Tuesday, March 30, 2010

San-commercial pictures

Hi Hi sisters ..... I was trying to post back the pictures that I missed in the last little while, but kind of hesitated. Ok, our prince is handsome alright, but the images represent more of the concept from the brand rather than Yong Joon himself. Take a look ......

The World Cup - this is fine cause he is cheering for his country
Face Shop - holding a bouquet?!Arnold Bassini - holding a bouquet again! Hmmm .... I wonder how many times Yong Joon has held a bouquet while shooting a commercial? Some day I have to collect all those pictures and post them, hahaha :)
Honestly, I miss those pictures that Yong Joon had taken especially for us, not for any specific commercial purpose. Remember 2/3 years ago while we were waiting for the filming of TWSSG, Yong Joon would release some of his handsome pictures to quench our thirst? Like these ones that Leslie Kee shot @@ Look at his sensual expression, hehe, make me sweat! And this easy breezy pose :) The BYJ Classic CD - so enchanting! Even his Image Album - I'll take this anytime over those CF shots, at least the concept came from himself. So dear Yong Joon, even if you haven't decided on your next project, maybe you can pose some pictures for us please?
Hehe, but handsome is handsome. As bb said before, there is really no bad pictures of BYJ. So I just have to post these newly released Face Shop pictures, enjoy :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching up ...

Hi Hi sisters ...... my visiting family has just left and I finally have some time to catch up on my BYJ business. Hehe, when I say business, there really are some busy Bae business going on in Japan. You all know that Gosireh Hwa will be opening in Lotte Hotel, Tokyo Kinshicho area on April 6. Sob sob, I bet all tables are booked by now. But I am determined not to miss these next few shows :

Have you heard that the 24 episodes of TWSSG have been re-edited and condensed into 4 chapters? The first chapter is about to be released on April 10, 2 more in May and the last chapter in June. Each movie will run approximately 120 minutes. Hehe, I ran to Toho Cinema the first morning they opened the sale and got myself a booklet of 4 tickets in postcard format.

第1章:千年の愛 (The Thousand Years' Love) - from April 10. The front of ticket for chapter 1.

This is the back of the ticket for chapter 1. Hehe, I only show the ones with Yong Joon's face, ok?

第2章:すれちがいの運命 (The Destiny of Missing Encounter) - from May 8. The front is Kiha and this is the back, can you see our handsome Damdeok? The image is too tiny eh?

第3章:別れのきざし (The Omen of Separation) - from May 22. The front is Sujini.

第4章:かなわぬ想い (The Un-fulfilled Thoughts) - from June 26. The front is Hogae and the back is not even Yong Joon, so I am not posting it here. This is the poster they give out as gift.

I wonder if they will make these 4 chapters into a DVD set for sale later. Just hope that I can make it to all 4 movies before I leave Japan :)

And as if that's not enough to keep us busy, the 3D compact version of the Winter Sonata Anime Event and the Beauty of Korea Event - 'Bae Yong Joon 3D in Tokyo Dome 2009' will be shown from May 22 across Japanese 3D cinemas! Frankly, I have never watched a 3D movie before. Yes Yes I admit, I am not hip and I haven't watched Avatar! I can't wait to experience this and re-live those 2 wonderful days with Yong Joon and the other 45000 sisters :)

a photo album as gift

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yong Joon to waiting family

Hi hi sisters ...... an unknown fan has posted Yong Joon's words to the waiting family in the hotel before going to the hospital. Not sure if it's word by word, please just read the essence.

Posted and translated to Chinese : loveyongjoon / snowkin
tranalated to English : jaime

I am sorry, how should I say it? I do not have any words to express.
Today is supposed to be a happy day, and it turns out to be like this, I am deeply sorry.
I want to have pictures taken with the family who travel from afar, but it turns out this way, I apologize.
I heard that 20 people got injured, some are in more serious conditions.
I am not able to continue the photograph session with the family anymore. Some day, I will find another opportunity to have our family picture taken again, that's what I hope to do.
The condition of the injured family is still not known, I have to visit them in the hospital now.
I am truly sorry, please give me your understanding, thank you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

How fate ties drama into life

Hi hi sisters ...... While I am reading some fans' accounts of Yong Joon's reaction, the scene of 'MinHyung looking so concerned after Yujin got hurt while trying to save him' crossed my mind. I'd like to capture these extracts :

Original from Yellow Angel (http://cafe.daum.net/byjintoronto)
Reposted from xiaoyi’s blog – translated by suehan

Yong Joon, "I’m going to visit the hospital."
Toru (Korean fan) said, "I should have gotten hurt."
The others (moer Korean fans) said too, "I should have gotten hurt."
Joonie said, "I should have gotten hurt."

Original from yuri's blog
Reposted from Quilt / flor
"YJ came to hospital to visit us at 7pm last night.
He held our hands tightly.
His expression is very sad ....."

How fate ties drama into life!

It's all my responsibility.
I am truly sorry, and thank you!
Please rest well.
Besides hoping that the injured have a speedy recovery, we hope that Yong Joon will move on to make something positive out of this experience. He is not only a loving and caring person, he is also a marvellous leader. We can see how swift his management team came out to take care of the injured and handle publicity issues, perhaps they can learn and improve on future tours and events. It will break his fans' hearts (including the injurd sisters) to see him blaming himself and wishing he was the one who got hurt! I just read a motivated post in baidu, allow me to translate and share it with you :

You cannot decide how long you live, but you can decide how full your life is.
You cannot influence the weather, but you can adjust your own mood.
You cannot alter your face, but you can show off your smile.
You cannot control others, but you can take charge of yourself.
You cannot predict about tomorrow, but you can make full use of today.
You cannot force the end result, but you can manage the process.
You cannot ask for everything to go smoothly, but you can try your best at everything you do.
Author : Unknown

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I, what should I do?

My heart is very heavy as I am translating this account of an injured Japanese fan. Please pray for the healthy recovery of everyone who got hurt in this accident. Please especially pray for Yong Joon so he has the strength to deal with this unfortunate incident.

From JOB : hokahoka (3/14/2010)
Japanese to Chinese : loveyongjoon/snowkin
Chinese to English : jaime

I am one of the injured fans. As there may be some misunderstanding, I’d like to tell you about what happened during that accident :

After the 4th group of family had finished taking their pictures, Yong Joon san was still standing in the middle of our crowd. As the wind turned stronger, Yong Joon made a ‘X’ hand signal to stop the picture taking. We were told that the photograph session would be moved indoor, so we proceeded walking towards the hotel. Along the way, words spread that since picture taking has not finished yet, they would attempt to do it again. Didn’t know which way to believe, we lined up once more but then realized almost instantaneously that this was a mistake!

We started running from the open parkland to the direction of the hotel. However the gust became so fierce already, I could hardly move an inch forward and sense the danger. Right at that moment, I was hit by a very strong force on my back and got knocked down to the ground. The stage which was used for the photograph session had collapsed. The staffs were frantically removing the wooden planks, despite the high wind, trying to retrieve me from underneath. I was taken to a waiting ambulance and there were already a few other patients with bleeding down their heads. I later learned after my hospital checkup that these people were injured in the course of saving others. My heart ached and felt very apologetic because they braved the strong winds and caused their faces injured. I thought if I were kept standing at the time, I’d have sustained serious injury.

While I was lying on the stretcher in the hospital, Yong Joon san arrived. He was struck at the sight of me lying there, he held my hands close, his eyes swelled with tears and kept apologizing to me. Then he went around to each injured fan, held their hands and apologized one by one. Lastly, he returned back to me, held my hand and murmured softly, "I, what should I do?" I could only reply, "kenchanayo". He is about the same age as my son. Whenever I think of the young man with his warm loving hands and the burdens he has to carry, my heart aches into million pieces. Fortunately, there is no injury to my bones, I can sit in front of the computer again after I took my medicine. I pray that all the injured will recover quickly and be back to good health. I sincerely hope that the pain in Yong Joon’s heart will be relieved. I am grateful to the staff who protected us and got injured. Thank you to the family who are concerned about our safety.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A freaky mishap

Hi hi sisters ...... So, you've been glued to your computer waiting for any news on how our handsome prince looked today and what he did with the fans? Well, thanks to our diligent sisters like xiaoyi and bb for sharing, we are able to get bits and pieces of info. According to the Japanese fans who attended, they were divided into groups of 10 to view the outdoor filming from the 3rd floor hotel rooms. Silly me, that ship thingy is actually a hotel structure built to look like a cruise ship!

After the filming, 1500 fans again were grouped into 100 each and had their turns taking a 'family' picture with Yong Joon! Wow, lucky lucky fans :) You probably have heard by now that about 28 Japanese fans were injured when the strong wind blew down parts of the filming set. I can imagine the chaos when our helpless Japanese sisters were hit by the debris and the pain our Yong Joon feels for them :(

Yong Joon and CJW later on thanked the fans for attending and apologized about the accident. No wonder Yong Joon and his staffs looked so grim in this picture. Hope everyone will feel better again after he visits the injured sisters in the hospital. Let's wait for happier news soon :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick update

Hi Hi sisters .... just a quick update before I leave to meet cloudnine in Ginza. From yuri's blog (thanks xiaoyi and suehan for their updates), the fans have arrived at the wedding site. I'll just do a quick translation here from Japanese :

They have started filming the wedding rehearsal in the outside. Yonsama is in black tuxedo, white shirt, black necktie, hair in bright tea color, with eyeglasses. Fantastic! Jiwoo san is in a wonderful white wedding dress. Haha, as if this is a real Yong Joon's wedding :) Hopefully a picture or two when I come back, have a nice day!


Hi hi sisters ...... I am so so sorry for making you worried, thank you so muchfor your concerns. Yes, I'm still alive and well, just very busy doing just about err ..... nothing, and everything :) I did manage to sneak in 1 episode of 'Have We Really Loved' each night before I fell asleep. But my dear sisters, let me forewarn you : if you are depressed about not hearing from Yong Joon already, please please do NOT watch HWRL. It will ache your heart even more so watching the pain that Jaeho had to suffer. Then the rest of the night, you will be staring at the ceiling wondering what life is all about and how vulnerable human beings are, sob sob!

Ok ok, enough of my self-pity session. Big and happy day tomorrow! You know what it is, right? The 'mystery' filming of that ending scene in the final episode of WS Anime! I know my lucky Japanese sister Happychan is on her way to Seoul already, lucky lucky her, get to see the handsome prince in person tomorrow :)

Well, even though it's supposed to be a mystery, we sort of know that filming will take place at the Suncruise Resort, outside of Seoul. And JunSang and Yujin will have a wedding ceremony on the luxury liner. Hehe, that liner looks like it's sitting on the top of the hill, like Noah's Ark?!

Just wondering what our handsome prince is thinking tonight? Is he excited since he will be filming before 1200 of his 'family'? This will be like a mini fan meeting, I hope they will release some pictures of how he looks tomorrow. Anticipating :)