Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gosireh III

Hehe, I’d better finish the final part of my Gosireh lunch before I totally forget all the details (which is happening more and more now at my age). Remember I last left off at where we finished our delicious lunch and was about to proceed to the main dining room for games and stuffs. Ha, my problem is I got distracted again, and this one is on my must-see list in Gosireh – no no no, not the kitchen.

Bingo! Ladies, I present you this ……

Yes, the washroom! Well, to be specific, the gentlemen/ladies washroom. Now, before you proclaim me a pervert, think about it sis, he was in that VIP room sampling food the whole day last year. He’s got to go, right? Gosireh knows its customers very well, they have ladies room and then gentlemen/ladies room, but no ‘gentlemen’s only’ room. Hehe, so HRH has no choice but to patronize this one!

Hehe, I took so long inside the washroom checking out this and that, I hope the waitress didn’t think I had a major catastrophe in there :) While kiyomi was playing BYJ Q&A games with the sisters in the main hall, I took the opportunity to snap up a few more pictures.

I loe love love this staircase! Imagine one in your own house? :)

I think this is the utensils he used last time he ate in Gosireh. And no, I did not attempt to taste the spoon.

And the big black plate he signed after his 'Tae Wang Sang' meeting in Seoul earlier :

Good times passed so fast and our lunch had come to an end. Before we left, I had another brief moment to talk to the kind and sweet moichan. I look forward to spring when she can come out more often to meet us. She almost moved me to tears when she gave this cute Mickey chocolates to my son for Valentines. The seaweed is from the thoughtful tamatama, I will cook it, promise.

Cloudnine kindly brought over a few sisters, who visited this blog, to introduce to me. This very elegant and beautiful sister who dressed in formal kimono smiled at me, then gently retrieved the fan from her obi belt and handed to me. I thought she wanted me to look at her fan, so I opened it up, a faint fragrance came up to me. The floral design is soft and subdued, I complimented her on it, thanked and handed it back to her. Then she gently pressed the fan on my hands meaning it’s actually a gift for me. I was a bit embarrassed as I didn’t want to take it away from her formal ensemble, later on I found out from cloudnine that this beautiful sister is a kimono teacher. Thank you, thank you, I will treasure it.

Finally, this is the souvenirs from the 'April Snow & Now' circle, thank you for organizing such an enjoyable and meaningful luncheon in the name of our King :)


vegasbyj said...

hi dear jaime!

thank you for your Gosireh III report. As always you bring out the best in whatever you are writing about, even the restroom in Gosireh.

I also enjoyed your post on making zushi. Your zushi presentation looks awesome. It seems sushi has come a long way with all the "creative" types you see today. However, you can't beat the original. I still remember my Grandma's makizushi and inari zushi - simple and tasty.

It's great to know you are doing well in Japan and the Japanese sisters are taking good care of you. Sugoi!!

Take care!

jaime said...

hi my dear vegas,

so happy to hear from you. is Las Vegas still cold? It's cold in tokyo.

hehe, you have fond memories of your grandma's sushi? I can picture a cute pretty little girl eating sushi in he kitchen of her loving grandma.

Thanks for your encouragement. I was a bit hesitant posting pictures of the washroom :) Hope it's not offensive.

please take care!

love ... jaime

vegasbyj said...

I don't find your washroom pictures offensive - it's part of the whole experience.

I can only imagine the cold in Tokyo. It's been warming up here in Vegas. We are in the low 70's - go figure. I don't want the heat yet - not ready for it.

Please continue to share your experiences with us. It's very enjoyable to read - the next best thing to being there.

ps: i don't know about a pretty little girl - try chubby with bangs and a ponytail...lol

bb said...

kekekeke.... i love love love the way your mind works :p

and... the japanese sisters are so thoughtful, ya? to be honest, even though i know they're this thoughtful, it still overwhelms me each time, as they seem to outdo their own kindness time and time again.

am sure the sisters have made your relocation to japan abit easier. am happy for you :)

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime, thanks for another great post!

You know, everytime I come here, I'm reminded of how each of our blogger sisters have their own style, each one enjoyable and each one very distinct.

The way you weave humour so effortlessly in your posts is truly amazing! And yet, through all that, we get your caring side as well.

I'm glad to have you and all our Bae sis in my life!

bb said...

yes yes yes, gosijo! i get the same vibes! jaime's sense of humour is really all over her postings, and yet it's the heartwarming type of funny :)

jaime said...

Thanks princess, you make me blush blush :) I learn so much from you and the other blogger sisters before I even dare to venture into this wonderful world of blogging.

Even though my original intent is nothing more than simply to capture my adoration of Yong Joon. As I go along, I find that blogging really helps me (subconsciously) to put everything in perspective. When I read back my posts, I realize "ahhh, so that's near and dear to me at that point in time!" When I picked out the commonality of these posts, then I discovered some hidden aspects of myself that I was not even aware of.

So, I feel blogging is not simply an expressive and recording channel anymore. It is an re-discovery and emotional-organizing tool for me :) Sorry I hope I make sense?

thanks for your encouragement. You are always a huge driving force and a positive role model, just like our Yong Joon.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear gosijo,

I am counting my blessings everyday that I am fortunate enough to know and come from the same city as you. Not only that you are a gifted writer, you are so caring, sensitive, observant and knowledgeable.

You know, I gain so much from this blogging experience. Besides capturing a snapshot of my own life and appreciate our HRH on a deeper level, my most precious reward is being able to talk to my dear BYJ sisters like you almost everyday. Thanks for always being there for me.

I sincerely hope your dream will be accomplished very soon! (you know what I mean :)

love ... jaime

bb said...

of course i understand what you're saying, jaime... i've been blogging for over two years, you know :p

like you, in the beginning, it was purely to find a personal platform to 'unleash' my pent-up adoration of wuri yong joon. somewhere where i won't feel silly posting silly thoughts and stuff, somewhere where i won't feel like i'm wasting cyberspace.

then as i go along, it's really more the process of writing that eggs me on and on and on. i discover that i do love to blog... i find that as i blog, i tend to reflect on things abit more, and somehow the memories stick abit longer, perhaps because we reflect more on things as we blog our thoughts or certain events out. it kindda helps me collect my thoughts alittle, if you know what i mean.

and... being a blogger also makes me slightly more observant. won't say it's 24/7, but compared to my non-blogging days, i am now more conscious of my environment, often looking out for kodak moments or blogging topics and stuff. i like that very much.

of course, having people come to my blog also makes me happy. guess it's abit of a vanity at work here :p

and please... me role model? i sometimes think i'm way too preachy :p

but boy am i glad you've turned blogger :)

Tamar1973 said...

You took pictures of the loo? LMAO! I don't know what BYJ would think if that. I think it's cute. After all, it isn't like anyone is using it in the picture!

jaime said...

hehe tamar, what can I say? I am sure he has a say in the design of the washroom too. My conscience told me I have to share all Bae things with my sisters :)

love ... Jaime