Monday, August 30, 2010

2011 diary

Hi hi sisters ...... after the 2011 calendars, the BYJ diary is also released! To be honest, I'm a little surprised at how 'un-feminine' it looks this year. In the past, they had shocking pink, deep purple, bright red .... or neutral color like shiny silver to suit everyone's taste. Hehe, but I guess they decide to go more 'subdue' this year. So well, if I really have to choose, I'd go for the pastel - mint green :) Now next year, please give me back my pink or blue, huh?

They give you 3 pictures so you don't get stuck with the same face 365 days a year. Haha, they even have colorful patterns on the back, so just in case when your hubby or boss walks in, you can quickly switch it to a more 'business-like' diary, so smart, eh?

As usual, there are more handsome pictures inside the diary so you have something pleasant to look at in case you are bored waiting at the doctor's office @@

Hehe, I don't mean to sound like a BYJ salesman, but I really enjoy using the calendar and diary all year round. I always have a smile whenever I look at them. So dear sisters, please don't just keep it wrapped in the original plastics, open and use it well, ok? Take care!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, me loving the funny lady back in action.

Hope that you and your family and loved ones are always in good health!

Love yah much,

chakachan said...

Hello Ms. Jaime,
Just thinking...isn't it funny when you buy a diary just as expensive and as beautifully done..just like BYJ's diary, and not writing on it?!..but then you buy it anywayz..because it's BYJ..and his pictures on the pages..for a whole year!!! ha ha ha every penny is soo worth it!!


cutie_let_let said...

Hi, Jaime!

Just this afternoon, news about Kim Hyun Joong signing for The Face Shop just spread. How about our HRH? Has his contract ended? or not?


jaime said...

Hi hi chinggu,

Thanks for dropping by. Hehe, it's no fun without you keeping me on guard all the time :)

love & hugs ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi chakachan,

yeah, it happens to a lot of us sisters who have BYJ cups, memo, keychains, even lipsticks but never open the packages. These memorabilia are just too precious to use. But with the 3Rs in mind, I am slowly converting now :)

Thanks for writing to me, please take care!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi cutie_let_let,

Welcome, what a cute name! You must be a cutie pie :) haha, am I right?

You're right, FaceShop has signed up KHJ, I think BYJ's contract is still going. When I left Japan 2 months ago, Yong Joon's face was still all over Face Shop. And BOFi shopping site still sells Face Shop products with Yong Joon's gift. Happy Shopping!

cheers .... jaime

cutie_let_let said...

Hello there again, Jaime!

I used to post comments here using my real name "Carlette Jean". I hope you somehow remember me. He-he-he! Ahh, ...just recently, I was able to have a Google Account and decided to use it instead. For a change, ...ahaha!

Anyway, would you believe that everytime I go to any mall here, I wouldn't leave without visiting a branch of The Face Shop? And I would just stare at our HRH's photos. Ha-ha-ha! That's why, the news alarmed me so much because it's the only store here in the Philippines that I get to see Yong Joon oppa. :D


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Quickly switch to a more business-like diary when hubby or boss walks in, hehe I like that idea.

I sent you an email, please check. I used a different email address, if you do not see it in Inbox, please check the Junk Mails.


Anonymous said...

hi hi!

I love the blue one where can I get one?I'm in USA...

thankssssss!HAVE A HAPPY DAY!


jaime said...

Hi Hi cutie,

Yes, of course I remember Carlette Jean, nice name!

I don't blame you. When I was in Tokyo, I would always make a point to pass by Megane Ichiba and Faceshop to look at Yong Joon's pictures. Now, I miss those so much! Yes, please enjoy the FS in the Philippines while it lasts :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi yudi,

thanks for your email. It's always nice to hear from you. Hope you have a nice summer (I mean the rest of summer)!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi yen yen,

thanks for your comment. These diaries are available in Japan only. You can check it out on

YOu can order the calendars on Enjoy!

cheers ... jaime

moshcunana said...

hi ma'am im your pictures of BYJ are awesome..i really love it..thank you..