Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too cute to miss

Hi hi sisters ..... long time no 'talk'! Things are getting busy (hehe at least mentally) here as we are wrapping our lives up in Tokyo. Haha, that doesn't mean I have forgotten about Yong Joon and our sisters. I went to quite a few Yong Joon events like the Tokyo Dome 3D movie, Gosireh Hwa in Lotte Hotel, and my farewell party at Gosireh proper. Will try to write about them before I leave, hehe the keyword here is 'try' but I think you can understand :)

Anyway, you must have seen his Megane Ichiba CFs already. I found some captures of him making his ever-so-cute pouty lips! Makes me want to poke his cheeks, hehe :) You think he's getting a bit tired or bored when he did this? Please enjoy!

Another cute one @@ Thanks to flare - cafe.daum.net/byjgallery


annacronism said...

Hi, sister Jaime.
How adorable are these pics of our Charming Prince?
Dear, I know you are sad to be leaving Japan and all its beauty and culture. Does that mean you are going back to Canada? I am asking, because if you are we will be in neighboring countries,again, which I think is nice.
Have a safe move, and if we don't hear from you, just know my prayers are with you all along your journey. God speed!

Hyds said...

Hey Jaime!! It's been a while. It must be quite stressful getting all your things packed but take it easy. Looking forward on your thoughts on that party. As for now, take care. Love lots, Hyds

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

I was so very happy to see such a healthy and vigorous YJ in the new CF, and was amazed by how he could jump several steps at a time, and run for more than 30 times without panting! I bet most people couldn’t do it at their 20’s.

Thanks for “talking” to us when you are as busy as right now. I was thinking of your big farewell the other day and thought it must be hard. I am glad to see the familiar happy and optimistic Jaime here in this post. Although it will be a bit heart wrenching, I wish you a cheerful warm goodbye as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Busy, busy as a bee! Wish we can help in the packing so you can de-stress a bit. Just take it easy and everything will be alright. Our prayers are always with you and stay safe and healthy.


jaime said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your well wishes, you are really kind. Japan is great and Canada is home (hehe, to my son at least :) Yes, I will be so much 'closer' to my American sisters. Please take care!

love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

It's nice to hear from you again. Hope things are getting better. Yes, this is major stress, but surprisingly I am unusually calm outside. I know I have many issues to worry about here and back home. But I hope as long as I have my family and health with me, I can stay optimistic and deal with it.

Please take care, ok?
love .... jaime

karen said...

hi hi Jaime,

I am sure u going to miss Japan n all baesis there...hahaha..n hope u will come back to Asia soon !!
Wish u hv a safe journey back to Canada n home sweet home !!
Looking forward for your posting back in Canada n pls take care sis !!

Hugs Hugs~~

jaime said...

Dear Yudi,

So nice to hear from you dear. I agree with you, our handsome prince is really 'fit'. Yeah, most people will be panting after a few runs :)

Any vacation plan as summer holidays are coming up? How I wish you were living in Toronto! Thanks to Yong Joon and you dear sisters, I hope to keep my spirit up. Please take care.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

dear chinggu,

I know you mean it when you said you want to help me pack. Haha, wouldn't it be fun when we go through the BYJ stuffs together? We will spend hours drooling over his handsome face and will never get the packing finished! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart and your prayer. Have a happy day ahead!

love .... jaime

monica said...

Dear Jaime,
It is good to see you"talk" again .
Everyday I visit your blog and very happy to read your update.

Our prince is still as handsome as ever.
End of June I will go to Seoul.
And try to drop by to Tokyo, but I guess you have already gone home to Canada.

In any case, can I have your email address,
So I can send email to you.

Love your writing style, as always.


jaime said...

Hi Monica,

Thank you for dropping here everyday, I am truly touched (and embarassed for not having the time to blog). Nice to hear that you are coming here in June, yes, pity that I am leaving soon. My BYJ email address is jaimezbyj@yahoo.com, please excuse my late reply as I don;t sign on there regularly.

Hope you have a great time in Tokyo and Korea.

cheers .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi HI Karen,

Nice to hear from you again. Sorry being MIA for so long. Yes, I will visit Asia as often as I can, but I really dread the long flying hours :) Please take care too, ok?

love .... Jaime