Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Midnight rain

Hi Hi sisters ....... it is another cool, breezy, cloudy day in Tokyo. We are in the mid of rainy season, before the intense summer heat strikes. I just love listening to the sound of rain, especially at night when you really can't see it. It creates this sense of mystery which tempts you to contemplate how heavy it is coming down. As you watch the window sheer blowing like a bride dancing in her bridal veil, it conveys such a cushy and sweet feeling.

We are missing him, quietly and bearing it in our own hearts. All styles of him, in any era, from any drama just keep creeping up left, right and center in our minds. I know a lot of sisters are fond of Insoo and his style, which I didn't understand before as I always love the confidence and warmth of Yong Joon. As I am revisiting the beautiful calm face of 'our man next door', I discover this attractiveness of a lonely, vulnerable yet embracing character, much like the rain in the night. Please enjoy :)

Hehe, this one is a bonus, sweet dreams :)


myoce said...

Dear Jaime,

Your title 'Midnight Rain' makes me shiver with delight.....I imagine all sorts of beautiful and mysterious things happening.

I also shiver with delight and anticipation every time I watch Bae Yong Joon in a drama...

Love, myoce

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

I've watched April Snow twice but didn't really know he looks so good until I saw these close-ups. Thanks for these lovely photos, especially the first one.

S'pore fan

jaime said...

Dear myoce,

Really? are you rewatching a BYJ drama? Which one?

Hehe, I have to take a temporary break from the shivering of rain here as I am looking forward to feel the warm ocean breeze in Bali tomorrow :)

Please take care!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear S'pore fan,

Yes, I noticed it too. The still shots of Insoo displayed a man in deep thoughts who carried a certain sadness, yet with a hint of romanticism. The hair, the eyeglasses, the clothes, everything just come together as so effortless and natural. Thanks for writing to me.

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Hi Lady Jaime,

You can definitely count me in as someone who took to Insoo right from the start, feeling his struggle and, as you say, vulnerability. I like all the pictures posted, especially #5: so contemplative, so wistful... Goes well with your words on midnight rain.

Enjoy your time in Bali!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bae LAdies,

Jaime I myself love the sound of the rain at night...Especially the breeze coming from my window at night after the rain...

Ok. I'm so dissapointed by the last picture why?

I wanted more!hehehe......
I feel when I see these picture of him half naked.I need to pray harder and beg for forgiveness...for I have just, committed something,, naughty hehehe just playing!


karen said...

hi jaime,

I've been visited ur blog quite sometime but remain silence.

I also love the sounds of rain at night..makes me so happy like want to hug someone..hahaa.,me like your pic no.3, he looks so sad like want to hug him haha...

Hei myoce, u also rewatching BYJ drama, which one ??

I also rewatching Hotelier, jz love his so confident & charming looks..

take care ya.

jaime said...

My dear gosijo,

I know you and camille have a special attachment to April Snow. Thanks to both of your efforts in analyzing certain scenes, now I appreciate this movie more and more each time I rewatch it. Hehe, have to admit though I would not feel the same way if another actor starred in it. Please take care, talk to you when I come back!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe newbie,

If I may dare to dream like you, we could imagine Yong Joon stretched out his arm for someone to rest beside him? @@ Sigh, it's too early in the morning for me to daydream :) Please take care!

btw, as you wish, there are actually more shots of this scene!!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi karen,

Welcome and thanks for leaving me a comment. Yes, he had this hurt written all over his face and eyes in the 3rd picture. It's a shame we didn't get a closeup of his face in this movie scene, especially knowing how painful for him to shoot this one scene (from the making DVD).

Oh Hotelier, have fun watching!

sincerely .... jaime

jenny said...

Hi Jaime

How are u ? More than a weeks that I didn't left any comment here. Just got back to work after a trip to Jogyakarta, Indonesia.

The photos show that he is in deep thinking and seem he hv a lot of problem to solve. Anyway he look great in what ever position. Thanks repost the pic.

Have a nice and safe holiday in bali with your family. How many days you will be there ?

Take care & cheers


chakachan said...

hi dear ms. jaime....
thanks 4 the tip!! probably be visiting japan around august or december. I'm a fall/winter person...i'll stay in touch to let you know...thanks again!! take care too!!


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Same with Karen, I love the third one the best, I already feel the pain in my heart by only looking at his eyes in this picture. April Snow is the only Yong Joon's drama/movie my husband watched together with me so far, after watching he had to admit it is " a very good movie",and when I asked him "Is he handsome?", he said:" Yes, he is."..hehe.

Have a wonderful trip in Bali with your family, waiting for your back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for reminding us about Insoo. When I first read about April Snow, I debated whether to watch or not cos I never really liked storylines with extra-marital affairs. But BYJ pull is stronger and woah! I just love it. It's the way he and SYJ made it so natural with their chemistry, not over-acting, all just flowed smoothly and I felt so much for the characters. I've since watched it countless times and I can still feel the pain each time . . .

Have a good trip to Bali, jaime. :)


milan said...


i've often read your blog in a silent mode,so happy to see all your posts.Yesterday the topic "midnight rain"make me feel so good while i read with the sound of rain last night.it's passionate esp. with reminding of april snow.
I like the man like frank shin but when i see him as insoo i feel that i can understand his deeply sadness soul by looking in his eyes.
thanks again for your blog.

sweet time

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime,

I'm a person who does not love rain but the way your put it in your blog I kind of appreciate the beauty and mystery of it and love the way you compare it to a bride dancing in her bridal gown very well put dear sis. Your really have a way with words. Hope I have that talent. **love reading books so much but can't write that well**.

the reason why I love YJ's character as In-Su is that the loneliness of the character He was able to convey over the screen. I didn't cry because He cried, I cried because I was so sorry for his character. Keeping all his hurt inside makes In-Su so vulnerable to the eyes of the watcher and you just want to embrace him and share your strength with him.

So sorry Jaime I have already used too much space of your blog..

Have a good day and take care always.



Anonymous said...

helow again!

I have a confession I only saw Twssg,WS,Scandal I haven't completely watched APril Snow personally I don't fancy too much emotion in a movie or drama.

Makes my heart really sad if I watched them but everyone here watched april snow so I have to see the entire movie...

I like his character but I really wanted him to be in a movie that he can be relax and carefree.......

There's too much sadness in all of his characters hopefully we will be able to see a lighter and brighter byj....

I hope I can be able to bask on his wonderful cheerful happy smile and laughter...soon

Anywayzzz personally I love the woman in Ap if I have my magic winky wand I will make them fall inlove in real life.

I really think they look very very cool together...

The second pix have you seen how bae dilated his eyes while looking at her...it's sweet....

well,,,love lotssss


Anonymous said...

Dear Jamie, thank you for the pictues. I've watched AS many many times. I love the character of In-soo. Just want to hug his sadness away. Hope BYJ is happy and healthy. Thanks for your blog, I visit at least once a week and am grateful that you keep up to date.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime!
My personal computer had broken for a while.
I visited your blog after a long time.
ウナギ lunch was very delicious.
The angles and the senses of your photographs are very good, so I was attracted,
Let's go to lunch in the near future.

Yoko said...

Hi, Jamie.

I know it's very late to mention but I really want to say that your hair smelling story was very cute and enjoable. When I left my comment I just watched your images you posted without reading. (I usually visit ciber cafe and copy your postings and read at home.)