Saturday, July 5, 2008

TBS BYJ Special

Hi Hi sisters ..... remember TBS is airing this BYJ special tonight? Since I missed the NHK interview broadcast last time, I made myself sat down in front of the TV this time to watch this special. And it's sooooooooo good!!!

First , this 'Bae Yong Joon' special basically followed HRH on his Japan trip from the date he landed at Kansai to the time he left Japan. Not only that, they focus entirely on him (hehe, I mean lots of close up shots of his gorgeous face) and behind the scenes footage. If I didn't see enough at Osaka, this TV special plus the NHK interview definitely make up for it :)

Sorry, I don't have the a VHS player here to record it down for you, but I am sure footage will be out very soon :) This is roughly what they show :

His arrival at Kansai, you know we have seen these pictures so many times, but it's so nice to watch how he walked into the airport train and kept waving to the fans.

Ohhh and the rehearsal, we have never seen these footage before. Hehe, he kept drinking that SEI water, way cool :)

And the Event itself. He looked really serious just minutes before the show started, you can tell he was preparing himself again - like in a role.

And then comes the NHK interview. They actually aired Satovic's question (only her voice) and his response, so much fun to watch!

Then his other official engagements included the magazines' interviews. Wow, so many of them, I feel sorry for him, he's such a professional. Again, he kept drinking his SEI water.

Interview by Nikkan Sports. Hehe, this handsome man still appeared so shy in front of the camera :)

Oh, we don't want him to leave but he needs his rest in the US :(

This TV special is really worth watching when the video clips are out. It's a whole hour of drooling, set aside some time and buckets :)


gosijo said...

Thanks for the heads up, dear friend. Let's enjoy this bounty of footage while it lasts and then, I guess we'll have to rely on memory, creativity and imagination. Errr, as for imagination, I see that some of our dear sis, who shall remain nameless, have very well developed faculties in that respect;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Wow it was sooooo good that you drooled over for a whole hour!!

Sob sob I missed this programs because our antenna can't receive CS (what is CS?), but I didn't feel left behind since I know some sweet sisters will post the video clips very soon. Besides, Junko-san prpomised me to send a copy of her dvd.

I wonder if your son already left for another summer camp.

cloud nine

jaime said...

hi dear gosijo,

sorry for my late reply again. So did you watch the special program? It's so much better than just pictures here and there, eh? Too bad I don't have time to re-watch it on the internet yet. Makes me miss him more now.

Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear cloudnine,

Well, it's been a hectic and tiring day. Thank you so much for showing the 2 young people around town today. I hope it'll be memorable for them.

have a nice evening!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
It is the concern of the women’s movement that the emphasis on Carl Jung’s four male archetypes of lover, warrior, magician and eventually King is a return to patriarchy or male domination. In both Untold Scandal and April Snow, Bae Yong Joon shows the negative side of these archetypes. Instead of being an ideal lover like in Winter Sonata, he presents the dark shadowy side of a victim, a weakling trying to regain his wholeness in April Snow, or a tyrant/sadist, the shadow of a King in Untold Scandal.
But the dark shadow need not be always be negative, hidden, denied, repressed. Bae Yong Joon turns his role as victim and tyrant into a Golden Shadow, into a Golden excellence that we cannot but empathize, sympathize and admire.
Dr. Josephine Pasricha

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime and all,

These pics are amazing, thanks so much for sharing them!

Dr Josephine's comments are most interesting -- yet I cannot help but remember how YJ wants to play all kinds of roles, experience all kinds of things as an actor -- which he continually does in his stunning fashion. His immense talent allows him to explore and play with all the male architypes, while remaining true to himself in his own private life.

Long live the King!!

love to all,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jaime and BYJ sisters for your warmth and affection in accepting me and my thoughts about Bae Yong Joon. Actually I am researching on cinematic art, as I am a professor of Aesthetics and Hermeneutics. I am writing and delivering a paper on Bae Yong Joon and Carl Jungs's Four Archetypes. I am honored that I can bounced off and learn ideas with you in your precious blogs. Sarang Hamnida.

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

First of all, let me thank you for your very insightful comments. I was practically speechless when I first read it, that's why I went away for 2 days and looked up Carl Jung and his model of the four male archetypes. Now I come back with a swollen head, confused mind but with loads of interests and curiosity (hehe, also loads of unfinished house chores too:)

You have led me to employ a different framework in analyzing Yong Joon's artistic choices and progress and it opens up my eyes to a very different actor. Yeah, from FL -> BFY -> HWRL -> WLS -> US -> AS -> TWSSG, he has experienced lover, magician, warrior and now emerged as King! I have gained a whole new perspective and appreciation of his dramatic works and the person himself.

Now that's BYJ, but what about for an average working man? How can they fit into these 4 archetypes? And I am also greatly interested in studying BYJ fans? Do these women all have common archetypes that attract them to BYJ? Like a' mother figure' or 'Romeo and Juliet'? Why are they all so different yet all feel the same towards this man??

Please excuse me for my ignorance on this complex field of analytical psychology. I like to be sincere and honest with you and do not want to pretend that I know more than what you have shared with us here. If I try, hehe, it will be like me pretending to speak fluent Korean and even attempt to teach Yong Joon Korean literature!

I find your field and expertise (in Aesthetics and Hermeneutics) most interesting. If you do not mind, I love to hear more about your research on Cinematic Arts and how you link Carl Jung and Bae Yong Joon together with your findings. Is it pretty much like how I link Eduoard Manet, Yves Saint Laurent and the fairies with him? Hehe, obviously you are a Korean fan from your 'Sarang Hamnida'? :)

I am very honoured that you leave your mark here in my little blog. This is the very reason why I feel like I am reborn when I learn about BYJ and his family. From bb, cloudnine, coco, gosijo, heippieh and many many more knowledgeable sisters and now you, I am constantly being motivated and learning new knowledge everyday.

Thank you for being here in my BYJ journey!

love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear Coco,

Thank you so much for responding to Josephine's comments. These concepts and jargons must be familiar to you, right? I know you are the one who can share your professional opinions with her.

I guess I like to know what is a magician and how did he fit that into his character? Actually, I still wish to see him as a comedian :) All his roles have been pretty serious, don't you think?

please take care!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Josephine,

I have zero knowledge at analytical psychology and this is the first time I hear of "Aesthetics and Hermeneutics". I am really really interested to read more about your research on cinematic arts and how you link Carl Jung and YJ.
I enjoyed very much when our dear Jaime linked Edward Manet, Yves Saint Laurent and the fairies with YJ.
Dear Jaime,
I, too feel very blessed to learn a lot from our very knowledgeable sisters around the world.

Thanks much,

jaime said...

Dear coco, yee and sisters,

Just in case you like to read what Josephine has responded on BYJ's 4 archetypes in his dramas. She shared her findings in the 'Everything becomes him' post. Thanks!

love ... Jaime