Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Hi dear sisters ..... are you enjoying your spring weekend? I wish all you dear mommies and daughters will have a wonderful day with your loved ones. Try to put HRH at the back of our minds for 1 day (hehe, he is busy with his mommy too) and enjoy it with your family, promise? Hehe but before you go, please look at him one more time, huh :)

New Face Shop postcards posted from byjgallery by daisukibyj


gosijo said...

My dear Jaime,

Thank you for your wishes. May your own Mother's Day be a lovely time spend with your family.

If you are missing T.O. a little, then here's a taste of the May weather we're having here today: heavy thunderstorms this morning, including hail, but bright sunshine this afternoon, although the wind is gusting quite strongly at times. We are at 19 degrees.

"Talk" soon...

Anonymous said...

Hi chinggu!

Thanx for posting the new post card pics of our King. Haven't seen them before.

Like Jo Onni, thank you also for your wishes. Hope that you and your family will have a wonderful day together today, as well as, all your readers here. Happy Mother's Day to all!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae Sisters:
Happy mother's day and equally Happy daughter's day to all! May God bless us with the protection and grace that we all need to be good mothers and daughters.
Please pray for me and my daughter, Sarina, as she goes through a major spinal operation on tuesday May 12. May God bless the neuro-surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, abdominal and general surgeon, anaesthesiologist, their assistants, and surgical nurses and they be given wisdom, competence and grace to bring the operation to success and victory. For a better quality of life! For Jesus Christ died to give us Life.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

jaime said...

My dear Josephine,

I am deeply concerned when I learned about your dear daughter's upcoming surgery. Just a couple of weeks ago, you were giving me such comforting words and encouragement during my ordeal. I always believe the power of prayer and the miracle works of God, I am so grateful that my health is turned around all of a sudden.

Dear Josephine, I know with your faith and strength, God will be watching over your dear daughter and your family. I will keep Sarina in my prayer, she is going to be fine after the surgery. Please keep yourself strong both physically and mentally!

love ^ hugs .... Jaime

catt said...

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Thank you for the lovely photos to look at this morning, Jaime!

Josephine, I will keep your daughter Sarina, her doctors and everyone concerned in prayer as well.

Our God is a mighty and awesome God, as well as a loving and compassionate Father God, who holds all in His hands. I am sure He will be supporting your daughter and family through the coming surgery.


gosijo said...

My dear Josephine,

I know Jaime will understand if I use this space to say that we will all be praying for a successful outcome for your precious daughter on Tuesday.

God Bless...

cArLeTtE jEaN said...

Hai, Jaime!

I love your blog.
It is all about Bae.
I could not ask for more.
You are a blessing.

Thank you for sharing!

jenny said...

Hi Josephine

I am in deep concerned of hearing your daughter coming surgery but we all will pray hard for your daughter.

Don't worry god is very kind and will look after your daughter during the surgery.

May god bless you



p/s Jaime sorry using your space

xiaoyi said...

Dear Jaime,

Happy Mother's Day!! How are you? Hope you have had a great weekend! Do take things easy and my best wishes to you. Take care, dear.

Dear Josephine,
Sorry to hear about your daughter's surgery. Please be strong and our prayers are with you!

Loves, xiaoyi

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jaime and Bae sisters:
Thank you very much for your deep compassion. I am very happy that I have known you all, Bae Yong Joon Family, through this blogsite. Indeed, "By Thy fruits, you will know them."
Good begets good!
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Anonymous said...

Hello Jaime
Happy Mama's Day!How are you ladies!
It's quiet in bae land.I wanted to share a story with you guys.I was pretty down these days stress it's really tough to live and bear some things. Anyways, I was surfng I'm at BB's page feeling really down and the I heard this song HAlo from beyonce and I'm looking at BYj pictures.I feel the chills the song is perfectly fit to him. His like a saving grace when we feel out.Don'tyou think when were sad or alone we just look at his pictures and we feel a bit better.Geez am I being dramatic here. Well what you think?Check out the song in youtube.

flowerbossa said...

Dear Jaime-san,

I hope you enjoyed a peaceful mother's day with your family!
My,it was certainly a WARM day, wasn't it?!

Please allow me to leave a note for Josephine:

It is already Tuesday here in Japan, but I hope you are getting the rest you need to care for your daughter. Being a mother myself, I realize all too often that the hardest ordeals we go through are those concerning our children - but I am surprised and grateful that they usually seem to have the strength to pull through. My prayers will be with you and your family.


yudi said...

Dear Josephine,

Although I am just a prayer learner ( I was baptized not for long), I will include Sarina and your family into my prayer with my faith. May God bless you.


jaime said...

Hi gosijo, catt, jenny, xiaoyi, flowerbossa, yudi ..... thanks for your message to Josephine. You are really kind and caring.

love ... jaime

btw, please don't worry about using the space here.

jaime said...

Hi carlette jean,

thanks for your comment. hope you don't mind me just type out your name without UC. Glad you love Yong Joon :)

regards .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi newbie,

Sorry for my late reply, I hope you feel better now. Even though I don't work, but I know the pressure from both workplace and family can bring you down sometimes. I am glad that you seek out wonderful music videos that help you to relax. I am not a psychologist, but because of my problem recently, the doctors kept telling me to take it slow. So maybe you like to try doing something you enjoy and release your stress, how about singing out loud, dancing in front of a mirror or watching some TV sitcoms which will make you laughing off the couch? Sorry I am just making silly suggestions. You know Yong Joon and your BYJ sisters are always here, huh?

I watched Beyonce's Halo a few times, really love it! Hehe, thanks for showing me something this hip :) Please take care!

love .. jaime