Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Hi hi ...... it's been a long weekend in Tokyo, in specific 'umi no hi' meaning Sea Day. Yeah, we badly need it as Tokyo is baking in scorching heat, today's humidex is 43 degrees! I know all of my 'foreign' friends have returned to their home countries for the summer. We've decided not to because we'd like to use this time to see as much Asia and Japan as possible.

Despite the unbearable heat, I really don't want to miss all the fun stuffs going on here in the summer like the Hanabi (fireworks party) and Matsuri (summer festivals). I love to go to a Hanabi as the biggest attraction is to see the ladies watching fireworks in their colorful yukata (cloth kimono). Even a non-Nihonjin like me have bought a yukata and I can't wait to wear it to a Hanabi (hehe, if I ever get the obi butterfly right)!

We passed by this local Matsuri - the ladies are dancing around the drum stand. I sooooo wish to join in but of course I would look so awkward :( The drummers are all children, amazing talent!

Hehe, got a 'surprise gift' from hubby and son after they could not get into the new 'Indiana Jones' movie last night. It's all sold out :( Sigh, it's a hot long weekend in Tokyo!

This is the BYJ segment, yum yum :)

I am not really starting any kind of 'BYJ magazines' collection' or anything, eventhough there are so many publications about his Japan trip in the bookstores now. In fact, I only get the ones that dedicate entirely to him. As cloudnine told me, there are a few more coming : Vogue, GQ, Brokore .......

Dear Yong Joon, I guess you must be keeping your cool by watching 'ColdPlay' in Las Vegas? My gosh, I don't even know what/who 'ColdPlay' is ?? When I watched the concert on Youtube, I confess I don't even remotely like the music ^_^ See, there's a generation GAP right there!! Anyway, I am happy that he could enjoy 'freely' what he likes :)

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