Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sakura 2011

Hi hi sisters ...... Amid all the grim news in the past weeks, cloudnine reminded me that Sakura is in full bloom in Tokyo. Thanks cloudnine for sending me this picture :)

I'll add a few more here .... BEWARE, looking at Sakura can become addictive! (hehe, pretty much like looking at our handsome prince :)
pictures are reposted from,, respectively, hope you enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a relatively new BYJ fan (only since late 2007 when TWSSG was shown in my country) but I've been lurking around BYJ fan-blog sites and am quite drawn to your elegant and "serene" writing. The cherry blossom photos are simply beautiful, a reminder of the fragile cycle of life. May the people of Japan find some comfort & hope in the beauty of these blooms that nature blessed their country with.


jaime said...

Hi Guapa,

Welcome to my little home! Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it.

Damdeok in TWSSG is a strong yet tender character. BYJ is brilliant portraying this role. Have you watched his other dramas like Winter Sonata?

Yes, Sakura only blossoms for about 10 days a year, which makes it especially precious and beautiful.

cheers ..... jaime

Anonymous said...

Yes Jaime I did, I worked my way through his films/drama in reverse!I'm trying to get a copy of Have We Really Loved through an all asia DVD site which my indulgent husband found for me! I guess he took pity because I could not find it in yesasia and in the Korean stores in LA when I visited there last summer. BYJ must have found the fountain of youth, he doesn't seem to have aged at all and looks even more young-looking and handsome now! Thank you for the welcome!:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

In this season,since sakura trees are here and there also in my town, you know ,every school and most parks have sakura,and they are in full bloom now and so beautiful.

I'm really happy to hear that you still do odori. You konw, I don't know why the interest in odori of mine would never been less since I started.
I have a one-to-one lesson every week and every 3 weeks or so I finish 1 dance which is about 10 miniutes long. Now I'm learning "Ukare hyotan 浮かれひょうたん"(In high spirits with the gourd which has sake).

Love Yoko

Hyds said...

Dear Jaime,
How are you? They are so beautiful. Mine cherry just flowered recently. I'm so glad they have come back really well. I hope everything's fine with you. Take care.

jaime said...

Hi Yoko,

You must be a very good and fast learner. Only 3 weeks for a 10 minutes dance! My lessons are at a much slower pace, which is just right and I don;t feel much pressure :) Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Ganbatte ne!

cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear hyds,

Thanks for dropping by and nice to hear from you. I am sure you have taken beautiful pictures of the cherry blossoms. My best regards to your little prince and family!

love ... jaime