Sunday, September 12, 2010

100% BYJ Art Exhibition

Hi Hi sisters .... our dear cloudnine has been working very hard recently in translating some Japanese articles to share with our English speaking sisters. You can read her latest translation on Fumi's articles on Dream Hi in bb/tomato's LoveBaeYongJoon site. She sent me this very interesting post in Fuyuka's blog, it's about the BYJ Art exhibition which was held in Tokyo last month. Sob sob, cloudnine probably pities me that I couldn't go there in person and witness it myself. So cloudnine, thank you so much for your kind heart and dear sisters, hope you enjoy .....

Original in Japanese : from fuyuka’s blog - August 30 100% BYJ Art Exhibition
Translated to English : cloudnine

Yesterday was Yon-sama’s birthday and I went to BYJ 100% Art Exhibition to Shinjuku
with a sister H.
It was soooo crowded~~.
Once you stepped into the venue,
I was riveted to “a certain corner”!!
which was…!

“We don’t need the glasses that cover too much!!” corner!!
I didn’t expect to see my pals here~~!! LOL
Then we drooled over the illustrations of Yon-sama without glasses…

There was a corner of ‘flash’ created by fans.

This was a corner of ‘coloring’.

I did coloring on an illustration of my favorite artist koshuka・

I was also hooked on nagajun-san who was actually painting just in front of me.

There was even a place where we could enjoy files of art work while seated.
Especially we were excited about kinkan –san’s work and, which was
illustrations of BYJ without glasses and with glasses~!

We enjoyed saying each other “I want this file~~!!”. ^ 0 ^

And there was a surprise at around 2 p.m.
It was a birthday cake!

Under hiyonn-san’s lead we all sung ‘Happy Birthday Yong Joon’.

The fresh cream was very delicious!
We took picture with Yon-sama masks. (laugh)

It was even more crowded toward the end…
It was indeed a shoulder-to-shoulder exhibition.

I had a picture taken with Hiyonn-san in hunbock against the background of the illustrations.♪

Everyone in this art circle, thank you very much for such a wonderful art exhibition.
I felt your love from each work. ・
Thanks to you, I recharged my Yon-sama batteries and
I was happy to see YANCHO-san, nagajun-san, boruneo-san, and kinkan-san.

Ahhh I really wish Yon-sama would see this exhibition ~…
He would be touched….

You know what! After I left…Kim Tei-san came with her boy.
BYJ☆EY-san sent me this photo.^


bb said...

aigoo, so envious! all the famous bae-artists are there! all my fave bae-artists are there!!

much thanks for the sharing, cloud nine and jaime *waves enthusiastically*

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime and cloud nine!

So wonderful to hear from both of you in this way.

Was the exhibition also an art sale or just for looking and enjoying?

cecy, méxico. said...

hi jaime, how have you been?
Thank you for sharing this wonderful event, a nice way to celebrate the birthday of our prince.
if you have the opportunity to meet claudine and thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.
Greetings, fondly cecy Mexico.
Leer fonéticamente

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

So happy to see you blogging again after more than 10 days. And this is truly worth the wait. Thank you and also thank you cloud nine, all JPN sisters who were there and those who weren' there(but were very present in spirit). This detailed post made us all feel sooooooooo there with them.

Have a happy start of the week and take care!


jaime said...

hi hi princess (waving back :)

Me too! Wish I could be there to see those talented artists. It's amazing how real and quick they are :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi Gosijo,

I am surprised to hear from you, thought you are busy movie hopping these 2 weeks during TIFF :)

Hehe, am not sure if these artists are selling. Guess their works are priceless since so much love was poured into each piece of work.

Happy movie watching!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi cecy,

Thanks for coming by. Sadly, I will not be 'seeing' cloudnine anytime soon as we are so far apart now. I am sure she can read your comment here. Yes, I am also grateful to her for translating this interesting post for us too.

Have a nice day
love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

aiya, you're counting DAYS that I haven't blogged?! haha, maybe it's about time to 'remind' me, I feel pretty bad for taking it too easy and being so laidback. I probably need what fuyuka and cloudnine said - Yonsama battery - to recharge myself :)

Thanks for always being here for me!
love & hugs .... jaime

Hyds said...

Dear Jaime,
Cheers!! It must be exciting to see these very talented artists in person. I truly admire all their works and dedication. Take care.

Yoko said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the sharing. The "no need of glasses"corner made me smile. Yes, that was what we really wanted when we met him close. How I wished he hadn't had worn glasses when I saw him very close in Taipai back in 2005!
BTW, one of my wisdom tooth was in my gum hiding in it, worse in sideways. But 5 years ago it started appearing coz my gum was getting smaller as aging. Now it's troublesome that some food remains in it after every meal. It's OK now as my docter says but I wonder what it will be in the future.

Love Yoko

jaime said...

Hi hi Hyds,

Yes, I am constantly amazed at the artistic talents of the Japanese sisters. WHat more is, they are really dedicated to keep the yOnsama fire burning :)

Hope everything is fine with you!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi yoko san,

I think I know what you have because my son had exactly the same thing. It's called Impacted Tooth and the oral surgeon removed it from him about a month ago. The surgery is necessary because the bad tooth will stop or push other normal teeth from their positions. Hehe, I am no dentist, but I think your dentist will be able to advise you on the next step. All the best!

cheers .... jaime