Monday, December 13, 2010

He takes Haneda!

Hi hi sisters ....... I am sure you still haven't waken up from the beautiful dream of what happened in Haneda Airport yesterday, huh?

Who would even think that our super low-key prince would reward his fans with this 'close encounter of the handsome kind' after such a long, cold absence?? Ok, you're forgiven, hehe :)

Remember, usually when he comes and goes through airports, he would only linger for seconds, considerate enough not to cause any inconvenience to the general public. This time according to the fans, he was actually taking his time waving and looking at them!

The most surprising act was when he got out of his van and took a walk to the fans waiting outside of the terminal building! Now, if this doesn't cause commotion, I don't know what will? Our dear cloudnine is one of those very lucky fans (and tomato san too) who was waiting outside and Yong Joon happened to stop near her! She was able to see the 2 handsome princes up close for a few loooooong minutes @@ I am so happy for her :) Of course at the same time, I also kick myself that if I were still in Tokyo, I would be standing next to her drooling together too :(

You know, this scene reminds me of that song by Leonard Cohen/Jennifer Warnes - "First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin ....." Why? You know, this guy breaks all kinds of airport records, even his own!

2004/04 Haneda Airport - 5000 fans (old terminal)
2004/11 Narita Airport - 3500 fans
2008/05 Kansai Airport - 3000 fans
2010/12 Haneda Airport - 4000 fans (new terminal)

Good luck Yong Joon and all attending sisters for a successful Hohoemi Event in Tokyo Dome!
repost pictures from xiaoyi's blog, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!
Thanx for sharing these pics and YES, HE TOOK THE WHOLE OF HANEDA and also JAPAN, not to mention----OUR UNDYING LOVE, as well. How can any man compare to his charm and magnetism and his adorable, lovable, droolable, swoonable, whatever "able" you can think of, eheheheh!

Take care and hugzx2.


jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

You're right! Even though he has been so quiet for the last year. OUr love for him never really diminishes, eh? Take care, ok?

love .. jaime