Monday, February 28, 2011

Closing of Gosireh

Dear sisters ..... How's your winter so far? I read that Korea has got more than its fair share of snowfall, plus the close to 'zero' news from Yong Joon - make this winter quite uneventful in the Bae world, huh?

Cloudnine reminded me that today is the last day for Gosireh in Shirokane, Tokyo. This famed, Yong Joon restaurant was opened in August 2006, an introduction of Korean palace cuisine to Japan. Gosireh was loved by BYJ fans since its opening, numerous fan gatherings were held there in support of Yong Joon. Many overseas sisters made Gosireh one of their main Yonsama destination during their visits to Tokyo. I myself, of course have many wonderful memories there, even my farewell gathering was held there last year, sob sob :(

Cloudnine told me that today is full house at Gosireh, both lunch and dinner time. I can imagine how touching one felt to be greeted by the staff at the elegant entrance for the last time, how bittersweet it was to taste the fine delicacy one last time, how heartbreaking to have one last look at that stunning dining room in which so many friendships and happy memories were made. This is indeed the end of an era. As cloudnine described the mood so eloquently - (It was very cold and rainy in Tokyo. We have a phrase in Japanese 'Rain of tears', heaven also felt sad and sorry for the closure of Gosireh so it brought the rain.) All the best to the former staffs of Gosireh, thank you for your kind service.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

So that is why it was raining here since yesterday up to this morning. I am very disappointed after reading this post and to think that I haven't even set foot on Gosireh since it's opening. Such a loss for me and the others who aren't lucky like me.

Anyway, I know lots of Baesisters from all over the world have been there and sampled the exquisite food served by our King's food haven. Thank you for giving us a lot of glimpses Chinggu(and cloudnine and JPN sisters) of this restaurant and sooo many wonderful experiences you all had while dining there. We will treasure them all forever.

I am happy to read that you blogged again today after being absent for almost 2 months. Just keep yourself healthy and stress free, okay?

Love yah,

jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

good to hear from you again! thanks for coming here to check on me. Please don't be disappointed, Yong Joon probably has his own plan in business. there is still Gosireh Hwa and Gorilla in Seoul, both offer delicous food, slurp slurp :)

please take care,ok?
love ... jaime

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

"Please don't be disappointed, Yong Joon probably has his own plan in business."---Your optimism could always cheer me up.

Hope you are doing all well.


jaime said...

Dear Yudi,

So happy to hear from you. Our winter is tooo long eh? Can't wait for spring to arrive. Hope our Yong Joon is recovering well at home. I miss you and the other sisters. Please take care!

love ... jaime