Monday, January 17, 2011

Ruptured cervical disc

Hi hi sisters ..... hope you had a nice weekend. The fact that Yong Joon's health seems to stick to the back of my mind even though I am busy with other 'stuffs' triggered me to dig up more about 'ruptured cervical disc'. What exactly is it and how does the 5th, 6th and 7th disc affect the patient's health? If you are also curious like 'moi', you are welcome to read on. It's a bit lengthy but quite easy to understand .....

Extracted from the Spinal Columns Network, Laser Spine Institute :
The 'cervical spinal disc' has one main function and that is to act as a shock absorbing device for the bones in your spine called vertebra. The cervical disc is comprised of a tough outer layer called the annulus fibrosus but often referred to as the capsule. Inside the capsule is a soft gel like material called the nucleus pulposus. A healthy cervical disc will act as a shock absorber and lend flexibility to the spine. As we age the outer capsule of the cervical disc begins to weaken and eventually through this break down the inner material may sometimes push through causing a ruptured cervical disc.

When considering the pain caused by a ruptured cervical disc you would not imagine that it would affect your extremities. The problem with a ruptured disc in your neck is that the ruptured disc itself is not painful. The pain comes from the inner gel like material pressing on your nerve roots or your spinal cord itself, sending painful signals to the area in relation to the nerve affected. Some of the most common ruptured disc in neck symptoms will include a numbness or a tingling sensation that is felt in the arms, as well as pain that radiates down the arm and into the hand or fingers. Like most other spine conditions, certain positions and movement will prove to intensify the pain felt by a ruptured cervical disc.

The cervical discs in your back are labeled and identified through the letter “C” and a corresponding number. Ruptured C5 C6 disc and ruptured C6 C7 disc is the most common diagnosed cervical disc problem. Ruptured discs can have anywhere else in the cervical spine but very rarely will one occure at the C7 T1 Level.

A cervical ruptured disc usually creates pain by affecting one of the nerve roots at the spinal level. In the case of a C6 C7 ruptured disc the C7 nerve root is affected causing pain patterns and neurological deficits. Listed below are some problems associated to the nerve root being affected:

•C5 nerve root compression (C4 C5 ruptured disc) - This may often cause weakness in the upper arms deltoid muscle. C5 nerve root compression will most often no cause tingling or numbing sensations but may cause shoulder pain.

•C6 nerve root compression (C5 C6 ruptured disc) - This form of nerve compression can cause weakness in the biceps located in the front of the upper arm. Along with weakness, numbness and a tingling sensation accompanied by radiating pain can be felt in the thumb side of the hand.

•C7 nerve root compression (C6 C7 ruptured disc) - This compression may cause weakness in your triceps as well as your finger extensor muscles. You may feel numbness or a tingling sensation going down your arm through the triceps and into the middle finger. This may as well be accompanied with radiating pain. C6 C7 ruptured disc is one of the more commonly diagnosed ruptured discs.

•C8 nerve root compression (C7 T1 ruptured disc) - Patients who suffer from this very uncommon ruptured disc will feel weakness in their handgrip accompanied with numbness, tingling sensations and radiating pain starting from the top of the arm and ending in the little finger side of the hand.

Because the genetic composition of people is not identical it is quite possible that the pain patterns listed above will not always be a perfect match to the individual. Because of this fact some people may rarely be affected differently then the majority.

This is just a general description of the condition and it may not be exactly what Yong Joon is experiencing, therefore I would not include any recommended therapy or treatment here so as not to confuse things more. I believe he is definitely under the care of the most proficient medical staffs and the most advanced technological solutions. Most of all, he has the blessings and prayers from the family who love him so much. So be strong and have faith huh, Yong Joon ssi!


regie said...

dear jaime,

OUCHHH....after I read your writing, I couldn't imagine the hardship of pain that he endured. Nothing I can do except pray for his health.

Thanks for your update.

love n peace,

myoce said...

Hi Jaime...

So sad YJ ssi faced the new year in the hospital, but we must be positive. I also posted a bit of the same information in KOB a few days ago.

I found a good video that may make us understand the condition better :

And if you want to know your spine more, here :

I learned a lot while studying about BYJ's condition. Am now trying to always keep a good posture and bend and lift things correctly.

Wishing Yong Joon ssi a pain free convalescence. Get well soon dearest Yong Joon !!

Have a nice week, Jaime !
Love, myoce

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,
Thanks for post about the trouble which has been suffering wuri prince for a long time, I'll be back to 'study' when I have time for sure.

As posted in LoveBaeYongJoon site, according to the staff of BYJ mobile, BYJ is much better now and spends time watching TV and thinking about acting.

Now I know I should not ask him much, but if the cold weather in Korea (currently minus 16 degrees C!!) is not good for his health, he could stay in Japan any time, hehe.

Take care!

cloud nine

jaime said...

Dear regie,

You're so right, the only thing we can do is to pray for his recovery. All the health and happiness to you too :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear myoce,

Oh yes, I should have checked out KOB first, I know you are always so resourceful and detailed in your research. Thank you for posting these useful videos here. I feel more informed about this condition now.

Yes, good advice! We must take care of ourselves too, as health is far more important than wealth, fame and power.

Have a nice week ahead!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe cloudnine,

I couldn't agree with you more. It's -20C here and I feel my mind is frozen too :) The natural hot springs in Japan will surely help Yong Joon to relax and cure his pain. Hmmm .... should I stopover at Korea first and personally escort the handsome one over to you in Japan?

See you soon :)
love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

i think all he needs to do is rest maybe a vacation could help....

Lin Chen said...

Dear Jaime,
Long time not dropping message to you and Bae/sisters.
Could you help me to give me the link (with English subtitle) of First Love drama.
This drama was on air in Vietnam long time ago, so now we can not find the link.

Any sisters, please help if you know. Write to me at email:
Big thanks to all.

Warm hug from Vietnam