Thursday, July 10, 2008

Born Free

Hi dear sisters ....... It’s so quiet in Baeland that you can practically hear a pin drop there. But that’s good news, it means our prince is enjoying his ‘free’ time doing what he longs to do. I read that Yong Joon is striding down New York streets with a camera in his hands, and he’s even cooking for himself! Haha, imagine the gorgeous man sipping wine and tasting his sauce while listening to his favourite classical music in an artsy Manhattan loft? Wow, such a scene is already a great movie in the making :)

However the fact that his injured knee and shoulder are still not fully recovered is truly worrisome to me. The only consolation I find is if he ever has to undergo surgery, US is probably the best country to be in terms of medical facilities and technology. Location wise, New York is so far from Asia that he can have his undisturbed rest, away from the chasing reporters and waiting fans.

You know, the similarity of the thought process among BYJ fans sometimes really amazes me. Yesterday, I was contemplating on doing something like 'A Day in the Life of BYJ in New York' and started gathering my thoughts and associated pictures. When I got around to blog tonight, I am surprised to see a post in Baidu titled
勇俊纽约的~~~~一天, literally translates to 'Yong Joon's New York day' by a sister called 爱是俊心. It is an entertaining and humourous post, yet I can feel the cuteness and thoughtfulness of this sister. You know the eerie part is, even some of the pictures we chose are the same!

Hehe, since I don't feel like repeating what has been done, I just thought he might be enjoying his new found freedom like this? It's just for fun, hope you enjoy :)

Hi officer ...... Seat belt? Obviously. Valid license? Of course. Speeding?? You're joking! You should see some of my fans, they run even faster than my car :)

I'm not moving an inch till I beat that bad guy and advance to the next level!

'Incognito' and counting sheep .... blah blah black sheep 1, blah blah black sheep 2...... zzzzzzz

Still wide awake? Try counting toes then ...... 1 2 3 4 5, 5 4 3 2 1 ....... Good, all present and accounted for!

Practising the role in his next drama "The previous life of Prince Charming" aka "a frog" :)

Fine fine, he looks too adorable to be a frog, how about "Sleeping Beauty" then?

Hmmmm ....... thinking about 'SE_'? WHAT are you thinking?? I MEANT SEI water!!!

I was just talking to cloudnine over lunch today, I know I am being a 'mother' again and worry too much. Yeah, Yong Joon is a 'big boy' and he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. But still, he has been so 'sheltered' from the mean streets since he became an actor 14 years ago. He is constantly being surrounded by assistants, managers and bodyguards. Now he is in a foreign city on his own, still recovering from his injuries. How I hope these guys are still there to protect him from any danger!

Please take care of yourself, Yong Joon!


bb said...

hi hi jaime!

thought the title of this entry is abit ironic... yea, he may be born free, but he definitely doesn't get to live all that freely :p

thanks for sharing :)

p.s. am i the only one around who doesn't worry about him at all? hee... i never wanted to mother him leh :p

jaime said...

Hi Hi princess,

With him being free to roam around on NYC streets like this reminds me of the movie 'Born Free' that the lion is being finally released back to its natural habitat. It's sad for him not being able to do that in Asia.

Hehe, you 'young' thing (quote from dear gosijo), why would you worry about him like a mother la? You are busy enough with your work and social life. I know it's none of my business; like your mom and even BYJ's mom, we always worry if our child eats well, sleeps well and lives well. The problem is the worrying doesn't stop even when the child is at BYJ's age! :)

love ...... jaime

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jaime, they always will be our babies, no matter how big they become.
And I was worried about him too, talking with my friend from NY a while ago, how worry I am about him, as he becomes more and more famous everyday. So I am sending him and all people surrounding him, loving kindness everyday.
I kind of like what police were doing with the crowd, where ever he is going. There are not only his fans, some sick people might be there to harm him too, you never know, well I don't even want to think about it. Am I so negative??? Sorry ....


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime
Love your witty remarks for each photo. Made me laugh so much.
I'm also so worried about his injuries and his safety in the States. But from the Soompi post about him at the LA salon, he had his manager with me? So, he may not be alone.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm worried about his injuries,
and the so rumor operation of that I'm worried.
But for acounts of his yunger days of him getting in to fights
I think he is very much a man that can take care of himself.
Love that gentle and tough all in one man.

It makes him even hotter in my mind.

And I hope he is afe with people he knows around him so he wont be lonely, and very free.
or as free as he can get.


jaime said...

Dear Yee,

Hehe, you are not negative at all. I think when we love someone enough, we do care about their safety. Like I was so worried and couldn't sleep (which I really had no reason to) when my son went to summer camp last week, and of course he enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to come home!

So I guess we have to assume our Yong Joon is enjoying his freedom in US so much and this big boy does not want to go home yet :)

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Anonymous,

You're right. Yong Joon probably has his rich and powerful friends in NYC and LA. Afterall, he is an Asian superstar and must be well-connected with the local big shots. No need for the little me to worry :) Yeah, I guess that manager/bodyguard Brian Lee is also with him, eh?

love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi moontime,

I kind of imagine how he is smiling all the time just being able to go into Starbucks and get a latte without being swarmed by fans or check out at a supermarket and carry his own grocery home.

Simple everyday pleasure to us becomes a luxury to him. He really does deserve all the best in the world including freedom and love.

Thanks for dropping me a comment.

love .... Jaime