Thursday, February 7, 2008

2009 Calendar already?

Wow, you won't believe how efficient Bae sisters are. We barely started 2008, they already come up with 2009 calendar. Hehe, but with super gorgeous pictures like these, who's complaining? Now take a deep breath first, breathe out .....

original from by style
reposted in baidu by 梦想飞扬


Yee said...

Wow!! this is wonderful.
Can we buy these somewhere or we just have to print them out ourselves??
Thanks for posting these Jaime.


bb said...

that's quick... but i don't think there's a 29th feb in 2009 :p

Anonymous said...

BB, your very observant, there is definitely no 29th of feb in 2009.They have to redo march - dec.


Anonymous said...

OMG when I get home
I will copy this and use it
as my desktop.

Thank you for sharing.


jaime said...

hi hi yee,

I think this is fan's artwork, not official calendar. So please print it out and enjoy HRH's gorgeousness :)

hahaha, if this is official, the company is in big trouble w/ the misprints - as bb pointed out the feb 29 date.

yes, I love his BIG pictures too.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hahaha bb and jelen, no feb 29!
nothing can escape you, eh?

but tell me honestly, do u really look at the dates when you stare at a BYJ calendar? Me? Never! :)

jaime said...

hi moontime,

I'm also seriously thinking of changing my wallpaper. Please enjoy!

love ,... Jaime

bb said...

hee... i noticed it coz i had thought it's really way early to be doing a 2009 calendar, so i had initially thought the fan/s had gotten the year wrong... so i was checking the dates, and then i realised they got the leap year thingy wrong :p

coco said...

Hi jaime and everyone,

Yes, these are GORGEOUS!!!


As much as I strive to live in the present, now I can't wait till 2009 so I can use this calendar, haha!

I like May the best -- and not just because it is my birth month. I just love his profile!!

Thanks for sharing these, jaime...

love to all,

Tamar said...

Who looks at the dates anyway, right? ; )
Happy New Year of the Rat, everyone!

jaime said...

hehe chief,

yeah, this sister is so kind to gather these close up pictures of HRH for us to savour on. I love his look in march!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi tamar,

so I guess if we have a BYJ clock, we will be sure be late for everything cos we only stare at his picture and forget to check the time :)

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

I'd make sure that any BYJ clock was set to the atomic clock in the USA so I wouldn't have to worry about setting it.

I like January best...that big happy smile. I like September, too. He looks so determined.

jaime said...

hi hi tama, speaking about atomic time. I just bought 2 atomic clocks which pick up time signal from radio waves, so no need for me to set the clock. Wow, new news to me! The world is getting more and more convenient!

Yes, I like September too! Hehe, what's that I don't like?

love ... jaime