Friday, April 17, 2009

Kick the Habit

Hi Hi ..... ok ladies, we only have this one teensy weensy picture since how-many months from HRH, of course we are not just going to leave it like that. We have to scruntize it from top to bottom, and then back from bottom to top, right? Thanks to bb, josefine and hyds, we all know now his cool pointy shoes are LV. I always wonder who would splurge on $1000 pair of shoes and brush them against dirty concrete pavement? Now I know :) Hehe of course, HRH does not have to go up and down the subway everyday, elbowing with thousands of people, stepping on each other's toes like me!

Apparently this is not the first pointy number he wears. Here's another pointy shoes he wore at the April Snow's Japan press conference in 2005

and he loves pointy cowboy boots too

Next comes that controversial pair of ribbed jeans. This slim look is really very hip as many trendy young men in Tokyo also go for tight jeans. I guess it's HOW torn and tight this pair of jeans are! Well, the campaign did say 'Kick the Habit', so maybe the message will come across stronger if these celebrities do not present their usual image to the public. What surprised me is not the jeans, it's actually how slim HRH's royal legs are! I always thought Yong Joon has strong muscular legs, especially after his Image training. Hehe, please don't get me wrong, if my elephant legs can turn into toothpicks like these, even I don't mind wearing those jeans. Allow me to refresh your memory, breathe easy, huh? Have a great weekend!


gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

I read in yesterday's comments what you shared about mothers not really having the time to be sick. So true.

Still, that may be an unreasonable expectation on everyone's part. I'm sure our loved ones understand our need to focus on our health, especially when issues crop up. They will manage somehow while we take the time necessary to get better. It may appear challenging for them at first to take on some of the things we do for them but with challenge comes growth. The best we can do is trust them to learn, yes?

On another topic, I too noticed a new slimness in our dear YJ's legs. It seems to date back to close to a year ago when we first saw him in the outfit he later wore when sightseeing in Japan in June. Maybe it's just the style of the pants.

BTW, what "habit" are we supposed to kick with this campaign?

vegas said...

My Dear Lady Jaime!

I'm very happy to read your posts. It lets me know you are well. Of course, L@@King at these gorgeous pictures makes the heart go thump thump...thump thump...

Count me in as a wife/mom who also cannot afford to get sick...yet I am only human. We have to take care of ourselves!! I've "trained" my "boys" to fend for themselves. But I still have to LOL when my teenage son stands before me, mouth wide open and says "feed me" in that childish voice.

It's nice to see new pics of HRH - aahh. Can't wait for more..

In the meantime, continue to rest and take good care of YOU!

hugs and happy weekend to all!!

Hyds said...

Hello Jaime,
Uhmm, shoes and sexy body parts.mhhh this post makes me blush hehehe have a lovely weekend.

jaime said...

Hi Hi gosijo,

Yes, I guess I have to trust them enough, cannot underestimate the survival power of these young men eh?

Yes, when Yong Joon toured Yokohama and Kamakura, he was wearing a pair of fitted jeans too. Hehe, it's just not as avant garde as this one :)

Btw, 'Kick the Habit' is the Korean campaign spearheaded by UN for environmental protection to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. There are 14 artists from BOF who took part in this photograph session. I guess that's why Yong joon is so enthusiastic about this event. Have a great weekend!

love ,.. jaime

jaime said...

Hehe my dear Lady Vegas,

I can totally relate to you. When my hubby still asks where the plates and cutleries are stored after so many years of marriage, I know either I don't feed them enough or I've pampered them too much! Hehe, your son is so cute, I guess mommy will always be mommy, these boys still act like babies sometimes. Thanks for dropping by, have a great weekend!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

I know looking at his muscular and sexy thighs is very detrimental to my health. I should not have taken this risk, naughty me :) Have a great weekend, hope your hubby will get better soon under your loving care!

love ... jaime

chakachan said...

hi dear ms. jaime,
you forgot another great can find the COSMO MEN cover on ms. liezle's blog...he's soo yummy there!!! he's just beautiful...i don't know..maybe i appreciate him alot more nowdays because i haven't seen him around and because I am getting older!! ha ha ha ha..(love the last picture!!! why do you always stir up my imagination??..oh ms. jaime!!).
ms. jaime and to all my baesisters...take care of yourselves...try not to get sick or eat soo much on a hot weather. I got food poisoning this past was rough!! soo..take care u all!!

Anonymous said...

Hi gosijo,

I checked bofi's special page for Cosmopolitan and found that 'kick the habit' is translated as 'change our habits for the earth', here they mean 'not eco-friendly habits'. I strongly recommend (especially to North Americans) to always bring hand towels or hand handkerchieves with you, so that you don't waste the paper towels at washing rooms.

Spring is just around the corner in Toront, right? Have a nice weekend!

cloud nine

Wing said...

Dear Jaime...thank you for your post. I miss seeing and hearing updates on our prince :)
Leave it to you to bring a smile to my face...I hope you are feeling a bit better..Your previous posts on your health saddened me; i hope you are feeling better.
Take Care,

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

sorry to hear about your food poisoning, I hope you are fine now. Leizle maintains such a wonderful blog with all of Yong Joon's info and more. Have you checked out soompi BYJ thread that she and many sisters who contribute to it? It's very exciting there. Hehe, I'll save the cosmo cover later :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi cloudnine,

yes, the handkerchief is something I picked up here in Japan and I just love having pretty hankie in my purse now, such a feminine touch :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Wing,

sorry to make you worry about me. I will try to slow down and not push myself so hard. It's tough when I only have a limited time here in Japan, I want to learn everything. Thanks for caring and writing me a comment. Please take care!

love .. jaime

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime and cloud nine,

Thank you both for answering my question. Yes, we should all re-examine our habits and change many to be more eco-friendly.

As for spring in Toronto, we are close after a lovely week of sunshine. I think it will be only two more weeks before the sakura (or is it "sakuras" in the plural?) are in full bloom in High Park.

However, we have a cool week ahead. Tomorrow's high is only forecasted to be 7 degrees!