Saturday, September 3, 2011

Still Yonsama!

Haha, I guess I don't have to re-iterate the commotion when our prince arrived at Haneda Airport - fans squeaked, squealed, screamed and he responded by smiling, greeting, bowing, waving, even blowing kisses :)   

To be honest, with Yong Joon's long absence and the increasing popularity of younger K-pop idols in Japan, I thought the fans' passion for him would cool down somewhat with time. But Yonsama is Yonsama, he sets standards and creates phenomenon, he is indeed a class of his own!

Let's see, 50 fans on board the same flight, 100 police officers, 200 security guards, 1000 (some reports 3000) fans inside the terminal, 1500 outside .....

Yes yes, our dear cloudnine is as diligent and loyal as always, she was patiently waiting at Haneda to welcome our prince too. If you remember well that she struck gold last December when Yong Joon and KHJ stood very close to her outside the airport for the longest time? Hehe, this time our dear moichan and pallet also wish to rub some of this luck off cloudnine, all 3 ladies were waiting outside of Haneda terminal. From cloudnine and Pallet's account, when Yong Joon's car slowly passed in front of them, he laid eyes on the drawings that Pallet san was holding up and even recognized it @@ Lucky lucky Pallet san, great work! You ladies all deserve every single second of his attention :) Good luck everyone at the Dream High Event today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, I know you'd never let me down. I'm happy to read about this time's YJ's visit of Japan.He looks great with his short hair and a cap!

This was a good surprise to me and if I didn't watch TV entertainment ranking program which I watched for the first time last night,I would never know this great news.

I'm also happy to see familar bae sisters'names here.

Love Yoko

jaime said...

Hi Yoko san,

Nice to hear from you again and thanks for writing me a comment. I am the same way, for a short while, I didn't even check for Yong Joon's news as I know he was laying low :) I am happy he gives his fans this Dream High event. I gather you are not attending since you are not in Tokyo, right? We'll know what happens soon, please stay tune :)

love .. jaime

gosijo said...

Sweet news, dear Jaime. Thanks so much for it passing on!

Lin said...

Thanks for the news.
Love BYJ!
He is very handsome and tall. I love his long leg!