Thursday, September 22, 2011

Senkichi curry udon

Hi hi ....... hmmmm, feeling a bit hungry and wondering what I should make myself for lunch? Ahhhh, I suddenly remember some pictures I downloaded a few weeks ago. Hehe, this sure looks tempting, slurp slurp :)

If you haven't seen this yet, this is one of the delicious meals that Yong Joon had during his 'Dream High' tour.

This curry udon shop apparently is in Ginza but I have never seen it before?? Must be on one of the many side streets, it's called Senkichi.

Just like his favourite little ramen shop in Shibuya, this udon shop looks pretty local to me, kind of like a 'eat and run' place.

Hehe as usual, he seemed to have his back facing outside. It is said that the servers did not recognize Yonsama at first, at least not until he took off his sunglasses. Well well, looks like our Japanese sisters have another destination to explore now :)
Pictures reposted from BYJGallery - tomochang, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime-san,

Thanks for posting the pictures of the udon place. Actually I'm planning to visit this place with some sisters in the near future for 'Yon-sama set' menu.
This place is not on the main street of Ginza, but near Kabuki-za theater (whose traditinal structure was demolished and is under construction now).
The next ramen shop is also Yong-sama's favorite 'Ippudo', which is famous for its tonkotsu(pork bone) soup ramen. He went to Roppongi shop last December. Some say because Ippudo was full he went to the next udon shop instead.

Without his visit, we would not have a chance to go this 'eat and run', hehe.

Across the street there's a 'Sakura shop'-wooden furniture shop where Yong Joon bought some wooden sake cups and placement mats. FYI those items are all sold out now. Looks like your shop.

cloud nine

jaime said...

Hi hi cloudnine,

Thanks for the info. So he really likes pork bone soup ramen, huh? Is there an Ippudo in Roppongi, where where? I didn;t even notice :(

Thanks for the link to the Sakura shop, I love the simple design and natural elements, especially the work they did on the Ginza Motoji kimono shop @@ Reminds me of the Hagi kimono shop in Aoyama that my kitsuke sensei took me, probably by the same interior designer too. Yonsama must love this very simple and chic Japanese design :)

Please take care!
love .... jaime

Lin said...

hi jaime!
So lucky for any shops BYJ stop by!
They will have good business with our sisters' support.

Even me, from VN also wish to be there, siting opposite his seat and .... imagine!
Thanks for inspiring us!

All the best!

Hyds said...

ohhh they look yummy!! another entry to my things to do list I meant food to try..Take care Jaime. Love, Hyds