Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dry spell

Hi hi sisters ....... it really has not been easy for fan sites' administrators and us bloggers lately : the Japanese sisters call this the 'Ice Age', I call it the 'Dry Spell'. Basically, other than the rare sightings of him going to restaurants and salon, or the occasional mentioning of him in people's twitters (thanks to the diligent effort of suehan), there is no concrete news, no project plans; nothing for us fans to even have a faint hope of seeing our handsome man in any artistic capacity, sob sob :(

But come to think of it, everything has its own time and its own course. I remember when I knew about Yong Joon back in 2005, he is already the top Hallyu star in Asia. Everywhere he went in Korea, Japan and even the US, he was swamped by adoring fans, curious onlookers and security guards. He even expressed that he was quite affected by this lack of freedom and privacy. With him fading gradually from the limelight after TWSSG, he had the chance to pursue his dreams like the 'Beauty of Korea' and 'Dream High'. This long period of absence from his fans not only gives Yong Joon the time to recover from his neck injury, it also gives him his deserved space to live a 'normal' life, doing what average people do like going out for coffee or taking a Sunday drive (hehe of course, his Sunday drive is in his flashy Ferrari :) Whether his long absence is pre-planned or not, the BIG question now is : When will he come back?

Hehe, as I said, there is really nothing to report on. So, I just post some letter arts that Japanese sister Conan created, thanks!


Yee said...

Dear Lady,

That picture by the window makes me think of him as a business man or an executive, killing his time while waiting for an appointment.
Even though I am happy for him living in somewhat normal life, I miss seeing him acting as a different character. I am still hoping to see him remake that Japanese movie "Shall we dance".
Hope everything is well on your end.


jaime said...

Hi Yee,

yeah, he is more like a business man now than an actor, that's why I picked this picture. hehe besides, he looked dashing in his suit @@ Me too, I really hope he does not just stop acting.

Please take care!
love ... jaime

Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!! We seem to be getting used to famine or feast in Baeland. The good thing is we all hibernate then come back in shape (I hope anyway). I agree that it's hard but I suppose this will also gives us a chance to diversify as what YJssi is probably doing or planning..but there's always hope. I just wish him all the best of health and happiness. :-)

jaime said...

Hi Hyds ..... hehe, I agree with you, I am enjoying other K-dramas now