Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Face Shop

Hi Hi .... it's all clear now why he has been frequenting the dermatologist and salon so religiously, the handsome one is the new model for Face Shop! I understand Face Shop has its own retail stores as well as the 'self serve' shelves in drugstores. Not exactly the high end skin care line that you associate with Yong Joon's noble image. Like princess said, Face Shop may be introducing a new line or want to use Yong Joon to boost up their image. Face Shop is so smart to sign Yong Joon as their model, it's almost a guarantee that sales will skyrocket when his CF comes out. Look at this gorgeous face, what a waste not to be used for skin care advertising .....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Days of innocence

Hi Hi dear sisters ......I found these precious pictures of our prince during his debut in 'Love Greetings'. He was just 22 years old, looked and acted exactly like his age - young and innocent. 14 years has passed, but you can still see that purity and determination on his face.

His 'Club Monaco' sweater is a Canadian brand. Did he get it from his Montreal trip or a Canadian fan?
He was already studying his script, exercising, exhausted from filming ..... (sorry for the small size, pls click on the picture to expand)

Hahaha, funny that you can almost substitute the same shots now, but with AS and TWSSG.

Now 1995, he looked a bit more used to the camera and started to pose

Must be filming 'Sunny Place of the Young' then

Hehe, he already liked to put his hands near his beautiful chin :)
Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sky Aquarium

Hi Hi ...... so, our handsome prince didn't show up at KSW's wedding, eh? I was kind of expecting that he'd go since he's not in the middle of shooting a project. Hehe but what do I know, he must have his own reason. If he does everything as we expect, then he is not Bae Yong Joon anymore, right? Thanks princess for giving us a live report on the parade of stars, it's still rare to see so many big shots like JDG, LBH, SSH, JWS in a single place. Since Mr. Handsome decided to lay low and there's no new pictures of HRH to post. I'll share a very beautiful exhibition that I went to with you, hope you'll enjoy ......

Last week, we met up with an overseas visitor for dinner. Since we only had one evening, so I thought the quickest way to show her all of Tokyo was, where else? from the sky! Hehe, I am no Donald Trump, and I don't have a helicopter to take her for a spin :) So we went to the top of Mori Tower to get a panoramic view of the beautiful Tokyo night. Mori Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo - 54 storeys high and yes, this is high considering Japan is an earthquake zone.

The stunning Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge afar .....

There happened to be a Sky Aquarium exhibition going on. I wasn't really keen at first, to me aquarium is just fishes in a water tank, simple as that. Being a fish lover, 2 dishes immediately came to my mind - sashimi and steamed fish, yum yum :) Funny that was 10 pm on a weeknight, but the crowd in the aquarium was still elbow to elbow! I thought now that's Tokyo, forever alive and bustling!

The entrance is a few wide steps of 'lit up' aquariums. Ok, quite an elegant introduction so far ....

Did I walk into a nightclub? What's with the dim light and music?

The crystal lighting changed from pretty pink to romantic purple to mysterious blue, it just overwhelmed me @@

See the 2 small sharks under the purple light, wonder if they are dancing too?

Fishes in glass containers of different shapes and sizes, real cute!

I didn't even want to leave this room, another look before we left this beautiful display

Something even more spectacular is behind these columns and waterfall, notice the little fishes in the fountain?

I felt like I were swimming under the sea or maybe walking on the moon?

This GIANT crystal ball was revolving with water streaming down the sides! Do you see the hundreds of tiny fishes inside?

These are some more very creative design of aquariums, nice enough to be installed at home

A huge glass screen filled with water and fishes, cast with shadows of plants and ripples

Fresh flowers sticks out from tubes in the aquarium - an objet d'art!

Hehe, I got to show you some corals and fishes just to show you these are indeed aquariums, otherwise you'd really think that I ate up all the fishes, slurp slurp!

This Sky Aquarium exhibition has absolutely taken my breath away. It's the creativity and technological innovation of these aquarium's designs, married with the natural beauty and fluidity of sea lives that produced such a spectacular display under the glorious backdrop of Tokyo nightline. I hope you enjoy this wonderful tour as much as I did. Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 26, 2008

April Snow Revisited

Hi Hi ....... It was the latest work of Yong Joon when I first knew about him. It was the most translated reviews on a movie that I've ever read (thanks to our dear camille). It's also the movie that gosijo and I have missed watching in the Toronto Film Festival. Yes, it's our beautiful ''April Snow'! So when cloudnine told me a couple of weeks ago that April Snow would be shown on big screen again, I had been counting down to meeting a gigantic Insoo in front of me ........

'April Snow' was a spectacular and memorable event in Japan when it was shown in 2005. I've heard that some dear Japanese sisters have watched it over 50 times in the cinema, talk about support for our prince! I met up with cloudnine, her friend and Olivia, and I guess I was the only one who thought this was a BIG deal (so embarassing:) For the past 2 weeks, Cinemart has been showing all Korean movies. See the billboard?

Since April Snow is 3 years old already, this time there is 1 showing per day in Cinemart. We could only find a small
poster outside the theater.

Oh Oh, did I mention that they were showing the Director's Cut? We could see that last scene of Insoo in the bed with his wife @@ And dear camille and gosijo, I thought about both of you and wish you were there to watch together with us :)

Remember he got up from bed after their first time in the hotel. Seoyoung asked him if he had a good sleep. He answered in the softeste, gentlest, deepest, sexiest voice "Nee!". It practically melts me, that "nee" has forever stayed in my mind and my heart.

There is a souvenir shop in the cinema selling all kinds of Korean drama and Hallyu magazines

Olivia spotted these TWSSG puzzles - comes in 300, 500 and 1000 pieces! Hahaha, I think it's a great past time during those non-Damdeok's scenes when you are watching TWSSG, what do u think?

Hehe, these fans make me hotter with him waving at me :)

There were actually about 150 fans there, filling over half of the theater. I wonder if it's because there was not much publicity on it. Anyway, I was reminded of the 'short haired' days of Yong Joon. Insoo is mature, simple, quiet yet so attractive. Yong Joon amazed me all over again on how he could look like a whole different person in different roles.

After the movie, cloudnine took us to this famous udon shop. We sat in the tatami room at the back and they brought us these HUGE bowls of udon!! Trust me, it's really really humongous! We were laughing and put our faces over the bowl to have a steam facial :) Oh, the soup and the fried bean cake, and the udon too were sooooooooo oishii!

Hahaha, don't believe me? Just to show you the size of the udon bowl relative to a person. Gigantic, eh?

Thanks cloudnine, masako, olivia, (sorry, forgot the name of the other sister again) for a lovely day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TWSSG Jewellery II

Hi Hi my dear sisters ...... Thank you for looking at the first set of accessories that was posted a few days ago. Eventhough we love Damdeok and Sujini, but they have relatively simpler costumes than other characters. Hehe, my explanation is they are gorgeous enough and accessories just would not serve much purpose around their beautiful faces anyway :) Here is the next set from Kiha, please enjoy ......

Actually I'm not sure if this ribbon was Damdeok's or Kiha's??l

Remember how cute and curious our handsome prince was?

I never knew Kiha had so many hair ornaments in this scene @@

These hairpins in the next few pictures are so pretty ~(*o*)~

This 'tree branch' thingy is the one that really caught my attention and I felt so sad for Kiha's fate at the end, sob sob!

source from BYJ Gallery - daum 공예카페 난뎡님
collected and posted by style, thank you so much!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lucky hydrangea

Hi Hi sisters ...... found this from xiaoyi's blog, thanks xiaoyi. Remember his early morning tour to Kamakura back in June? His knee was probably hurting but still he walked like a King!

Will your heart stop when this man is walking towards you on a hydrangea-lined path in a historic temple? ~@@~

Yes, I would think that my prayer has just been answered! Wouldn't you? ~(^o^)~

Um Hmmm almost, if only they could also make that huge Mr. Shin behind him disappear, hehe :)

Well, technically he's walking towards me, right??

In real fact, he had his eyes set on those blossoming bouquets of bluish-pinkish-purplish hydrangea!! ~(*^*)~

He aimed at his target .....
He took the shot ......

He checked ..... "hehe Yong Joon, how about a close up shot?"

"Argh ..... so right!", he adjusted .....

No no no, I meant me, not the flowers! ......
Sigh, lucky lucky hydrangea!!

For the actual video :

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