Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Better not stand next to him

I think our princess is really not feeling well today as she is normally so fast in posting HRH's news. As I read some news tidbits about HRH today, maybe I'll just translate the meaning and share it here. Hope you will get better, princess.

translated from Japanese to Korean by miemi (cafe.daum.net/byjgallery)
translated from Korean to Chinese by wonchun (baidu byj thread)

Yong Joon's left knee is recovering well, it's estimated that he will begin his therapy treatment after Mid-March. BYJ is receiving detailed examination on a weekly basis in order to track his recovery.

Even though the Japanese fans are eagerly waiting for BYJ to go there to promote TWSSG. In Korea, the topic has already shifted to his next project. A BOF spokesperson replied in an interview with a Korean magazine, "We still have not decided on his next project. If there happens to be a good story, BYJ wants to star in a movie."

I actually read this yesterday but not sure about the reliability, so I went to Ryu Si Won and Kwon Sang Woo's site to verify it.

Source : SPN E-Daily 2008-02-18 in soompi's KSW thread
Ryu Si Won, Kwon Sang Woo and other celebrities will be attending the 17th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on February 25 which will be broadcasted through KBS.

Actually BYJ was also on the invitation list since he is the top Hallyu star, but our Yong Joon has already replied that he will not attend due to prior engagement. You have to admire this man. You would think that since he owns an entertainment enterprise which involves dealings with the government, he would at least try to rub shoulders with these 'hot shots' officials. But our Yong Joon still sticks to his beliefs and principles that quality and excellence speaks for itself, he doesn't need to get to the top through smooching or gimmicky marketing. Love a man with principles!

Remember this Dong Gam DVD, wlbyj posted some if its 'making' pictures in baidu. Some sisters commented - "no matter how handsome other stars are. You'd better not stand next to Yong Joon when you have your picture taken" :) Hehe, if you don't know what they mean, just take a look yourself ....

Hehe sorry, I can't help it that I am this super gorgeous :)

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