Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yonsama no Heya

Hi Hi sisters ....... It's late now but I tell myself I'd better write in case you wonder if I have evaporated from the face of the earth :) The weather is beautiful today and I had a pretty good time lunching with some wonderful Bae sisters. But as usual, my tardiness leading to a mad dash out of the house has pretty much become a pattern now no matter how much lead time I allow myself. Next time, maybe I should start getting ready the night before I go out! Well, as a blogger, I have committed 3 major mistakes today : 1. forgot my camera 2. forgot to take pictures and 3. taking horrible pictures! So my dear sisters, please bear with me as I show you the Yong Joon's room in that Korean restaurant in Shin-Okubo. They have re-decorated the room - hehe what else? With new Yong Joon's posters :) Please forgive my below-beginners level pictures using a cell phone @@

Sorry, as I said I forgot to take pictures of our yummy food. If you come to Tokyo, you might want to give this a try. The restaurant is called 'Heshin' - Japanese translation is Umi (sea) Karai (spicy hot). Hehe, it's not Gosireh, but you can also visit Korean town and its many Hallyu shops. I can guarantee you, once you step into those shops, you will not want to leave :)


jenny said...

Hi Jaime

This shop really have a good marketing startegy by having a yong joon room, sure there will get more business.

Is ok although you have forgot to bring your camera but still u can take some horrible pictures for us to see. Not bad. Ha ha ha ha

Thanks for the pictures and update.

Take care


Hyds said...

Hi hi Jaime!!!
I'm going out with my friends today for lunch too.. it's a lovely day here and felt like summer.
Ohhhhh those photos are lovely!!! Did you manage to focus on the meal? How's the food? I like spicy dishes so I would love this one.

jaime said...

Hahaha jenny,

thanks for enjoying my horrible pictures. Lucky the content of the pictures are nothing but :) Yes, many restaurants in Korean town are using this gimmick now by plastering Hallyu stars posters all over the wall. Hehe, I'm not surprised that there might be a So Ji Sub or Song Seung Heun room out there!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Glad you had a nice lunch w/ friends, so England is warm now. Tokyo had very nice weather too.
Actually, this is the 3rd time I went there, so I focus more on my companion. Hehe, as for the food, Korean town is always delicious and cheap, very good value :) But for atmosphere, Gosireh is way more appealing.

love .... jaime