Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to work

Hi hi sisters ..... Phew! What a whirlwind visit from Yong Joon to Japan, by now he should be home safe and sound. I know I know, it's his private trip and he had no public engagement with us. But knowing he was roaming around in the same city, being blown by the same wind and touched by the same rain, how could I stay calm and cool? Everyday I kept praying for the weather to co-operate, worrying that our prince would not be able to enjoy the beautiful aspects of Tokyo, silly me! As he's back home to continue working on his 'Beauty of Korea' book, it's time for the little me to really concentrate and work hard on my own personal goals in Japan too :)

I LOVE these 2 beautiful gifs, his expression is priceless!

So dreamy, like in a fairy tale :)
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yudi said...

Hi Jaime,

After I get to know that YJ did the magic by himself, I am wondering is there anything he can not do and do it well in this world. I love his smile here, how pure and lovely it is. Every time I watch I smile with him.


Hyds said...

Hello Jaime,
I love his expressions in here too. Very cute when he giggles and her natural smile which makes you smile also. One kind of guy which is so precious. Thanks for showing them..

jaime said...

Hi Yudi,

sorry for my late reply. Yes, his expression as a magician is wonderful, something we haven't seen before :) Truly enjoy it.
Thanks for writing to me.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

You're welcome. Actually I can picture you and myoce as the photographers there. You ladies are so skillful in taking pictures of nature :)

love ... jaime