Friday, June 12, 2009

Masuya Unagi

Hi dear sisters ...... remember this autograph that Yong Joon left for Masuya (a grilled eel restaurant) when he was in Japan this March? Hehe, I was lucky that cloudnine and some sisters have invited me to join them for a Yonsama 'eel' trip last week, how could I resist?

Masuya is a traditional grilled eel shop (dear cloudnine, is it 120 years old?) located in Saitama, the prefecture north of Tokyo.

Ha, the door is mirrored, almost included myself in the shot!

Behind those doors, there are narrow winding tree-lined paths (imagine in the midst of a city)

leading to many secluded tatami dining rooms

Hehe of course, we have the biggest and the best of all. Um hm, I stand corrected ...... it's actually Yonsama who had the biggest and best of all!

Passing the charming arched bridge and running pond, this is the genkan (foyer).

Well, this time is a lot easier. There were only about 5 pairs of slippers, as compared to over 100 in Meguro Gajoen, I could have slipped my feet into all of them! Hehe of course I didn't do that, there were a few sisters this time whom I am not familiar with. I had to behave myself :)

This is a big room, I read Yong Joon came with 12 people.

Haha, the significance of this picture is : Yonsama's royal throne was to the right of this waitress! Our sisters were so kind and kept asking me to sit there for a picture :)

We have the same meal set as Yonsama. The appetizers are eel bone (crisp like a cracker and loaded with calcium), unagi salad (very tasty) and Koi sashimi (I think princess' bestest GF's BF is going to chase us with an axe :)

Our main course : BBQ eel with rice, sooooooo good that it melts in your mouth! I read that eel is low in calories, high in protien, rich in vitamin A and is very healthy for your body.

Our lunch was topped off with light fresh fruit, very refreshing in the summer.

Hehe you know every outing with Bae sisters is not complete without an afternoon tea/coffee delight. This time our sisters took us to an old Japanese tea house, just the thought of something 'old Japanese', I was so excited already! I am weird, am I?

This is an old farmhouse in a forest-like setting, very rustic. The interior is equally nature-inspired, but I couldn't take pictures inside because there were a lot of customers.

This is sencha (roasted tea) and Japanese sweet set.

I ordered this gyokuro (jade dew), the highest grade tea, that's why it's so little and they didn't give me any sweet. I think you are supposed to enjoy the pure taste of this very precious tea. Honestly, my tongue, throat and stomach felt so sweet and warm after just drinking a few drops!

Hehe, look at this very cute hot water pot that you can do your refill :)

It was such a pleasant day, tenoshikatta desu ne! All because of Yonsama, gosh, I miss him!


gosijo said...

My dear Jaime,

Here's another one (or two) for the growing list of "things to do, places to go eat" in Japan. Thank you yet again for sharing your thoughts and impressions, your pictures and comments.

Hyds said...

Dearest Jaime,
Thank you for sharing what looked like a very good experience.'re postings really make me want to see Japan and it's wonderful culture. That's another reason. I should have looked for Japan stopover this year not Hongkong but saying that it's probably not the right time yet. I have another Japanese Baefriend whom I'd love to meet.
Anyhow, thank you very much for sharing about this lovely place. Gosijo is right.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bae Ladies,

I would love to visit Japan...And maybe would love to meet you guys in person.Jaime I would love to see you and cloudnine and other Bae siters if not in person maybe you can post a group pictures here.It's nice to see a real face not just a name......

Don't you missed Yong Joon I know we shd. give him his space but I just missed him.....

What can we do?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime and sisters,

Jaime you really understand how to enjoy Gyokuro tea, which is recommende to enjoy with less hot water and to the very last drop.

You know in a Japanese calender there are special days, called Doyo no Ushi no hi (usually twice) during midsummer when you are recommended to eat eel to survive the heat.

Gosijo, I've added Masuya to your itinerary.

cloud nine

英英 said...

Hi Jaime。


Ms Cloudnine translated your blog in Japanese. So i can read and enjoy your entry!
You seem to enjoied UNAGI with chatting about BYJ!

See you again!

gosijo said...

Dear cloud nine,

I read your warm comment minutes after showing Jaime's post (selected pictures, ahem!) to my hubby. His mouth is already watering.

Jaime's descrition of the jade dew tea is making me really keen to try it.

bb said...

hee, i read that eel is also good for something else (esp for men)... :p

and... yea, when cloudnine told me about the koi sashimi, i almost-immediately texted my best-est gf about it... haha, i didn't even know one could eat koi sashimi!! and yea, he nearly flipped!!

p.s. love sencha too! and love japanese sweets too!

p.p.s. oh, aug/sep is nearing! and tokyo, here i come!

p.p.p.s. thanks much much for sharing!

jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

Yes, if you and your hubby like unagi, then you must try it in Japan. Soon, right? This one in Masuya is much better than what we had in Kawagoe. Hehe, our dear cloudnine is so diligent in keeping a list for you :)

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

I must tempt you by saying that I have not even described 1% of the wonderful things in Japan. I'd recommend making Japan a destination next time and stay for at least a week or 2. There are too many things to experience, and a stopover is not enough. So, please feel happy about your choice of Hong Kong, I love the stunning night view of Victoria Harbour! when are you going?

btw, just a guess, is your other Bae friend moichan?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi newbie,

Yeah, me too, miss him but he must feel very fulfilling now doing what he loves, huh?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear cloudnine,

I can't wait to attend the tea ceremony and learn about what kind of tea is served in what occasion and how it is presented. This aspect of the culture just fascinates me @@ Thanks for always sharing your knowledge with me!

love ... jaime

nappu said...

Hi Jaime
I am very enjoied for this BYJ,s time.
I am not good at English,but very happy to see pretty Jaime.
Onse again,thanykou during your meeting time and I would like to look forward to meting you in the near furture.

jaime said...





jaime said...

Hi Hi princess,

One consolation for your friend is Koi sashimi does not taste as fatty as o-toro, so maybe it's better to leave them looking pretty in the pond :)

Yeah, can't wait for your highness' arrival. And before you, our dear gosijo.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear nappu san,

Thank you for writing to me. It is my pleasure to meet the Japanese sisters. Thank you for being so nice to me. I also hope to see you all again.


love ... Jaime

bb said...

really?! when's gosijo's trip?? :)

p.s. hehe, the word verification almost looks like a word this time!!


jaime said...

hehe princess ... just sent you an email.

Hyds said...

hehehehe, I'm going in September. I shall bear in mind Victoria Harbour. I just said to Alex we will go to Japan and he'd love to.
Yes, that's my dear friend Moichan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime,

I am glad to know that you enjoyed the eel lunch,loved the old Japanese tea room.
I would like to meet pretty Jaime again.
Please come to Urawa & meet Saitama Yongjoon sisters^^.
Next time, I hope you will enjoy a Yonsama-tour in visiting to Saitama Super Arena .


chakachan said...

helloo ms. jaime...
try to go to tokyo this year...ahhh..i LOVE the eel!!! it's soo addictive. I had to go all the way to china town just to buy a "dead" eel and cook it..hmmm..those in japan must really be tasty! have fun!!


jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Hehe, you can't miss Victoria Harbour. The entire Hong Kong Island & Kowloon Peninsula all revolve around the Harbour. You will probably cross it everyday! Have fun dear.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear happacyan san,

Thank you very much for writing to me. I too enjoy your company very much. Thank you for being so kind to me. I also hope to visit Saitama Arena one day.

Please take care!

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

really? You are coming to Tokyo this year?! When, may I ask? Yes, there are the unagi shops and also sushi places that you can enjoy eel. There are 2 types of unagi in the supermarket, the imported ones from China is much cheaper than the local ones in Japan, just like other groceries. But I suggest eating the fresh ones from Japan in these famous traditional shops, it tastes really good :)

Thanks for dropping by!

love ... jaime