Thursday, September 1, 2011

Him at long last!

Omo omo, our dear Yong Joon at long last! He is heading to Tokyo for the Dream High event now, the handsome prince almost takes my breath away!

He looks absolutely stunning, so cool with his denim jacket and leather carry-on

How do you like his new hair style? so young and hip @@

You miss his warm and tender smile? I do I do!

Have a safe flight Yong Joon, have fun!
Repost from BYJGallery - polaris, thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

How have you been? I wish you and your family well.

BYJ seems to have found the fountain of youth! He is still as handsome and as youthful-looking as when I first "discovered" him in TWSSG! It's hallelujah time for us after such a long dry spell! (Bae fans are really just as amazing as the king they adore - see how we have all seemed to come out of hibernation with just one appearance, still giving him the kind of love and support uniquely ours!)


Anonymous said...

Hi hi Jaime,

Yes, Yong Joon was sooooo cool today!! Though it was only 4 or 5 seconds for me, his smile was very natural and made all of us happy.

He set the record in Haneda airpost again today. Will write you soon.

cloud nine

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
Greetings on pre-Dream High event.
I guess everybody is excited. Bae Yong Joon looks healthy and hip. He does not look thirty nine years old at all.
I hope the Japanese Family gives him thirty nine gifts. My Chinese friends always insist that we invite guests and receive gifts from as many as our age is, for good luck.
May Bae Yong Joon bring life and energy to the Japanese as much as they would give him love and energy to move forward with new projects.
Josephine Pasricha

mishio said...

hi jaime^^

it's mishio, the lost child (lol, what a record stretch of the use of the word 'child') *--

have u been well?? i've been keeping up on your whereabouts in bits & pieces from our wonderful mutual sis friends. nice to see you settled back home.

was looking up byj blogs and finding yours up & active was a big emotional rush for me. ah....those fun old times! anyway, i was suddenly curious re: the DH event after finding a few BYJ frenz literally missing. so desu ne... haha. should've known something was up.

anyway... it was like a breeze. seeing his photo here in this rejuvenated youthful state was definitely like a fine spring breeze in this relentlessly hot LA summer. i do say i like his casual outfits best!

thanks for curing my curiosity. enjoyed the blog pics much!

be well, ok?

(one of these days, hope to catch up with ya!)

jaime said...

hi hi guapa,

I couldn't agree with you more. I am surprised too how we bae fans have been so quiet and then all come out from nowhere to react to his re-appearance. Haha, I think he deprives us too much!

thanks for dropping me a message and please take care!
cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi cloudnine,

thanks so much for always sharing what you saw. without you, we english speaking fans would have missed out a lot about him.

please enjoy the event!
love .. jaime

jaime said...

dear josephine,

nice to hear from you. what a wonderful thought! a gift for each year of his age, it sure takes someone who has a lot of love for that person to have such beautiful thoughts. Let's hope to hear more great things coming out from the event. please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

wowowo, what a wonderful surprise to hear from you, mishio! I hope everything is fine with you.

Sure miss the good old days when I read about your blog, bb's blog and other bloggers'. Miss all your splendid writings and humour which made our days much more fun to live. While spending more time and enjoying other hobbies now, I still treasure the tranquility and solitude I find during the blogging process, suffice to say all the wonderful friendships being built along the way.

I count the blessings I had the precious opportunity to have met you face-to-face in Osaka. Yes, I am looking forward to the days that we will meet again with other sisters. I wish you all the best in what you pursue in life and please stay in touch.

love ... jaime

damjini2010 said...

hi jaime..

yes byj really has found the fountain of youth he really looks the same as the legend.. i hope we will have more news about him soon...