak out on 2 consecutive school nights?! Boy, I will really have to be creative and original this time. How about ...... "the doctor needs to examine my right brain the first day, and then my left brain on the second?" or "errrr honey, there's a back-to-school sale on toilet paper tonight and a 'buy 1 get 1 free' special in Louis Vuitton tomorrow" and then you are gone for 6 hours!

Tokyo Dome has a capacity of 40000, I have a feeling that most sisters will want to see our handsome prince on both days (or even longer :) Fortunately both events will also be broadcatsed live via satellite in many cinemas across major Japanese cities. For our overseas sisters, please do not feel you're being left out. It looks like there will be an Event tour organized by DA Tours (remember Yong Joon's BOFi is merged with Digital Adventures in Japan?) but the details is still not published yet. Here are the links to these events in JOB :

Anime Winter Sonata- another story

Beauty of Korea Publish Event

DA tour

Please stay tune for more announcement on ticket sales, event details and merchandise sales to follow. Hurray, we are finally going to hear from Yong Joon himself soon!

Thank you Joanne for posting the photos in Quilt and tomato san for the translation from JOB.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from Bali

Hi Hi sisters .... how are you? Sorry for the late response, we just got back today from our R&R trip in Bali. Hmmmm, so I guess I didn't miss much from the world (I mean the Bae world :), huh? What a big contrast. I remember a few years ago, if I went away for just a couple of days and came back, there were bound to be new photos or new articles about the handsome one. Now, our handsome one has turned into the lonesome one (sob sob). Trust me, he definitely was not lounging around at the Bali beaches last week (and so I checked :) So Yong Joon ssi, hhhooowww aaarrreee yyyooouuu nnnooowwwww.......?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Midnight rain

Hi Hi sisters ....... it is another cool, breezy, cloudy day in Tokyo. We are in the mid of rainy season, before the intense summer heat strikes. I just love listening to the sound of rain, especially at night when you really can't see it. It creates this sense of mystery which tempts you to contemplate how heavy it is coming down. As you watch the window sheer blowing like a bride dancing in her bridal veil, it conveys such a cushy and sweet feeling.

We are missing him, quietly and bearing it in our own hearts. All styles of him, in any era, from any drama just keep creeping up left, right and center in our minds. I know a lot of sisters are fond of Insoo and his style, which I didn't understand before as I always love the confidence and warmth of Yong Joon. As I am revisiting the beautiful calm face of 'our man next door', I discover this attractiveness of a lonely, vulnerable yet embracing character, much like the rain in the night. Please enjoy :)

Hehe, this one is a bonus, sweet dreams :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Masuya Unagi

Hi dear sisters ...... remember this autograph that Yong Joon left for Masuya (a grilled eel restaurant) when he was in Japan this March? Hehe, I was lucky that cloudnine and some sisters have invited me to join them for a Yonsama 'eel' trip last week, how could I resist?

Masuya is a traditional grilled eel shop (dear cloudnine, is it 120 years old?) located in Saitama, the prefecture north of Tokyo.

Ha, the door is mirrored, almost included myself in the shot!

Behind those doors, there are narrow winding tree-lined paths (imagine in the midst of a city)

leading to many secluded tatami dining rooms

Hehe of course, we have the biggest and the best of all. Um hm, I stand corrected ...... it's actually Yonsama who had the biggest and best of all!

Passing the charming arched bridge and running pond, this is the genkan (foyer).

Well, this time is a lot easier. There were only about 5 pairs of slippers, as compared to over 100 in Meguro Gajoen, I could have slipped my feet into all of them! Hehe of course I didn't do that, there were a few sisters this time whom I am not familiar with. I had to behave myself :)

This is a big room, I read Yong Joon came with 12 people.

Haha, the significance of this picture is : Yonsama's royal throne was to the right of this waitress! Our sisters were so kind and kept asking me to sit there for a picture :)

We have the same meal set as Yonsama. The appetizers are eel bone (crisp like a cracker and loaded with calcium), unagi salad (very tasty) and Koi sashimi (I think princess' bestest GF's BF is going to chase us with an axe :)

Our main course : BBQ eel with rice, sooooooo good that it melts in your mouth! I read that eel is low in calories, high in protien, rich in vitamin A and is very healthy for your body.

Our lunch was topped off with light fresh fruit, very refreshing in the summer.

Hehe you know every outing with Bae sisters is not complete without an afternoon tea/coffee delight. This time our sisters took us to an old Japanese tea house, just the thought of something 'old Japanese', I was so excited already! I am weird, am I?

This is an old farmhouse in a forest-like setting, very rustic. The interior is equally nature-inspired, but I couldn't take pictures inside because there were a lot of customers.

This is sencha (roasted tea) and Japanese sweet set.

I ordered this gyokuro (jade dew), the highest grade tea, that's why it's so little and they didn't give me any sweet. I think you are supposed to enjoy the pure taste of this very precious tea. Honestly, my tongue, throat and stomach felt so sweet and warm after just drinking a few drops!

Hehe, look at this very cute hot water pot that you can do your refill :)

It was such a pleasant day, tenoshikatta desu ne! All because of Yonsama, gosh, I miss him!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hair remedy

Hi Hi sisters ..... hope you are doing well. As summer holidays is about to start, I am occupied with planning a (hopefully) meaningful summer for my son. It's another no news week for our handsome prince. Now, just being silly ..... the first time I looked at these 2 pictures, a very different set of dialog entered my mind. Hehe, hope Yujin's fans won't throw rotten eggs at me, it's just for fun :)

sniff sniff, what's that smell?

hmmm Yujin ssi, when was the last time you wash your hair?
So embarassed, I've tried hiding it under the biggest hood I could find.

I also tried masking it with as many flowers as I could manage on my head.

I even tried airing it out at the back of a speeding bus!

Um hm, obviously it's not working very well!

For tonight, let's try to keep our distance as far as possible, huh?

Don't worry, I'm sure we can think of a solution tomorrow morning.

The next morning ....... look what I've got for you, Yujin!

I whipped up this gigantic super-duper strength shampoo suds that guarantees to get rid of the most stubborn smell :)

You just have to bury your head in it for a while, ready?


Yujin-ah, you smell as sweet as before :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True moment

Hi dear sisters ..... sometimes a picture is most beautiful when it reveals a person's spirit, most powerful when it tells a story; I feel this set of pictures have done just that. No makeup, no fancy clothing, no calculated pose; just someone who has a genuine desire to learn and a pure spirit to create ........

to diligently attain the technical skills,

to ensure perfection every step along the way.

He would practise to the wee hours in the morning or until his creative juice all dried up,

then he'd start all over again the next day. But to him, this was the truest moment; a moment for him to express his deepest emotions about life, about love through an art medium of his choice. This may very well be his truest work, because it will not be judged by film critics, box office, ratings and fans' reactions. This is just between him, Bae Yong Joon, and his art.

original from BOF, posted in KOB by Gaeulyeoja
reposted in Quilt by Joanne