Sunday, February 3, 2008

Feast for the eyes!

My dear sisters ...... I find ever since I walked into this Bae Wonderland, I am constantly being amazed by the love and beauty coming from BYJ and his family. You remember I introduced a new and talented sister Rg who drew this very delicate Damdeok portrait :

Well, Rg has been drawing away and I am so honoured that she sent me her latest works on BYJ. I really love her very clean and fine lines, gives our Tae Wang a certain softness :

Hehe, I save the best for last. I love that original Leslie Kee's picture of HRH showing us just a glimpse of his sexy back. I am so happy that Rg has chosen this picture to draw. She wrote that it took her a long time to do his hair (Rg, hope you don't mind me repeating that). Please look at how wonderful it turns out - the breathtaking 3-D effect of the twisted hair and creased shirt, what a masterpiece!

I remember Rg told me before she listened to Winter Sonata OST to draw BYJ. This time, she was listening to the piano version of Sujini's theme and TLC. TLC? Rg, you mean that R&B/Hip Hop girls' band in the '90s? Haha, you have to tell me which song you were playing when you drew HRH's back. Maybe that will give me a kick to get my dusty drawing pad out :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful drawings with us, Rg! We are very lucky to have you as a Bae sister.


bb said...

keke, i like that last pic the best :p

thanks RG :)

rg said...

dear bb,

thanks bb, I enjoy drawing it too.

love n peace,

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime and rg,

All are great! Rg, I remember when you wrote you were drawing his back. So, that was the one! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hello, this drawing represents a real photograph of Bae? If is yes, in which film please?

jaime said...

Hi anonymous ....

phew! It took me a while to trace back this posting. Thanks for reading. Yes, the 2 drawings that Rg did was based on 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' or called the 'Legend'. This is Yong Joon's latest drama. The last drawing was a photo taken by Leslie Kee back in 2006.
Hope this helps!

I'll find and repost them later, ok?
regards .... jaime