Thursday, May 28, 2009

A sense of normalcy

Hi Hi sisters .... remember last month Winter Sonata was voted as the most favourite TV program in NHK-BS' 20th Anniversary commemoration? Well tonight they aired episode 10 of Winter Sonata to 'answer' the audience's wishes! Apparently most voters mentioned this is one of their favourite episode....

I adore how cute and playful he was when he told Yujin, "Somebody else caught the fish and I bought it!" Look at his sweet smile :)

It broke my heart when I read the article in bb's blog. His songsungnim Jun Yong Bok commented that Yong Joon's lacquer work expressed his depth in life, but also his pain and loneliness :( Our prince has everything that any human being could ever hope for - looks, personality, career, fame, fortune, family and friends. What he lacks is NORMALCY - just living a normal life with his family under normal circumstances n any normal day!

Like what MinHyung said in this episode 10 as he was watching Yujin cooked. "So that's what a family feels like - you come home after a hard day's of work, your loved one is preparing dinner for you and the whole house is filled with the wonderful smell of cooking!" (hehe in my case, the hair/face/clothes all stink like fried fish @@)

The whole family eat dinner together and then go for a walk in the park afterwards! (or in my case, staying behind to scrub and clean in the kitchen :)
I hope our Yong Joon will have his well-deserved normal family life soon
. Please take care!


gosijo said...

Hi my dear Lady Jaime,

Another great post! Bittersweet or, I should say, sweet-bitter in this case. And generous of you since normalcy for YJ is likely to mean pulling away from the public even more, sigh!

On episode 10, the questions/comments on my mind are of a more practical nature:

1) How did Yujin whip up all those side-dishes so fast? Lucky her to find all the necessary ingredients in a seldom-used villa (a little suspension of disbelief helps)

2) Ah, the "communal" soup bowl in the middle of the table! How I wish to understand all its intricate meanings and implications - sharing, trust, family ties, closeness... What do Korean people do in times of worries about infection? Also, how "game" YJ always seems to be about plunging in and tasting the soup!

jenny said...

Hi Jaimie

Good posting again. I am crossing my finger and he will have a well-deserved normal family but do not know when !!!!!!

It seem that he has become more and more busier with his career, business & etc. It could be even so he will go into politic as well. Nobody knows cause he is a so influential and perfect man. Love him more.

Hope u don't think I am talking nonsence here. Have a nice and wonderful weekend.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Hi jaime

As someone who have come to love this person of BYJ so much, I really really wish him a (in your words) "well-deserved normal family life soon." On the other hand, if that happens soon, it'll mean we may have to lose him completely, unlike now we still get to have peeks of him in cfs, etc. It's not easy to let someone you love go . . . like letting go of the kite . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi jaime

As someone who have come to love this person of BYJ so much, I really really wish him a (in your words) "well-deserved normal family life soon." On the other hand, if that happens soon, it'll mean we may have to lose him completely, unlike now we still get to have peeks of him in cfs, etc. It's not easy to let someone you love go . . . like letting go of the kite . . .


chakachan said...

helloo ms. jamie,
Hmm WS...i have 3 favorite scenes from the drama.
1. When Yujin finally met the Junsang lookalike, Minhyung,in his office, after she placed the last piece of the puzzle to complete it.
2. When Yujin ran after (by cab!!) Minhyung to the airport after reading his letter attached inside the CD of "First Time", realizing that, he was indeed Junsang...
3. the scene on the gondola, where minhyung had feelings for yujin...he kept looking at this how he is when he's interested in someone???
WS now on it's 20th anniversary?? This drama is soo timeless..
yup, i wish BYJ would have a normal life, but i realize that maybe THIS IS A NORMAL life for him already, i just may not understand it or find it strange because I don't live it....i may have compared my way of life from his. I'm sure he's really use to it already, all the unconventionality that goes with the business..then again...BYJ having a normal life? I just can't picture it...let's have him married first..ha ha ha..


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

I'm greedy. I want to have both - him having a normal family life with wife and great kids (who are like him and look like him) to keep him company and still doing dramas once a year. Well, Angelina Jodie is married with lots of kids and she's still pretty active with her movies.

S'pore fan

Hyds said...

Hi Jaime,
I obviously missed this post. It's sad to know that he is lonely.. Being on top probably is a lonely place to be for some. He has been quiet for sometime now so I thought he has been living a normal life but business and other future projects get in the way too. Tsk, tsk.. Only BYJ could find the answer and I hope he's led to it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jaime and Bae sisters!

I love to see him in a new movie or drama now!I missed him so,but whatever he wants to do I'll support him all the way.
Well I don't understand why in order to be happy he has to let go his family meaning us.
Can't he have both?
Well,his 37 he can marry in his 50's if he wanted?right!
Look at Warren B.but if he doesn't want to marry at all that's fine then we can have him forever!
We can never know his thoughts and his feelings.
Me I will just love him for now and then if he wanted to settle down live in the center of the earth.You know who to call BYJ!
hehehe......I'm always ready my bagpack is always ready WHENEVER,WHEREEVER!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear Jaime -- great post!!

Do I have a fave scene from WLS?? I love that drama so much, it's hard to choose -- I'll just say it's my favourite drama of all time!

Like everyone else, I too want him to have a normal life -- unfortunately, the life he's living is "normal" for him -- always being in the public eye when he's out, having family waiting for him wherever he goes, so many people wanting a piece of him... Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for being one of them, haha!

But I am always so grateful to him for playing the hand he was dealt in life, for he has brought me such pleasure and happiness. I want him to have his own happiness always.

Thanks again for your amazing blog, my dear sis -- I miss you, how are you??

love to all,

jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

so so sorry for the late reply. Hehe, I think we talked about that there is no serving spoon/fork or chopsticks in Korea before. You remember that they all drink from one cup? Their family spirit spills over to all aspects of their culture. We can learn both the traditional and hip stuffs from watching those Korean dramas :) Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Jenny,

So sorry for the late reply. Yeah, we all wish he has a happy normal life. But he still has so many responsibilities?? Please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi alcy,

I have the same worry. If he is married, he will guard his privacy even more than now. Then we will never get to see the non-acting BYJ anymore :( But I am slowly learning to accept this. Thanks for dropping by!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

thank you for sharing your fave scenes from WS. I love all the scenes that have Yong Joon in it, hahaha! Oops, Winter Sonata was broadcasted in 2002, so it has been 7 years. But it still looks so new, truly a classic.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi S'pore fan,

Yeah, you are right. Some Hollywood male stars got married and aged but their popularity stays high. I guess people are attracted to their acting. I hope Yong Joon will be in that category.
Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hyds,

I hope everything is fine with you. Sorry I have been very busy lately. hehe, but who isn't? Miss you all!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hehe newbie,

I hope he gets your signal : YOU ARE READY!

Good luck!
love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi chief,

sorry for being MIA for so long. I'll reply to your email now.

love .. jaime