Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In 4 years ...

Hi Hi sisters .... our princess has blogged earlier about a Keyeast announcement that the plan is Yong Joon will begin shooting 'Drop of God' in late 2010, implying airing could be in late 2011 – so this may very well be a 4 years’ wait after TWSSG airing. This thought suddenly pops up, just for fun, I’ve come up with a list of what can happen in 4 years :

In the grand scheme of things
- the Earth revolves around the Sun for 4 times
- 1 term of US presidency
- 1 summer and 1 winter Olympic Games
- construction of the world’s tallest building Burj Dubai

Personal achievements
- complete an university undergraduate degree
- meet someone, propose, marry and divorce
- give birth to 3 bouncing babies (consecutively)
- move to a new country, have a life-altering experience and return home

For our prince
- became a Tourism ambassador, received a cultural medal, wrote a book and looking younger and younger

For his fans
- gains 40 pounds, wrinkles and white hair multiply 4-folds, neck grows 4 times longer

The consolation is
- the recession will be over by then!
Gambatte, Yong Joon and kazoku :)

picture from Quilt by Joanne (original from BOFi)


jenny said...

Dear sis jaime

I am actually feeling very boring in the office suddenly your write up make me wake up and laugh all the way while writing this to you.

Absolutely agreed with what you write. He think faster than us, he don't want us to be so broke during this difficult time. Therefore he suddently put a brake and not drive too fast. If not we can't follow him lol. He he he he

Eh you did not rest your mind when come to things on our prince yah. Give you a big hug.



jaime said...

Dear jenny,

I am so hoping to see your comment. I happened to glance at myoce's chatbox today. Don't want to be nosy, but are you ok? I thought you are resting, but you write to me from the office? Hope everything is fine with you.

Hehe, I am so bad, really s/b resting, I am so dizzy now. Please take care!

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

Wow! sooooo many things will happen in 4 yrs. time. I believe that my weighty weight will hit more than just around 80 lbs. and more than 24 botox-ES before "Drops of God" to air!!!!!

No fair!!!! I demand for a recession priced dermatologist(something like a pocket-friendly doc!) to do all my overhauling or HRH will have to make-do with what he caused to make me look like that(even at this early! hahahahahah!).

Thanx so much Chinggu to brighten my early evening and that could mena you are getting better-ER!!

Take care & love,

jaime said...

Hehehe dear chinggu,

if you don't mind, I will gladly be your dermatologist (sneaky grin:) I can do it for free, but I can't guarantee the result. Are you sure you want your biggest HRH rival to mess with your pretty face? Please take care!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Heheheheh, back at yah, Chinggu! would you allow a certified Freddie Krueger move-alike(as in every aspect) to be my look-out when you practice your dermatological skills on me? ;)Bwahahahhaaha!

So nice to read that our "battle" hasn't faded after all these years and please keep up that positive outlook and humor that we all love you for!

Love yah!

jenny said...

Hi Jaime

I will be doing my minor surgery this afternoon. Don't worry is a minor one. Is will be ok. Thanks a lot for your concern.

Will let know my progress later. Hope I can surf the net soonest possible for our prince news.

You too take good rest. Health is important.



chakachan said...

helloo ms. jaime,
it's fine with me if i have to wait for a BYJ drama for 4 whole years..as much as I would love to see him, i know that this won't always be the case. I am happy though, that he's achieve so much ( and still will achieve more in 4 years), i too, am looking forward to what i can achieve as well. It's like a give and take process..isn't it? We,Baesisters, would always be supportive of him no matter how long and how hard the wait is!!! aja aja...

god bless..take care!!

jaime said...

HI Jenny,

I hope everything goes well this afternoon. Please have a good rest, stitches take time to close. I'll be praying for you, please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Ms chakachan,

You have the right spirit! He works hard on his life and we work hard on ours, until we see him in the new drama again 2011! Have a nice day!

love .. jaime

flowerbossa said...

Oh jaime-san,

You are really too much~!
I will HAVE to share this with wuri Japanese kajok!

I know you are still fighting your symptoms, but if you are interested in attending the lecture at Gajoen, please let me know. There's still room so don't worry.

Take care^^


Wing said...

Dear Jaime:
I really like the way you put things - marrying our thoughts about our prince with everyday things...it sure does make it lighthearted!
Yon (as in Yonsama) is FOUR in Japanese too! :)

Hope your days are filled with sunshine and good thoughts.

Take Care,

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

If you don't mind me being too silly, thank you for translating this for our Nihon no kazoku.

Really?? I would not dare to dream I could attend Mr. Jeon's lecture as I thought I will waste a space. But if there are still seats, I am really going to consider it seriously as I love to look at his lacquer art and inlaid work again. Thanks for helping me, I will email you.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Wing,

Thank you for kind wishes! Hehe, you are right, Yon is four in Nihongo. So maybe Yonsama s/b be called Yon-nen-sama, meaning Mr. Four-Years :) Please take care!

love ... jaime

Yee said...

Dear lady,

Hope you feel better soon. From my experience, it will take time. So be patient and be good to your dear body, do not push yourself too much.
Just do things (something light) that you enjoy ...

P.S. Can I suggest one medicine to feel better?? watch WGM, Joong-Bo cuts. ^^

jenny said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for your prayers, I am back to work and on the way of recovery. The surgery did not incurred any stitches ( layer type ) therefore not much painful. I saw you in soompi just now. How are your dizziness ? Be patient, it take time. Have a nice weekend.

Take care


jaime said...

Dear Yee,

Thank you for your advice. I will try to remember to take it easy, but my heart wants to do so much :(
Hehe, you are a Joonbo fan too, glad you are enjoying the Yong Joon downtime. Have fun!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Jenny,

So happy to hear that you were back to work, it means you are (sort of) back to normal? Thanks for letting me know, please try to use this weekend to rest. I am sure you will be back to your wonderful health next week. Please take care!

love .... jaime

p.s. I have ups and downs with my dizziness and pain, today is pretty bad. Will know my MRI result Monday. hope the doctor can find the problem. thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jaime
How are you?it's out off topic but I need your help I have a webpage and I wanted it to be on google search engine how do I do that?please let me know, thank you girl.Hope you are enjoying the weekends.

jaime said...

Hi Newbie,

I hope I understand your question right. If you have a public website (just like Quilt or my blog), I think if you google the site's name, it will show up the google search. Is that what you are asking? Hehe sorry, I am not a technical guru at all. Have you tested it on google?

love ... jaime

myoce said...

Hi Jaime,

So happy to see your post and it's very interesting when we think about it. I think it leads me to ask my self : "What have YOU done in ....years ?" Oh wow...now that's my wake up call !

I'll have to tear myself away from the computer and DO something to do me proud...cos that's what BYJ's doing.

Keep up your great spirit !
Love, myoce

bb said...

maybe i can help with newbie's question.

actually most search engines portals (like google, yahoo homepage, etc) function differently. for google (which is what most people are using now anyway) has a 'robot' that will crawl all the web pages. if you've a byj blog and you want it to be 'recognized' by the 'robot' as a byj site, then you will have to BYJ or Bae Yong joon on your web page. the more times it appears, the chances of it being ranked higher.

the other way to make your site rank higher is to work on this thing called page rank. basically all sites have a page ranking of between 1 to 10, ranked by google. everyone starts with a 10, but your page rank can go up if you're linked to a site with a higher page rank than you.

for instance, i may start with 1... but if two other bae sites with a higher page rank link my site to them, then i will get a better page rank, and therefore my site will have a higher chance of appearing first amidst the pages and pages of search results.

the other thing to help improve the order of the appearance of your site in search results is through meta tags. you will have to add meta tags to the template of your blog or the HTML codes of your website. for instance, if yours is a bae blog, you will want to add key words like BYJ, Bae Yong Joon, Winter Sonata, TWSSG, yonsama... into your meta tags, so that when people search for these key words, your site will appear even if your entire web page doesn't have any entry with these words.

but if you're not doing this commercially or competitively, but just want to be included in google's search results, then you don't have to do anything. there're millions of blogs and sites in the world, and the robot may take a few weeks before 'registering' your blog or site. in time, you will be included.

but the more you blog, and the higher the relevance of your contents, the higher in the search results your URL will appear.

as for other search engine portals like yahoo, i believe you can submit your URLs. i can't be sure about it though, i've only heard about it, but i've never checked it out or done it, since i only blog for fun, and not for site traffic.

jaime said...

Wow my dear princess,

I know I don't call you princess for nothing. You truly impressed me! But then I shouldn't be surprised cause you helped me a lot in the past. I learn so much from you, arigato gozaimashita!

Hi newbie .... this is a wonderful explanation from bb, isn't it? Sorry I couldn't help, good luck with your site! tell us when it's ready, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear myoce,

I wish I were as disciplined as you, it sounds like you already have some big plans in mind, right? :)

I restrain from looking at the computer but it's so hard to tear myself away from our handsome prince. 3.5 years already and I still jump up & down seeing his beautiful face and warm smile, otteke? hehe, maybe it's a blessing in disguise that he is taking it slow. Good luck with everything you do!

love ... jaime

bb said...

well, i can only say i store alot of useless and super-random info in my head :p

myoce said...

Dearest Jaime,

Ha ha ha...you've credited me too much gumption ! I will not be able to do any tearing away from BYJ, my addiction is too terrible.

But I'm trying to find away of improving myself and doing some good at the same time...and maybe tip the balance a little bit ...
[ I'm hoping the activities will tear me from the computer !! ].

Weakling myoce

abebeshop said...

Hello Ladies!
Thanks BB,actually it's not a byj blog,,ooppss,more of a business thingy,,,I wanted to get to google search engine but having a really hard time.I guess I'll have to try more ways...I already put metatag but still nothing on google...By the way love the white coat on BYJ's the cosmo is like a breath of fresh sunny air love it!!!!!!