Thursday, December 16, 2010

On marriage rumours

Hi hi sisters ...... after the event, Yong Joon gave an interview in the backstage. he changed from his formal black suit to this very cozy 'teddy bear' sweater (remember it has all kinds of tails dangling from the collar?) He just looked so cute and adorable here :) Anyway, I am particularly interested in him bringing up Lee Ji Ah and Lee Na Young - the 2 actresses whom many wonder if they have ever been his 'underground' lovers? Now he clarifies it :

[Money Today Star News Tokyo (Japan) = Reporter Kim Hyun Rok]
Interview extracted from suehan's blog, thanks!

R : There was a rumor that you purchased the house to marry someone in 2011.
B : That’s why I told you before. (Bae Yong Joon said to his fans, “Please introduce a girl to me.) I rarely go out, so I don’t have opportunities. But the marriage rumors kept floating around. Maybe, it is the time to get married. If I marry, then I’ll release the story.

R : Your sister is already married and you have a nephew.
B : I like children and enjoy playing with them. I want to marry, but it’s not my choice.

R : Are you close to Lee Na Young? There was marriage rumor from the stock market.
B : Na Young appeared in the drama, “Have we really loved?” as my younger sister. I wonder where those rumors are coming from. It’s really weird. Before, I had wine with a make-up artist and Song Hye Kyo. But there was an article saying that I met Lee Ji Ah instead at night. So I said, “Apparently, you don't really exist, Hye Kyo.” (laugh).

picture original from Naver - Starnews
reposted from xiaoyi's blog, thanks!


chakachan said...

Hiya Ms. Jaime!
I would like him to settle down anytime..very soon! What better wish can I give for him, than this!
Really would like him to be married, have beautiful kids and let him have the "dream" life that he longs for. He's given soo much of himself ..I think that the idea of him retiring from acting..why not? I think he has reached the peak in his acting career, and besides, I'm use to seeing him on and off with his acting would be refreshing to see him become a producer. I'ld like to see him venture into more greater things..the acting/performing school..even becoming a farmer in the future is a blast for me..ha ha ha..

Anonymous said...

wow ! enjoyed reading updates about byj ! thanks. it's still a
dream...that someday, our prince could also visit the Philippines !

Have a Blessed and Peaceful 2011 !

Amy David

Anonymous said...

hello there!

I really wish for this man to find his partner/wife/soulmate this year if he hasn^t find one.

I read an article about him saying to JYP that he always fell lack of energy...

My 2cents of advice to him get a wife and got her started making babies ASAP!I think YJ is too picky and I bet has a Cinderella Standard for a partner...just get a beautiful wife and have will give him more power to live this life.........

love angel

Anonymous said...

I have watched the two episodes of “Dream High” in the original Korean and in all translations -- English, Spanish, even Vietnamese. The series promise to be both a heart stopper and a headline grabber. Now it needs the full support of Bae Yong Joon’s Family.
The song “I had a Dream” is haunting…
We miss your postings, Jaime!

jaime said...

hi hi chakachan,

I am so sorry for this late reply. Yes, I trust that he can do well in anything he pursues. I also pray that he has the good health to do it. Please take care.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

HI Amy DAvid,

AGain sorry for the late reply. I understand there are a lot of BYJ sisters in the Philippines and they are so supportive of him. He seems to love beaches and the sun, I hope Yong Joon will visit the beautiful resorts in your country too :) Thanks for your comments.

cheers .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi love angel,

Hehe, even though I don't know him, but I tend to agree with you that he sets very high standard (and rightfully so :), that kind of limits the candidates for his future wife. Hope the right woman will show up soon :) Thanks for your comment.

cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

hi anonymous,

oh, Dream High has been translated into so many languages already, does it mean the demand is out there? I admit I only watch it because of BYJ scenes. I also read that these pop stars have a huge followings of young fans, I hope they will continue to support the drama. Thanks for your comment.

cheers ... jaime

Mikino said...

Hi Dear Jaime,
I think his wife, first of all must be to learn to understand Him.
He is very good man and have a lot of work and the woman will be up to him to care, he feels good. Must be very devoted wife. I'm not convinced that its requirements are too large ... Hardly ... The biggest requirement for this woman is to love him ...
Love, Mikino