Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tonkatsu celebration

Hi Hi sisters ..... doesn't this birthday cake look delicious? Thanks to cloudnine (or NO thanks cause this tempts me too much :) for sending me a picture of this super cute cake from her Japanese sisters' BYJ birthday party! Can you count the 39 burning candles on the cake? Haha miahnae Yong Joon, I think we have to call the fire department in!

Cloudnine shared with me that Kiyomi san and 32 of the 'April Snow & Now' sisters got together at Mai-sen Tonkatsu Restaurant in OmoteSando Hills to celebrate our prince's birthday. Remember, this is the place that Yong Joon and Kim Hyung Joon dined in during their Tokyo Hohoemi charity event last December. For those sisters who are not familiar with Japanese food, tonkatsu is deep fried pork cutlet with a very fluffy and crispy coating, served with shredded cabbage and specially prepared sauce, yum yum :)  I guess this is the 'in' spot for BYJ gathering these days. Hehe Yong Joon, bet you also have a craving for tonkatsu now, right?   

FYI the link is , thanks cloudnine for always sharing!


Anonymous said...

Thank Q Chinggu for posting the pic. What a lovely cake and I should commend our Japanese sisters for doing this get-together to celebrate YJ's birthday. You girls ROCK!

Tonkatsu is popular here. There are restos offering the dish and many groceries and big supermarkets have chicken, pork and beef tonkatsu ready for frying. Uhh, this gives me a sudden craving, hehehehe!

Thank you again and hope you and your family are always healthy and happy!


jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

me too! I want to eat tonkatsu too after checking out the website (eventhough with my weight, I cannot afford to eat fried food :(

isn't it great that we can see Yong Joon in public again?

love .. jaime

Yee said...

Hi Lady,

Long time no chat... Thanks for sharing our handsome one's news and delicious looking birthday cake. I'd like to thank sister cloudnine too. I met sister Kiyomi when she came here and we had lunch with the other Bae sisters. Hope we all can get together sometime. I miss our princess BB too, haven't heard from her long time.


jaime said...

Hi Yee,

Good to hear from you again. Yes, I look forward to meeting you and kiyomi, cloudnine again. perhaps in Tokyo? me too, I miss bb and the old days.

Please take care!
love ... jaime