Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Book cover revealed

Hi dear sisters ...... how do you like the book cover that is chosen for Yong Joon's 'Journey into searching for Beauty of Korea'? I guess having BYJ with scenary of Korean natural landscape as the background isn't really a big surprise to us, eh? What transpires from public dicussion is how solitary and weary he appears from this back shot. The 'black & white' approach is of course very unflustered, very Yong Joon; however the monochromaticity does cast a melancholic mood about this journey.

Perhaps a quote from his preface (thanks to Gaulsan's translation in Quilt) will allow us a glimpse of his thoughts on this book :

"This is a record of my trip as a beginner of studying Korean culture - an unskillful result of my earnest effort. I would like to share this as a small gift to those who love Korea and those who want to know more about Korea."

The good news is the pre-sale of this travel book (Japanese edition) is already over 20000 so far and it'll sure explode around the September events time and with the subsequent language versions. I never doubt the popularity of Yonsama in Japan, not only is he the icon of Hallyu Wave, he really has established himself as a well known celebrity in the competitive Japanese entertainment market. Not all Japanese people are BYJ fans, but most here have sure heard of Yonsama :)

You know as a Yong Joon fan, I am trying to stretch my imagination :) After all, our handsome traveller did invest over a year of his precious time on this travelling/writing project. I hope BOF will create a collector's box for his fans which comprises of the travel book, a picture book of his gorgeos pictures on the road, a DVD of the whole creation and making process, and some Korean travel momentos too :) Hehe just a dream, it's not too much to ask for, right?

Pictures original from freezonenews
reposted in Quilt by Joanne


jenny said...

Hi jaime

Good evening to you. After reading your blog today , I am sure your 100% feeling recovered and have a nice weekend . How is your son recovery?

Although the cover photo, our prince look lonely but the one that he holding the broom and squarting is so cute. Love the pic and waiting to buy a copy of the book. I understand that like us in asia country cannot pre book the book rite? So i have to wait for our sis here to buy for me when they went over to jpn for the coming event. I think it so available at the event rite ?

Thanks alot for posting this beautiful batch of pic. Have a nice week ahead yah .

Take care and cheers


Hyds said...

Hi Jaime,
I missed the lonesome part.. too excited thinking about what's in the book. We perhaps feel so much for YJ but I think he's doing a brilliant job.
Photography could be a one man journey but that doesn't mean one could be lonely. When I go out on my own to take pictures it's a different world I go into. I remember the last time I felt so free/carefree and completely forgotten the time. Although finding your way back is also an experience it didn't matter at all.
You see so much beauty and all that matters is the chance to capture that essence in a square frame.

Have you heard of the photographer who's in the North Pole taking pictures of Polar Bears?
If it's a passion then every minute of it is bliss. BYJ must have felt that too in all his journey and perhaps realized his true calling in life.
Glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Greetings on a lovely summer day that presages cool colorful Fall.
I love all the photographs which breathe out the soul of Zen. The photographs go beyond craftsmanship and technology into Satori -- a revealment and unrevealment, a concealment and unconcealment of the Spirit. It is Presencing.
It has Presence.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

When this set of pix came out, I was terribly excited and superbly happy. I love him in photos when he's just doing his own thing, like in these pix, and was very happy for him, that though it's work, he was able to travel and fully enjoy his hobby. It's that kind of joy you feel when you see your loved one doing what he likes.

Psst . . . really like your idea of the collector's box. Hope BOF reads this blog too, hehe


jaime said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your concern, my boy is recovering well. Yeah, these few pictures are so wonderful. Hehe, wonder why he had to level out the sands with the broom?

Jenny, the Japanese version of the book is for ordering on BOFi Japan now. Korean version will probably be available soon since Yong Joon's press conference in Seoul is coming up. I am not sure if they will actually sell it at the Tokyo Dome event (I think it's a great idea thoough!) You are not going to wait for the English or Chinese version? I am sure it will be widely available by then :)
Have a nice week!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thanks for sharing your experience on photography. It sounds like a wonderful soul-searching journey for a photographer to reconcile himself/herself with nature. Hehe, a great therapy for everyone, maybe?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

Yeah, these pictures, similar to the Iwate museum ones showing Yong Joon intensely on creating, have a calming effect. One can't help but be soothed and brought into his world of zen.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi alcy,

I agree, I think Yong Joon will have a new perspective not only on his own country, but also on his sense of directions after talking and learning from so many masters.
What a precious experience :)

love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

I'm home to find the real beauty of Korea, aka BYJ's pictures here and the third one made me smile. Why? Because I was there this morning!!

He is in a special room for "the world's greatest masterpieces of Buddhist art, National Treasure No. 83, Bangasayusang (Pensive Bodhisattva seated with one leg crossed)." (quote from the National Museum of Korea's official site)

We didn't fail to check its auditorium named "Theater Yong (dragon)" where the press conference for the BYJ's book is supposed to be held.

Will talk to you more about our trip later.

Hope Sean is recovering from his eye injury.

cloud nine

jaime said...

dear cloudnine,

it's so wonderful to hear from you. I am missing you already :( You very very lucky lady, oh, if only you saw this picture before you went! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures :) Please rest a lot first, am sure you are very tired. I'll call you tomorrow, ok?

sweet dreams!
love .... jaime

dp said...

Dear all - I can't wait for a copy of the Book in English...or if I am lucky I'll get the Korean one too. :) I would love the image of the book cover framed.

There are two things I've been inspired to do since my BYJ discovery... I've discovered that I love do love my photography that much...and am upgrading my camera! And I am reminded that I love art, and museums, and painting...and that in the 4th grade I won 1st place at the state fair doing a self portrait...I should paint again. :)

Thank you Jaime... i love looking at BYJ when he is not doing a film role...


karen said...

hi hi Jaime,

How r u ?? I hope your son should have completely recover by now rite?

Ya ya...I so eager to see the content of the book and all the pictures taken by him. I am also same we Jenny need to wait our sister to buy for us when she going to attend the event this sep.
Even if in Japanese or Korean version I also don't mind, I just can't wait to see the books hehehe..
Mayb I need another copy when there is a english or chinse version coming up later.

Jaime I also agree with you if there is a 'The Making' DVD coming up will be much more better rite, hahaha..

p/s : I love his white long cardigan :)

Have a nice day.


jaime said...

Dear dp,

I think it's so true. BYJ inspires us to uncover the potential hidden inside us. With him being a good model, we have the confidence to explore the beauty in life - photography and painting are very good examples. I am happy for you that you are enjoying your new found hobbies :) Have fun!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear karen,

hehe like jenny, you are eager to see what's inside the book too? You have Malaysian sisters coming for the event? I am kind of holding out for the making DVD and picture book :) Hahaha, they may not even have it.

Yes, the long cardi looks so cozy on him :) have a nice day!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...


Love these pics. :) I wonder who took these pictures? Did BYJ took it with a tripod or was there another photographer? I like the colors and the mood they evoke. Even the angles are very well thought.

Hope your son is doing fine now. Take good care! Also, a delayed congrats on your blog anniversary. You are a wonderful writer and I hope you continue to write...just about anything really...hehehe...

- Lee

xiaoyi said...

Dear Jaime,
Glad to hear that your son is recovering well. Mmmm... I agreed with your comments about the book cover, he looks like a lonesome ranger... Anyway, I believe this travel book will be a great success.

Do take care
Loves, xiaoyi

Marce said...

Hi Jaime,
I was away for a little time, but i'm back now, I'm sorry because your son got injury, I hope he is better now, sure that he will recover completly soon.
Thanks to sharing these pictures they are lovely, He looks so deep and concentrate.
Take care of yourself, god bless you and you family.
Amazing to know that Cloudnine is there =), I hope she is having a wonderful time.

cecy said...


jaime said...

Dear Lee,

Sorry for my late reply. Had been busy with some family matters. I guess everywhere that yong joon goes, he's followed by a group of staffs and photographers. So it is probably a posed picture taken by other professional. I remember cloudnine told me this room in the museum is very dark, cause she was there last week.

thanks for your kind words, I appreciate you visiting my little home here.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear xiaoyi,

i agree, i think this is a beautiful book that deserves to be enjoyed by non-fans too. please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Marce,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. my son has recoverd now. Hope you had a good trip, must come back with lots of work waiting, huh? Please take it easy and stay healthy!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear cecy,

thank you for writing to me. I am glad you are enjoying your journey with BYJ. The Japanese version of the travel book is available for order now in HMV Japan. Here is the link :


If you prefer the English version, maybe you like to wait till they announce the availability date. I decide to wait out for a while. Please check out the site, it is in English and they accept overseas ordering. Good luck!

regards .... jaime