Monday, September 28, 2009

Arriving in splendid shape

Hi dear sisters ...... hope you are doing fine in the past 2 weeks. I have been back for a few days but am still quite shaken both mentally and physically from my home trip. It's the thought of coming back to Japan - the country I love so much, that revives the last few living cells in me. Hehe, the handsome prince didn't really allow too much time for 'moi' to rest. His Royal Handsomeness left Seoul on Sunday and landed at Narita Airport around 3:20pm, despite BOF's announcement of Sep 28.

The last few days had been a whirlwind of activities for overseas visiting fans and the Japanese sisters in Tokyo. Today I am finally stepping out of my shell to join some fans activities (hope the visiting sisters can understand), and the much-awaited Winter Sonata Anime Event tonight at 6pm! Can't wait to see Yong Joon in his short hair :) We are all very excited, aren't we?

Leaving from Incheon

closer look at the haircut, I love it!
Full view of that black ensemble

Greeted at Narita by thousands

Lucky fan - Yong Joon picked her rose :)

Pictures credited as shown


jenny said...

Dear jaime

Happy to hear that u were back in Japan safetly and hope u are fully rejuvenite yrself by now to witness the two exciting event of our prince. Yes the last 2 week , we have worried and good news of our prince all over the net. Finally he is in great shape and the exciting day start. Hope u will enjoy yrself there and can meet our m'sian families there.

We too were very excited here and will glue to our pc for a good shot of our prince.

Take care and cheers


LENY said...

Welcome back Jaime,miss u *^_^*

Layla said...

Hihihi there Jamie,

remember's been awhile since my last visit to your blog...
u finally made it, mixed feeling i guess to leave canada for Japan?

take care....

Anonymous said...

Hi jaime

Welcome back!!! Missed ya . . . Hope you'll have a fantastic next two days with BYJ :)


Hyds said...

Welcome back Jaime!
Enjoy your time with BYJ and Baesisters at the event. Please send my regards and love.

Anonymous said...

Hiyo Chinggu!

Glad to know that you are back in splendid shape! Miss your posts for two weeks and now that you are back, hope you are fully rested and ready to take on the challenge of getting to be next to HRH's side, hehehheh!

Take care dearie and love yah!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jaime,

Welcome back!

Glad that your back. Hope you had a nice time in your hometown.
Miss your blogging this past weeks.
Can't wait for your review of The WLS anime event.
Be waitng for your account to todays happening


lily said...

Hi hi jaime...

Nice to hear from you again ^-^ missss u'r bloggin'

May you have a wonderful time to all baesis' and unforgettable mem'ries to our prince... hehe ^;^

My first time to comment but been a regular visitor of your blog since then!

Welcome back!!!!

Yee said...

Hi Lady,

Welcome back and have fun with all the Bae sisters in Tokyo.
Now my turn to go home, am leaving tonight.


cecy said...

hola jaime, que bueno que ya estas de regreso, extrañe mucho tu blog y me da alegria que ya estes aquí.
pues sí yo tambien estoy emocionada por tantas noticias e imagenes de byj, a mí me encanta con su cabello corto está lindísimo.
ojala que pronto nos enseñes imágenes de tu hermoso país y nos platiques como te fué.
saludos, con cariño cecy méxico.

vegas said...

My Dear Lady Jaime,

Very happy to read you are back in Japan safe and sound. I trust all went well on your visit.

I hope you and our lovely Bae sisters enjoy(ed) all BYJ events. Please share with us when you have time.

Take care!

regie said...

dear Jaime,

Welcome back!and ready for the next agenda.....

thank you so,so,sooooooo much for posting these pictures. Call me silly, but I keep smiling all the time whenever i see these pictures in my head.And he look sooooo handsome with his new hair cut.Love it!Thanks so much, you don't know that posting these pictures, it energizes me in my hectic schedule.

talk to you later.

love n peace,

cArLeTtE jEaN said...

I really love his haircut.
He is so gorgeous.

CJW looks great, too.
...can't wait to see the anime!*_^

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Greetings even after both bad news and good news of Ondoy and Pepeng typhoons in the Philippines.
Bae sisters must have missed postings on Bae Yong Joon's Winter Sonata anime and book launching of Journey in Search of Beauty in Korea. Is it because of the typhoons or copyright difficulties?
We miss the media explosion of the 500 Channel Universe specially in blogs that always accompany a happening on Bae Yong Joon.
Sarang Hamnida,

jaime said...

Dear jenny, leny, layla, alcy, hyds, judy, jelen, lily, yee, cecy, vegas, regie, carlette, josephine,

So sorry for my late reply. hope you understand that I am really exhausted from my home trip and then the whirlwind of Yong Joon's activities. I really appreciate your kindness and care. When I recover a bit, I will organize my thoughts and materials about this unforgettable 2 days with Yong Joon :)

Please take care, I miss you all too!
love .... Jaime

Marce said...

Hi Jaime,
Im glad to know that you had a nice time with your own family and bae family, for sure you are so tired, I really missed you here. Take care and God bless you.

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Understand of your exhaustment. Pls take care and tell us the wonderful encouter with our prince and all bae sisters after u recover k . God bless you



cecy said...