Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A week to cherish - I

Hi sisters ..... after a week of emotional rollercoaster (on top of the exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition), this unforgettable reunion with Yong Joon and his kazoku has finally closed its curtain. It was very trying for me as I started this past week physically exhausted from my Toronto home visit and jetlag, mentally burnt out with the uncertainty of many personal issues. Not exactly the right kind of mood to prepare for 'a dream date with the prince', you would say? Nevertheless, I remind myself of Yong Joon's motto 'Ichigo Ichie', that I tried to draw strength from within and cherish the moment – as there may never be another time like this one!

Way before the month of the Events, I have diligently jotted down the arrival, departure and activities of different overseas sisters. Hehe, not because I was any important host calling the shots or anything, but just so I could make myself available in case anyone needed a local person around. The BIG week started off reuniting with my Toronto sisters Ivy and Gosijo, and a rendezvous with the Chinese Baidu sisters in their hotel. Even with my jetlag and heavy heart, the smiles and warmth of these lovely sisters have rejuvenated my sagging spirit. From that moment on, my heart had officially stepped into the mode of ‘2 days with Yong Joon ssi’.

In the morning of 29th, the kind kiyomi san extended her hospitality to some overseas fans in joining her ‘April Snow and Now’ circle for a pre-event lunch gathering at the Tokyo Dome Hotel. By now, I am quite familiar with the friendly faces of the ‘AS & Now’ sisters. They always greet me with such warmth and cheerfulness, I only wish my Japanese were proficient enough to converse freely with them. It’s a delight to see princess bb again after my Singapore trip, and met her unnis from Korea and Singapore. Happiness seemed to have filled up my stomach, all I remembered was drinking, chatting and more drinking. BIG mistake! Every sensible BYJ fan knows that one has to stuff one’s tummy with good food and leave the bladder empty before an event, and obviously I am not in the 'sensible' category.

Umichan led us on a short dance to cheer for Yong Joon and we all toasted to the success of his 2 events. Meanwhile, Yong Joon ssi and Choi Ji Woo were holding their press conference in Odaiba...

Since the Winter Sonata Anime Event didn’t start until 6pm that evening, we had ample time to explore the event venue. By now, we have gathered up more sisters, mariko, olivia, moichan. The hotel lobby was packed with weary fans dragging their overnight luggage waiting to check in. Cafés and restaurants filled with fan friends eagerly anticipating their meeting with Yonsama. Needless to say, the ladies washrooms always turn out to be the most popular. Looking at this hustle bustle scene, I couldn't help but be grateful to cloudnine for our wonderful stay in Osaka last year.

This time however, we did not have to line up for 3 hours to buy BYJ souvenirs. Event goods were readily available for purchase as these sales booths were located throughout the Dome. This one is located inside the hotel :

Nikkan Sports on that day w/ life- size Yonsama pictures

The surrounding bookstores had Yonsama’s magazines displayed right at the front. I bought my copy of the ‘Journey to the Beauty of Korea’ too.

Even street vendors were around attracting lots of onlookers

Outside the Dome, banners from many fan clubs could be seen

More booths for event goods

Our arms were quite tired carrying lots of souvenirs and gifts and the rain started to come down. Since the Dome opened at 4pm to the fans, we decided to go in and get ourselves settled ......
to be continued......


Anonymous said...

Hi jaime

been watching this space and finally you blog. thanks :) Hope being able to see BYJ in person has lifted your spirits considerably and that you'll eventually sort out your personal issues . . .
awaiting second part eagerly . . .


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Thanx for sharing these past wonderful experiences that you had last week with everyone including the sisters from Canada, SG, China, etc. Hope that meeting them had made you forget some(if not all) of your exhaustion and problems.

Rest more and we'll be waiting for more reports.

Love yah!

xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,

Thanks for sharing your experience. How are you now? Hope you are feeling much better, do take care of yourself.
Thanks again!

Loves, xiaoyi

cecy said...

Hola Jaime, me alegra poder saludarte nuevamente y desearte te encuentres bien.
Yo tambien estoy emocionada por los recientes eventos, aún no estando ahí comparto tu alegría.
gracias por compartir tus lindas imágenes.
Con cariño Cecy México.

jaime said...

Dear alcy,

thank you for checking on my blog. sorry for being absent for so long. I hope things will calm down and life will get back to normal soon.

Please take care!
love .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear chinggu,

Attending a BYJ event and meeting with sisters around the world is like 'once in a lifetime' experience for me. Exciting and exhausting as it is, but I will never forget these wonderful memories. I will try to take things easier and hopefully no unexpected things will happen in the next little while.

Please be careful in this typhoon season.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

dear xiaoyi,

thanks for writing to me. just sent you an email.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Cecy,

thanks for reading. glad that you enjoy the images. I hope one day you will be present in a BYJ event too :)

Please take care!
love .... jaime

Hyds said...

Dear Jaime!
I'm so glad to hear from you.. I kept looking at your space in my site waiting for new updates and wondering. I have missed you, you know. I am really glad you had a great times meeting all the Baefamilies. oppps you really have to eat before drinking.One big rule.
I read your two accounts of the events and I still felt the same excitement and anticipation I had with the other sisters' writings..
Thank you once again and looking forward to part 3. Take it easy now.

p.s. I don't feel so bad about my hair now since you posted that new photo of YJ. It's exactly the same cut. Must be the new trend then.

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thank you for checking up on my blog and I miss you gals too! Really? You cut your hair like Yong Joon now?! I can't wait to see it, it must be beautiful :)

Hehe sorry, I should have clarified - by drinking I meant drinking ice water, that's all :) I can't drink alcohol, hohoho :)
Thanks for your advice.

love .... jaime