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Dream High Event - I

Hi hi ...... I am so grateful to cloudnine for her kindness. Knowing how exhausted she must feel from all the excitement, she still did a detailed writeup of the event so promptly. Thanks so much cloudnine for your selflessness and love for Yong Joon and the family :)

As you know, the concert took place on September 4 in Saitama Super Arena with 12000 in attendance.

Part 1

Five students, Tae Gyon, Woo Yong, So Hyun , Suzy, and Joo, appeared on stage and started to sing ‘Dream High’ theme song in Korean. I first thought Joo was there instead of IU, but she herself was in D.H., who played a role of an aggressive student (who told a lie to be a solo dancer at entrance ceremony, and Baek Hee put a thumbtack into her shoe remember?)
They introduced themselves in Japanese, but Suzy had a little trouble and others cheered her saying ‘yukkuri- slowly’.

They sang and danced very well. Suzy was in a lavender color dress and Joo, was in a mini pink dress, very cute girls. Two of 2pm wore black leather suits and Su Hyun was in a black suit with a tie.

After the opening, JYP appeared and sang solo in Japanese, which was quite good too. Then ‘My Valentine’ by 2pm boys, ‘Winter Child’ by two girls, and ‘Dreaming’ by Su Hyun followed. There was also a ‘dance battle’ by 3 dancers centering JYP. I’m sure one of the boys was Woo Yong but the other was not Tae Gyon. He has been suffering from his leg injury for the past few days and he ended up with a wheel chair (I heard) on the final stage of 2pm’s ‘Hands Up’ tour in Seoul which took place the previous day. The camera didn’t catch the third dancer anyway.
The show time was only 30 minutes and there was about 30 minutes break before the part 2.

Part 2

Mc was a young Japanese lady, Saki Yagi, who was known as a bilingual (Korean and Japanese) announcer from Osaka. First 4 students(3 boys and Suzi) appeared, then JYP, and finally wuri Yong Joon who was welcomed by the furious applause. BYJ fans today seemed to shout out louder than usual so that they won’t be defeated in spirits by young K-pop fans, hehe.
Each of the cast again greeted with a message in Japanese.
So we heard Yon-sama speak Japanese after a long time.

“Everyone of my family I’m very happy to see you. I’v been very much
worried about Japanese people so I am relieved to see your smiles today. Today let us spend a fun time together.”

I’m sure all of us were moved with his words, but also felt that his Japanese was not as good as before.

Then ‘Talk Show’ time with JYP and BYJ

Q(mc) How do you feel being together?
BYJ Today I’m here very relaxed being together with JYP.
I usually become nervous on stage, but this time with JYP by my
side, I feel comfortable.

Q How did you find working for D.H. as a producer?
BYJ I have always wanted to have such a school. Then there was a person who introduced me to JYP who had the same idea. We met up and decided to produce D.H together. Without “Ji Yong’ (this was how BYJ actually addressed JYP) Dream High was impossible.

Q How do you find JYP as your partner?
BYJ As I have no experience in production, it’s not flattery but I’m quite sure that without him this drama could not be accomplished. He is a reassuring partner indeed.

Q What was your message through the drama?
BYJ People can grow or comfort each other through music and dance.
I wish the drama will encourage people to make a start for their dreams and passions

Q How did you find JYP as an actor?
JYP cuts in Japanese “How do you do, I’m an actor JYP.” (laughs)
BYJ For me JYP is a big threat. (laughs)

Q What did you do for your character as the head director?
BYJ (in Japanese) I did research a lot. (then switched to Korean) To tell
the truth I feel sorry that I was not able to do my best. Because of the injury I got before, I had to give up my appearance halfway. I really wanted to continue to the end. For this I am very sorry.

Q Still you showed your presence.
BYJ Thank you

Q For JYP what kind of person is BYJ?
JYP We are very close friends. He has a fault but he is also very adorable. I want to protect him. (BYJ pats JYP on the shoulder bashfully.)

Q At what kind of occasion do you want to protect BYJ?
JYP I’m quite straightforward about what I say, however, Yong Jooni takes time to think about what to say or how to say while giving thoughts to his counterpart. I wish he would speak out more freely.
BYJ From now on I will say what I want to say to you. (laughs)

Q Will you give a message to those who follow their dreams?
BYJ It is very hard to do. I think goals and dreams are quite similar, but dreams are something we can’t reach. Bur because we have dreams, we try to accomplish our goals one by one.

Next session was an announcement of ‘Best 5 scenes’ selected by the fans.

No. 1 Ha Myon, head director plays the piano in an audition. (ep.1)
No.2 Kiss in the Ferris wheel in Nagoya (ep. 10)
No. 3 Mr. Jing Mann (English teacher) versus Jason (ep.9)
No. 4 Students sing and dance ‘Genie’ of Girls Generation to encourage Guku’s senior. (ep. 5)
No. 5 Head director visits Mr. Jin Mann at his house. (ep.2)

JYP This was a very first scene for me to shoot. BYJ taught me in details line by line about its meaning and the character, which helped me a lot. I thought BYJ will be a good director.
One thing, in the scene (ep.2) when I shook hands with BYJ, it was right after I scratched my hip so I feel very sorry.
BYJ I almost tried to withdraw my hands. (laughs)

Mc From now I would like you to answer the questions by the fans.
Q If there were Kirin Art School, would like to go?
BYJ Yes, of course. I will practice singing and dancing hard and wish to be like Ji Yong.
JYP I am a good looking actor. (laugh)
BYJ After looking at his face for a while, he looks handsome.

(to be continued)
Pictures posted from BYJGallery by style and Polaris - courtesy of Asahi and Oricon, thanks to all the sisters for sharing.

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