Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tokyo Grand Hyatt 2005

What a find when I saw these pictures surfaced :) This was the Grand Hyatt suite that Yong Joon stayed during his April Snow (Saitama) visit in Tokyo. As I am passionate about interior design, which to me, is applying art to everyday practical life and this is like the epitomy of 'comfort marries efficiency'. This 2-storey penthouse has floor to ceiling glass windows, a rooftop rock garden and its private pool high up in the air. The modern and sleek state-of-the-art appliances, the warmth of wood, the softness of plush upholstery play against the concrete and stainless steel engineering, hmmm I think I can live here forever (hehe, I can dream, can I?)

Looking out to beautiful Tokyo Tower and the bay, it's even more stunning at night.

Remember the staffs gave Yong Joon a giant surprised B-day cookie of his own face when he woke up? He was so shy and used a napkin to cover his face, so cute!

He was making latte for his staffs in his bathrobe and mumbled that it's not healthy to have too much sugar, such a caring boss!

Before his interview with Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Yong Joon was so playful and closed these doors to shut out Ms Hong, remember?

Imagine sleeping in this bed watching Winter Sonata while it's snowing outside? So warm and toasty!

And this attached ensuite, I don't think I'll even need to leave my room!
Oh now even my own private pool?! That's it, I am definitely not going anywhere.
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Anonymous said...

Oh Jaime,

Now you make me dream on staying in that suite. I doubt it will ever happen to me ...
Thanks for this posting, how/where can I see/read about this birthday cookie and that interview with Tetsuko Kuroyanagi? Please help this not quite baebie, but still too behind ajuma.


jaime said...

Dear Yee,

Do you have BYJ's April Snow Asia Tour DVD? The clip of the surprise B-day cookie is in there.

As for 'Tetsuko's Room' interview in 2005, I have attached this link to the interview content in Soompi :

For the pictures of that interview, this is the link to Baidu :

I am still trying to find an active link to the Tetsuko's Room interview. Most of the links in Quilt, soompi and other sites are inactive already. I think I have the video in my computer. If I can't find a link for you, I can upload my copy to the host and let you know the link, ok? I think you will enjoy watching it :)

love ... Jaime